Thursday, August 4, 2011

Barcelona vs Chivas pack 70,000 at Sun Life Stadium and make a case for MLS.

The best team in the world, Barcelona played the most popular team in Mexico (Chivas de Guadalajara) and filled Sun Life Stadium on a humid Wednesday night in Miami. Section 404 was packed with Miami Ultras  and other fans who were present to watch the beautiful game at it's best. We all saw Chivas shock Barcelona with their wonderful play and goals.
Chivas won in a stunning 4-1 upset, its second goal on a spectacular bicycle kick that made a stadium gasp. The result was a shocker not only because mighty Barcelona led and might be the best club in the world (when full strength), but because European teams had been 9-0 against North American teams in this ongoing World Football Challenge series.
By Greg Cote of the Miami Herald. 
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Here is the video highlights of the the game and the goals (In Spanish):

Signs asking for MLS in Miami were seen throughout the stadium... And as Mr. Spock says in the picture: 'Logic Dictates MLS Expansion to Miami is next'. It appears it is only a matter of time before MLS returns to South Florida. After the new New York franchise, that Major League Soccer's Commissioner Don Garber insists will be the 20th MLS franchise, South Florida seems to be the next logical move. Sure, there are pretenders out there such as Orlando and Indianapolis. But they lack the flash and TV market that only South Florida has. After Los Angeles and New York there is no other city as sexy as Miami.

As I said when Commissioner Garber met with the Miami Ultras in January. 'MLS will only and truly have a national foothold with a team in South Florida'. After all, the closest MLS team is DC United 1,000 miles to the North. An entire region of this country (The SouthEast ) has no first Division presence, a true shame.
 What will make MLS succeed in South Florida? A great and passionate owner with deep pockets willing to give this market a chance. The Fusion's owner Ken Horowitz didn't have the above. He gave up on a team in 2001 that was the best in the league. A team who's attendance increased by 50%! The team was just starting to build the foundation of a soccer tradition and history.
If we talk about history you don't have to look too far to realize that the old is the way to go. Check out the Sounders and the Timbers to name only a few. Just North we have the reincarnation of the Fort Lauderdale Strikers, one of the most storied teams of the old NASL. If the current owners are not willing to take them to MLS then maybe someone else can step in and make it happen. They are currently averaging about over *4,000 fans per game 2nd in NASL. (Corrected, thanks to F19)

Following is a local channel's coverage of the Barcelona vs Chivas game. Check out the Strikers fan! (Justin Yarborough)

Hell, I'd be happy with bringing the Fusion name back as long as we had top flight soccer back in South Florida. MLS has come a long way from the early days. The league has changed and grown but they still have a long road ahead before they can compete with European or even the Mexican League. But it's do-able and it's time to bring MLS to South florida.

If the Barcelona vs Chivas game proved anything it is that people in South Florida want quality. It's the only way to sway them from their teams back home. Bring superstars like Forlan, Messi and Ronaldo and people will flock to the stadium. We know how this town works. Make the soccer game an event and people will come!
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Another way of supporting the cause is by going out to see Fort Lauderdale Strikers games and Women's Professional Soccer team magicJack. by supporting these teams you are sending a message out to MLS that we want and will support a team in South Florida.

You can also join the Miami Ultras, South Florida's soccer supporters group. you can see us at most soccer events and now playing in soccer tournaments. So come and join us and listen to our weekly soccer radio show every Monday night at 10 pm. Miami Ultras Alive.

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F19 said...

The crowd was great at the FCB-Chivas game. Hopefully it makes MLS, potential investors, and the US soccer community at large take notice of South Florida, and to also look beyond and see the other successes we have when it comes to soccer.

The Strikers are averaging over 4,000 fans per game(not 3,000 like you have in the article). That's better than the Sounders averaged in USL.

MagicJack has pulled in some nice crowds lately despite ZERO promotion and an absolute disaster of an organization.

Lockhart Stadium, one of the most historic soccer venues in North America, is set to be refurbished.

All we need is someone to step up with the $$$ and the right vision to make it happen.

jruiz said...

i concur!

with the magicjack they had the WomensWorldCup do all their advertising, and also the best/popular player/coach plays for them along with the HOTTEST player in the league and tha's all u need!

btw: nice screen time Justin!!

Uncle Ed said...

@F19 you are correct just saw the NASL stats
Fort Lauderdale 4,072 (9 games)
I'll correct that.

bookmaker sportsbook said...

oh that was a very good game, I wanted to see the Barcelona players, especially Messi because he is my idol and I did it, it was unbelievable!!