Wednesday, October 28, 2009

USL Breakup Imminent

Last week it was rumored that there would be an announcement as to where Miami FC and the rest of the TOA would play. If it would be in the USL, MLS-2 or their own league. Today it seems the last two options are more probable.

TSN reports that both the Vancouver Whitecaps and the Montreal Impact will be out of USL. Alex Papadakis in an interview was quoted:

The negotiations are finished," Papadakis told CKAC. "We decided to continue our preparation for the season 2010 with the teams which wished to remain with us.

Read more HERE

With Vancouver and Montreal out its almost a sure thing Miami FC will follow. No official word out yet from the Blues.
Stay tuned!

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UPDATE 10/30/09 1:20 PM:

Our good friend and Miami Ultra Julio Caballero pointed out the following link from INDY Week Blogs "Triangle Offense".
In an interview Thursday afternoon, Carolina RailHawks president Brian Wellman confirmed that the dissident group of USL-1 club owners known as the Team Owners Association (TOA) would be submitting an application to the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) to form a new league
Read more at HERE

UPDATE 11/3/09 10:13 AM

Kartik Krishnaiyer over at the Kartik Report states that Attorneys are getting into the picture in the seemingly never ending saga of USL vs TOA. It's a good read so check it out HERE
Whatever the outcome, we can only hope this gets resolved soon. I would rather be writing about the new players being signed at this point.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Miami FC puts together dream team. Signs Jason Taylor and other superstars!

Hola amigos y amigas! Burrito here with the latest Miami Soccer news!
We still no know in what league Miami FC will play next years. Will it be USL? Will it be MLS-2? We don't know, pero the team has made a commitment that they will play next year and Burrito has found out from drunken sources in the last tailgate at Lockhearts stadium that Miami FC plans to build a superdupper teams consisting of young and veteran players !

South Florida fans will flock to the stadiums next season to see the latest signings led by Miami Dolphin Defensive End Jasons Taylors! Si Señores y Señoritas, Burrito has learned that Jasons will be on loan from the Dolphins once the Gringo Handball game they call Football season is over! Coach Zinho was not availables for comments pero Burrito believe Jason will play in Defense and will tackle any Forward Estupid enough to get close to him! Expect many yellow and red cards compadres!
Another surprise signing is that of "El Presidente" Pieter Brown of the Miami Ultras. Pieter will play with #12 symbolizing the fans as they are known as the 12th man! Brown will most likely be the Captain... of the bench. Coach Zinho will have him on bench to chant player names, tell them how great they are, pat them on the back when they go on and of pitch, pass them towels, water and give them massages with happy ending! Since drums are not allowed on the field Pieter will be playing the "Maracas" whiles chanting "Vamos Miami" and "Viva Mexico!" (ok, ok not viva Mexico pero you get the picture)

Miami FC also make surprise announcement that Peruvian superstar Teofilo "Nene" Cubillas will be coming out of retirements and be the new creative midfielder Miami FC needs! Cubillas will play with the famous #10 jersey and assures fans that after a good Peruvian "Ceviche" he will jump on the pitch and score a hat trick every game!

Also coming out of retirement is everyones favorite Gol TV commentator, one time Ft Lauderdale Striker player and Miami Fusion coach Ray Hudson! Ray will be playing with the #4 that made him famous! When asked about Soccer, Ray said the following: "It keeps you a young man, doesn't it? It’s the game that will keep you living young and you look at these faces, there’ll be a lot of old men in there, there’ll be a lot of grandmothers, and they are getting the thrills of their lives, this is orgasmic stuff!" Hudson will revolutionize the game as he will be playing with a microphone and will be commenting the game while playing! Ay Chihuahua!

In his quest to reach 1 million goals in his career, Brazilian legend Romário de Souza Faria better known as "Romario" will again play with Miami FC in 2010. For you vatos who don't remember; Romario played with the Blues back in 2006 scoring 19 goles in 25 games! He helped Miami FC reach their first ever USL First Division Playoffs. Romario vows he will play until 110 years old and if neccesary will come back from grave to reach his mark. Romario say he will start a church to rival the one that Maradona have in Argentina and he will embark on crusade that will begin with stopping ugly Argentinian accents and will culminate once he score 1 million goles sometime in the year 2525 at which point he claim the world will end with final Brazil vs Argentina game. (Brazil of course will win)

Due to the high cost involved in bringing the before mentioned players (except for "El Presidente" Pieter Brown, who will pay to be on the bench) Miami FC's mascot Hotshot will double as a backup goalkeeper. When asked how he felt about becoming the first ever Mascot/Player, Hotshot gave the same blank stare he always gives and did his usual pointed finger thumbs up.

For more on the Blues go to

Pictures stolen by Burrito from Victor Palkaninec, Robert Scorca, Jessica Nasib and other sources and poor fools Burrito too lazy to mention. If you want Burrito to take your pictures off this blog please send email to youarestupid@pictures.bye
Expect Burrito to not respond and ignore you as the email is fake and after all, Burrito is a dog.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Claure willing to team up with Beckham and Traffic to bring MLS to Miami

Once again seems to be the site that gets all the exclusives concerning Soccer in Miami. The site lead by "El Presidente" Pieter Brown of the Miami Ultras has scored yet another interview with Brightstar owner Marcelo Claure who lead the failed Barcelona Miami MLS bid.

Claure graciously answers questions and gives South Florida hope as to its future with MLS and soccer in general. Claure states that he is willing to team up with Beckham, Traffic (owners of Miami FC) or both. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

MiamiSoccerFan: If David Beckham calls you would you consider starting an MLS Miami team with him?

Marcelo Claure: Absolutely. David Beckham would bring immediate credibility to a bid and I think Miami would be a perfect match for David to own a MLS franchise. Also, and as I have said repeatedly, I’d be open to pursuing another franchise bid in Miami with the right partners.

MSF: What do you think of Miami FC? why don't you join forces with MFC?

Claure: Miami FC has done amazing things for soccer in South Florida, and I think very highly of the Traffic organization. I have a good relationship with the guys at Miami FC and Traffic so there could be an opportunity where we do something together in Miami.
For more go to

In a perfect world this dream team up would have taken place already. But it is up to the fans to make this happen. We urge Soccer fans in South Florida who want an MLS team back in Miami to write to the following emails and send it out to friends.
David Beckham / 19 Entertainment: or
Also email the following possible investors:
Marcelo Claure:
Traffic / Miami FC :
For those people out there who can't think of anything to write... following please find a sample letter you can copy and paste to your email. Now you have no excuses! Let's do it Miami!

Dear Marcelo Claure, David Beckham and Traffic

I am a Soccer fan who is ready to support a new MLS team.

I believe that with the right ownership group willing to invest in this area, with a competitive team and playing at either FIU or Lockhart Stadiums that our soccer team would be successful. I want Professional Soccer in South Florida!
I ask you to do whatever it takes to make our dream come alive.

Yours Truly,
South Florida Soccer Fan

Lets do something about it Soccer fans!

***I need to voice my concern with local media for not even mentioning the Beckham story nor this interview with Claure. Many criticize South Florida fans for being fickle, demanding and soccer snobs. But this attitude also comes from those that bring us the news. If soccer is to be embraced then the media needs to pick these things up. Not even a mention on the Miami Herald Blog! I invite soccer fans to reach out to our local media and voice your opinions. Please write to the following:

Adam Beasley
Michelle Kaufman

Jeff Rusnak of the Sun Sentinel

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Miami Soccer Fan releases Beckham Letter

As we mentioned in a previous post finally released the letter that was sent to David Beckham.

It reads as follows:
Dear Mr. Beckham,

We want to tell you about our dream.
We dream of a Major League Soccer team in South Florida.

We ask you to consider Miami / Ft Lauderdale for expansion as the 20th team of Major League Soccer. We know you have that option. We know if anyone can bring the right investors and bring the fans to the stadium it is you, David Beckham.

South Florida has had a love affair with the game since the old days of NASL, when Cubillas, Hudson and Best (Among others) played for the Ft Lauderdale Strikers. We fell in love with the Miami Fusion, a team that should never have been shutdown in 2001. We have a rich Soccer history. We are sure a team in South Florida will be successful if we have investors with the right vision, who will give this market a chance. To further explore the pros of Miami / Ft Lauderdale please read the following article

We are the Miami Ultras, South Florida Soccer Fans and we have started a campaign to gather pledges for season tickets for a potential South Florida MLS team. We will present you or any investor willing to give this town a chance with the emails and addresses of all those who join our cause.

We ask that you take the time to visit our season ticket page and our site

Home page:

We believe you will fall in love with this town if you give it a chance. You can reach us at this email or phone numbers provided.

We want to thank you for your time and hope you give us a serious consideration.

Pieter Brown
El Presidente
The Miami Ultras
Read the rest at

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Miami Fans send letters to Beckham plus more TOA vs USL info

South Florida Soccer Fans may be the ones that enticed a group of investors to discuss an MLS team in Miami with Beckham.

A recent conversation among South Florida Soccer fans revealed that some time ago a letter was sent to David Beckham urging him to bring a team to Miami. Letters were also sent to possible investors around the country.

I was able to speak to Julio Caballero VP of the Miami Ultras Soccer Fans who confirmed the existence of the letter. Julio went on to say that more information will be revealed shortly. Be sure to check out in the next few days to read more about the letter. Hopefully we can see an actual copy.

If South Florida Fans are determined to do something about bringing an MLS team to this part of the country then we need to do something about it! Support our efforts and make a promise that you will purchase a season ticket by going to all information will be given to any potential investor willing to bring an MLS team to South Florida.

If you want to do more as a fan then Please email the above site to your friends and family and tell them to write letters to:

David Beckham / 19 Entertainment: or
Also email the following possible investors:
Marcelo Claure:
Traffic / Miami FC :

Voice your opinion. Tell them how you want an MLS team in South Florida and how you will support the team. Help spread the word Soccer Fans!

As most of you have read on this site, it seems USL has kicked our team (Miami FC) out of the league by eliminating all evidence of the teams existence from their site. The same was done to the Minnesota Thunder and the Carolina Railhawks. My calls to USL have not been successful but our friend Kartik Krishnayer of the Kartik Report wrote the following:

I can confirm Vancouver, the reigning USL First Division Champion, who knocked out Portland last night in quest of a second title will be joining the TOA in a potential breakaway league. Vancouver, I can confirm has not renewed for next season and will take their cue from the TOA as to the next step. Expect Whitecaps players to get the same email from Tim Holt that the Carolina, Miami and Minnesota players did, at the conclusion of the USL First Division Championship Series.

Montreal, the other finalist this year has yet to renew with USL for next season, but still may do so independently of the TOA per a well placed source. It is also possible that Montreal will stick with the TOA whether it is within USL or a “breakaway” league.

The way things are going it seems the new TOA league would have the following teams:

Miami Blues
Vancouver Whitecaps
Montreal Impact
Minnesota Thunder
Tampa Bay Rowdies
Carolina Railhawks
St. Louis United
Atlanta Silverbacks

It is believed that the Puerto Rico Islanders would join the TOA and possibly New York FC as well but its still up in the air.

USL would be left with the following teams:

Rochester Rhinos
Charleston Battery
Cleveland City Stars
Portland Timbers
Austin Aztex

There is still the rumor that the TOA league might be the fabled MLS-2. We have a number of sources with this information but none willing to place their name on it. Everyone is tight lipped about this. We will keep you informed if anything comes up.

The good news is that Miami FC is still operating and they are conducting business as usual! They have announced that in collaboration with the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce as well as nine other South Florida premiere sports teams have come together to offer the South Florida Sport Super Pass. What does that mean? Well, fans will have the option of choosing between 10 different sporting events spaced out through next year. It's pretty cool, read more HERE

TOA vs USL UPDATE 10/06/09 11:13 AM
Inside Minnesota Soccer has new info concerning a meeting between the USSF, TOA and USL taking place in NY.
It's about time USSF does something about this. IMS also informs that an MLS official will also be present. For more information go HERE
It's a good read!

My personal opinion is that nothing will come out of this meeting. USL/Nurock should have approached the TOA as soon as they took over in order to make peace and open dialogue. Instead they ignored the issues and made the situation worse.

TOA vs USL UPDATE 10/06/09 7:40 PM
Brian Quarstad of IMS has done it again, this time they have the actual letter sent by USL President Tim Holt to the players. If there are any lawyers out there we'd like your input. Check it out HERE

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Becks to set up MLS Miami Team Rumors continue...

I decided to take a week off after Miami FC's season ended. But now I'm back and as promised here is some more Miami MLS info. I'll start off with an anonymous comment made on the last post written by Burrito below. It states that David Beckham is interested in starting an MLS team in Miami.
A source said: "Beckham does not want to go into management when his playing career ends and is now focused on owning a club. Simon Fuller is a clever man and believes there is a lot of money to be made as football continues to expand in the US.

"They have concluded Miami is ripe for a new team and stadium. There is a big Latino population who love their football and there is also a large expatriate British community.

"Plus, it is a great place to live - very sunny and on the coast. They are now starting to look for the right financial partners and sponsors."

For more Go HERE

The link is over a year old and the source, though not the best, is accurate to an extent.

Recently, a few sites including MLS Rumors brought us the news that Becks was looking at Montreal as a possible city to exercise his option to own an MLS team. We think most fans knew this information was bogus as soon as they heard it and ultimately even the Beckham camp refuted the rumor. Becks and Spice girl in Montreal? Sorry, I just can't imagine them living there or wanting to do anything in Canada for that matter and I don't mean to dis Montreal but the truth is Montreal doesn't need Beckham. They have everything already working for them: A wealthy team owner, a Soccer specific stadium and a large fan base.

In the U.S. after New York and Los Angeles, the only cool city left is Miami. South Florida is the perfect place to set up a team and if anyone can bring the fans to the stadium it's David Beckham.

There remains uncertainty concerning the fate of Miami FC in USL and as some of you have already read we broke out the news of the recent talks involving Aaron Davidson, president of Miami FC and MLS. Read about it HERE
It is still unknown what the talks were about. Some say there could be an MLS-2 in the works. But the same sources that gave us the info on the meeting between MLS and the TOA (Miami FC) tells us "Team Beckham" is in talks with a group interested in bringing MLS to Miami. Is it Traffic Sports? (Owners of Miami FC) Is it Marcelo Claure? (Who did the failed Barcelona Miami bid) or is it another group of investors?
We will keep looking for who these people are... More on this soon.