Friday, April 30, 2010

Miami FC Blues vs Tampa Bay Rowdies Preview and Tailgate

It's here folks, one more day until the first of 4 games versus the Tampa Bay Rowdies this season.

The Blues have played 2 games so far this season both ending in ties. fans are hoping this time things will be different against the Rowdies.

Miami FC is announcing a special ticket deal for all groups for the match. When groups of 8 or more buy tickets to the game this weekend, they will receive free tickets good for any remaining regular season home match of their choice. Tickets are currently being sold for $12 at the gate.

As noted in a previous blog post below (click HERE for details), Miami FC has gone all out bringing us a great Tailgate set to begin at 5 pm.

The sponsors are:

Weston Town Center
Regalia Vodka
Good Spirits
Play n’ Trade
Speed Shop
Holy Mackerel Beer
America’s Backyard
Dunkin Donuts
Into Energy Drink

With special presentations by:
Miami FC Blue Angels Cheerleaders/Ambassadors
American Top Team
Foot Volley Exhibition
Live Band – A Beautiful Cage (tentatively scheduled)

Players to watch:
For Tampa be on the look out for Aaron King. Blues Fans remember him for his short yet productive time with Miami FC. Aaron is the first player in the new Tampa Bay Rowdies team to score.
Though lacking a potent attack so far, the Rowdies do have a midfield that knows how to hold on to the ball.
Possible line up:
GK Sattler, D Valentino, D Valentin, D Kljestan, M Ustruck, M Christie, M Millien, M Nyazamba, M Yamada, F Tan, F King

Miami, much like Tampa, has shown little as far as scoring power in official games. This is the game where midfielder Christian Gomez will need to shine in order to give the Blues their first win.
Possible Line up:
GK Patterson, D Lancaster, D Kirby, D Rodrigues, D Gbandi, M Cameron, M Goldberg, M Gomez, M Paulo Jr, F Thompson,F Santeliz

Look for a midfield battle for ball possession.

Miami FC announced this week that former USA U-17 and U-20 Bryan Arguez has returned from his loan to sister-club Estoril-Praia. Arguez is a midfielder who has been a member of the USA Men's National Team youth system since 2005. Arguez will be available for the Blues game against FC Tampa Bay. Read more HERE

For those that didn't know, the Blues have launched Miami FC TV and this week they have a video of practice leading up to the Tampa game and an interview with J.P. Rodriguez who South Florida soccer guru Robert Scorca also interviewed on this blog (You can read it HERE)
The time has come to support our Miami FC Blues!
Vamos Miami! Beat the Rowdies!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Interview with Hotshot! Miami FC's Mascot by Burrito

Today Burrito bring you an interview with his compadre, Miami FC Mascot Hotshot! Burrito meet Hotshot at Lockharts parking lot last year and Hot Shot was kind enough to warm a hot dog on his head for Burrito, and that how we became carnales... the rest is history!

Hotshot doesn't speak and neither does Burrito so we "communicates" via sign language and barks. Somehow we understands each other... go figures.
Burrito's questions:
Burrito: Where do you come from Hotshot?
Hotshot: From a small house on the south side of the Sun

Burrito: Burrito is 12 years old (in dawg years). How old are you?
Hotshot: Older than Earth time.

Burrito: Where do you live?
Hotshot: A mystery house in the heart of South Florida.

Burrito:Do they play futbol (soccer) where you are from?
Hotshot: Yes, but we use comets for soccer balls.

Burrito: Who is hottererer Jessie (Ay Chihuahua!) or you?
Hotshot: Me on game day. Jessie the rest of the time.

Burrito: What is Hotshots favorite Soccer position?
Hotshot: Goal Keeper, but we have no gravity in space, so I am still getting used to goal keeping at MFC halftime shootouts.

Burrito: Who is your favorite Superhero? Johnny Storm (The Human Torch - Marvel Comics), Firestorm (The Nuclear man DC Comics), or Radioactive man (Simpsons character)?
Hotshot: Johnny Storm. We played soccer together on the Sun.

Burrito: Burrito is master at dancing la macarena! Burrito see Hot Shot has some good moves too, where you practice your dance moves carnal?
Hotshot: Miami FC home games with the cheerleaders.

Burrito: In a fight between Burnie (Miami Heat Mascot) and Hot Shot who wins?
Hotshot: Burnie and I are good friends. We would not fight.

Burrito: Recent reports (Read HERE ) say Hotshot was going to sign on with Miami FC not only as a Mascot but as a player/mascot, is there some truths to dat?
Hotshot: I have not been asked by MFC front office, but I would do anything for my favorite soccer team Miami FC.

Burrito: Who is Hot Shots Favorite player on Miami FC and why?
Hotshot: Zach "Beowulf" Kirby. He has no fear and never gives up

Burrito: What type of food do you eat? Pick one: Chimichanga, Quesadilla or Taco? Mild, Hot or Caliente Sauce?
Hotshot: Super Spicy Burrito. (no, I don't eat dogs)

Burrito: If Hotshot could speak what would he say to fans?
Hotshot: Thank you for supporting my favorite soccer team on Earth, Miami FC. I'm looking forward to seeing you at all our home games in 2010. Vamos Miami!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Danger! Tampa Bay Fans coming. By Burrito

Burrito want to welcome hated Tampa Bay fans to Burrito's casa in Lockharts Stadiums this Saturday May 1, 2010. Tailgate start at 5pm and game will kick off at 7:30 pm.

Burrito hear most peoples in Tampa are borings and dumb pero Burrito want all to know thats not true. In most cases si, they dumbs and all that enchilada pero the truth is a few are good peoples so there. Thats as far as Burrito will get to saying good stuffs about Tampa Fans. Beware Miami Fans, they come to drink our beers and vodkas, they come to eat our BBQs and take all they can from us good South Floridas futbol fans.

As you can see Burrito get pictures of Tampon fans so Miami fans can identify what they looks like. Si, they all look like terrorists and they likie throwing a good cerveza into the pitch! Why would anyone do that? If Burrito see that kinda beer abuse he bite first Tampa Fan he see on knee!
Burrito want to warn Rowdies fans that any beer abuse will be punished by laws! Burrito also get picture of Tampa fans arrested for being estupid. Si, peoples if you throw away good beer you go to jail, you no pass GO you no collect $200! So don't be a pendejos Tampa fans. Give beer to Ultras we drink it! Now that we know what Tampa fans looks like Blues fans can keep childrens and womens aways from them.

But enough about the fans. Burrito now concentrate on team. The Rowdies come from a game in Minnesota where they lose to NSC Stars. Too bad cause Burrito woulda wanted these chingados to lose to the Blues first pero is ok now they lose 2 in rows! Burrito get picture of Tampa player who was axed what he think of Miami FC and here is picture to rights. Si, he get so scared he peepee in pants. Pobrecito, can't blame the hombre for being afraid of the Blues.

Burrito predict Miami FC will wins 5-0 with goals by Christian Gomez (2), Abe Thompson, Paulo Junior and Edward Santeliz. Again our back line will be strongs anchored by Kaka and Beowulfs Kirby and great performances by Mike Randolph and Burritos dawg Martyn Lancaster.

So get ready for a great game Blues Fans and don't let those putos from Tampa get to you.
Vamos, Vamos Miami! Que esta noche tenemos que Ganar!
Vamos Miami!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Miami FC: Tampa is coming! Get ready for a hell of a Tailgate!

This coming Saturday May 1, 2010 Miami FC will host the Tampa Bay Rowdies. Game time is set for 7:30 p.m.. It's expected the Rowdies will bring down a large number of fans and they are hungry for a win after their loss against the NSC Stars in Minnesota this past weekend. Read more HERE

The Blues played a friendly this Sunday versus Universitario Uruguay, a local pro-am team which ended in a Miami FC victory. read more HERE

Miami FC is organizing a Hell of a Tailgate! Rowdies fans can expect a warm welcome. Tailgate starts at 5 pm. Check out all the FREE things that will be available.

Tailgate Sponsors:

Weston Town Center – 6-8 hospitality tents, grill, food, cigars and giveaways (Blackberry at last game)

Regalia Vodka – Provides the vodka for the mixed drinks

Good Spirits – Provides mixers, cups, ice for complimentary pre-game cocktails

Play n’ Trade – Video Games, TV Consoles and giveaways (this week they will be launching the new FIFA World Cup South Africa Game – just released)

Powerade – Sampling truck and giveaways

Speed Shop – Exotic Cars and Engine Displays

Holy Mackerel Beer - a new sponsor/partner who will be sampling their beers with the fans (potent stuff!)

Miami FC Blue Angels Cheerleaders/Ambassadors

American Top Team Demonstration – One of the top MMA training facilities in South Florida

Foot Volley Exhibition – World Class athletes showing how this game is played

America’s Backyard – Revolution Live Wheel Spin and Win, Gift Certificates and Prizes

Live Band – A Beautiful Cage (tentatively scheduled)

Dunkin Donuts Cold Drink Sampling and Giveaways

Into Energy Drink – Sampling with promo girls

After the game fans will be able to meet with players of both teams at the Tent by Gate C. Followed by the now usual After Game party at America’s Backyard. With your game stub you get in for free with a complementary drink! So don't miss it.
Vamos Miami!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Interview with Miami FC's new Head Coach, Victor Pastora (Part 2)

Robert Scorca brings us the second part of Miami FC coach Victor Pastora's Interview:

Robert Scorca: How does it feel to be the newest Head Coach for Miami FC?
Victor Pastora: It’s a great feeling and a great opportunity. I am doing what I love at a professional level, in the city that I like to be, close to my family and friends. It is a great moment definitely a great moment in my life. I am very thankful to the Traffic and Miami FC directors for the trust and opportunity.

RS: What do you feel will be the biggest difference between being Head Coach for a professional team as opposed to an amateur or youth club?
VP: The pressure for game results. Good results prevent you from properly evaluating performance, and bad results are sometimes a distraction for growth. I have had the opportunity to have great success in an environment where I could have one or two bad months, this time you take until a team takes form you don’t have at the professional level.

RS: Which formation do you favor running with the team you have assembled? Is this the formation you are most comfortable with?
VP: I like to play with a back four, one or two central MF’s in front of the back line, and the rest of the formation depending on the players we have.

RS: Who do you think will win the World Cup?
VP: The obvious choices would be Brazil and Spain, I also think Argentina and England have a chance. You can never count Germany and Italy out, and the surprise I think is going to be Chile.

RS: How do you feel the U.S. National team will do during the World Cup?
VP: I feel our National team have not progressed much in the last few years. We will also miss Charlie Davies and Onyewu form is questionable. If they get through it should be as second and if they find a strong team in the next round that may be it. I would love for them to do more, but realistically I don’t see them going into quarterfinals.

RS: Who would you consider the best soccer player in the world?
VP: I like many players but Messi is a step ahead of everyone.

RS: Hopefully you can clarify some questions about the rules which I am often asked. What is the minimum and maximum number of players each club can have on their roster? Maximum foreigner players roster and dressed for a game. Who by definition would be considered a foreigner player?
VP: We can have up to 30 players roster, 7 foreign spots and you can use them as you wish, a foreigner is everyone who is not an American and doesn't have a green card either.

RS: Who do you feel was most important in your development as a coach and person?
VP: My family, friends and this country. My father always told me to make sure I do something that I loved. He advised me not to worry about what society expects, that some people are destined to do things that are different than others. He gave me confidence to break away from the mold. My mother always gave me a hand with whatever I needed. Support, advise, financial assistance, and a shoulder whenever I needed one. My daughter inspires me, she makes me want to be a better person. My grandmother makes me feel like everything is possible, she is the backbone of our family and makes it very clear that we all have to take advantage of the efforts our grandparents and parents have made for us. My wife I think is my biggest fan, she doesn’t say much but she has made it very easy for me to focus and get ahead in this profession. I am very fortunate to have the family that I have, my sister is a survivor, my uncles, aunts and cousins are honest hard working people that always support me. I am lucky, besides having a great family I have the best friends in the world. They keep me grounded, always cheering me on, and making fun of me whenever they can.
Also, if it wasn’t for the this country, I probably would not be doing what I am doing. Here is different than in most Latin American countries. In the US no matter who you are, or where you are coming from, if you are legal and you want to make something of your life you probably will. Here you control many factors that allow you to prosper. Without money, thru soccer and the government financial aid I got my college degree. I arrived here on a Friday at 6pm when I was 15 years old, and I had a job Saturday at 8am. I have had access to work, school, and professional opportunities since I arrived.

RS: If you were not involved with soccer what would you be doing?
VP: Something boring until 5pm, then playing or watching a game from 7pm to 9pm.

RS: Any closing thoughts you wish to mention to the fans of Miami FC?
VP: Miami FC is an organization that is making an honest effort to bring a product South Florida can appreciate and feel proud of. On the field we are working hard to play well, get in the playoffs, and play a brand of soccer the fans can identify with. The front office has very ambitious plans for the future of the team. The development of a youth system that can service the best talent in the area, the acquisition of a training facility for the team, the youth system and for other professional teams to come and train, and many other projects that will hopefully soon take form. It is obvious that fan support is the most important factor for a professional team, and it is the fuel that can make a difference on the prosperity of this project. If you want a great team in the city one day, support us while we get there. In the mean time we hope to entertain you and most importantly we hope we make you feel proud of the team. It will be nice if one day you can see this team as your team instead of the team. This is a romance we have to start right away, come support us or come criticize us, but make an effort to come to the games.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Landon Donovan answers Burrito's question! with Video via MLSinsider

Burrito's amigos over at MLSinsider axed LanDon DonoVan Burrito's question!

Here what they write:
You see? I wasn't playing earlier when I said I would prove that LD doesn't mind stupid questions. I asked a couple of them (and a few good questions from selected MLS fans on Twitter and Facebook) the other night and no equipment was damaged. Hell, he even laughed at a few of them.
Burrito axed "If the devil give you the option of playing for Mexico national team or burning in hell which you pick?

Here DonoVAn's answer:

On The Couch with Landon Donovan from mlsinsider on Vimeo.

About Burrito:
Burrito is the only soccer blogging dawg in the known universe! Since 1998!
Join Burrito's group or he hit you on head with quesadilla!
Follow Burrito on or join his group on Facebook

Friday, April 16, 2010

Miami Fc vs Vancouver Whitecaps Saturday April 17, 2010 at 7:30 pm

Miami FC will face the Vancouver Whitecaps this Saturday, April 17th at 7:30pm at Lockhart Stadium. Fans can watch this weekend's game live via online streaming at

The tailgate starts at 5:30 PM by gate C. The fun then continues at section 120! Bring your drums and flags and get ready to make some noise and support your Miami FC Blues. ***The first few rows of section 120 is a standing only section*** Join the Ultras and the Southern Legion!

Last game we saw a Blues line up with Patterson, Lancaster, Kaka, Kirby, Randolph, Santilez, Gomez, Goldberg, Cameron, Shriver and Thompson. I'd like to see Paulo Jr on from the start for this game.

Possible Whitecaps line up Jay Nolly, Zurab Tsiskaridze, Nelson Akwari,Greg Janicki, Chris Williams; Ansu Toure, Luca Bellisomo, Martin Nash, Wes Knight, Marlon James, Dever Orgill

Come out and support your Miami FC Blues!
Vamos Miami!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Interview with Miami FC's new Head Coach, Victor Pastora (Part 1)

Today Robert Scorca brings us his latest interview and this time it's with none other then Miami FC coach Victor Pastora. Here is the first of a two part series where Robert explores Coach Pastora's past, present and future.

From the Miami FC site:
Victor was born on April 8, 1975 in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. Victor played high school soccer here in Miami for Braddock Senior High. He went on to play for Averette University in Danville, Virginia before becoming a coach. He has been coaching soccer for 11 years, all of which has been spent in Miami. He started as a 19 year old coaching a local AYSO team. He has coached for local clubs including West Kendall Optimist and Coral Springs Renegades. He has won 3 National Championships as well as prestigious youth tournaments like Dallas Cup, Disney Showcase, Tampa Bay Sun Bowl, Jefferson Cup and many others. He has also served as a coach for the ODP at the state, regional and national level. Victor has his USSF “A” Coaching License and plans to get his UEFA license after the Miami FC 2010 season.

Pastora has been an assistant coach since the formation of the club. He has had experience as an interim Head Coach with Miami FC, taking over in August 2007 for then-coach Chiquinho de Assis.
For more go to

Robert Scorca: Many fans of Miami FC might not be aware of the political turmoil that Nicaragua was going through while you were growing up there. What was life like growing up in Nicaragua during the 1980's?

Victor Pastora: Even though my parents stayed away from politics as much as possible, all Nicaraguans lived very close to the political conflicts. We heard it on the news, and because it is a small country you would often know about someone that suffer directly from it. Also, my uncle Eden Pastora was deeply involved first with the Sandinistas and then with the Contras, this of course was reason for us to more informed and interested in the developments.

RS: What do you feel was the biggest pluses about life you learned from these years?

VP: That life is precious, we should be thankful for our health, and cherish every moment we have with our families. I also learned politicians don’t always have the right intentions, those with good motives don’t always have the conviction to stand for what they believe, and the ones that stand for what they believe are not considered good politicians. It’s a dark world, one I would not want to be part of.

RS: When I think of Nicaragua and sports, Alexis Arguello (professional boxer) and Denny Martinez (professional baseball player) immediately come to mind. What sports did you play or follow while in Nicaragua?

VP: When I grew up I was like most kids; played soccer, basketball, baseball, boxing, etc. I took swimming seriously for a few years (5-11) and did very well, but I always liked soccer the best. What people don’t know is that in Nicaragua there is a lot of soccer being played at the early ages, up to U15 Nicaraguans play as much soccer as in other Central American countries, but from U15 other countries become stronger because of the influence professional soccer has on the development of players and growth of the sport overall.

RS: When did you first become introduced to soccer? What were you feelings about the sport when you first saw it?

VP: We always played it in our neighborhood growing up. Every afternoon one or two hours. In 1986 I fell in love with it watching the world cup. I could not stop watching and playing, I am fascinated by the sport since then.

RS: What was the biggest change from playing the game to coaching the game?

VP: There is nothing like playing, coaching is the next best thing. It was a slow transition, first I did it as community service, then I wanted to do it because I felt I was helping other players the way I would have liked to be helped, then I enjoyed becoming better at it, and becoming better at it gave me the chance to succeed and to grow in the sport. The big difference is that you go from doing to telling how to do.

RS: In what ways did playing the game help you as a coach?

VP: In so many different ways, still every time I play it helps me be aware of how players feel in different situations.

RS: What position did you play in high school and college?

VP: Central Midfielder, mostly attacking Midfielder
RS: Do you favor a defensive or offensive style of play? Did the position you played have any input in this?

VP: Offensive, I understand players need to work hard to recover the ball, but the reason we defend is so that we can play. I also rather work with someone that can play and help him with the defensive aspect of his game, than work with someone who defends well but doesn't know how to play once he recovers the ball. This game is to be played with the ball, you have to be very efficient at recovering the ball, then take good care of it. Today the best teams in the world are very good at defending/recovering the ball, but the ones that win championships are the ones that have players that can make a difference on the ball.

RS: Do you consider yourself a tactical coach or a motivational coach?

VP: Both, one doesn't go far without the other. Every time I have the opportunity to learn from other coaches that have been successful, or players that have played for successful coaches, I realize coaches always have something that characterizes them. Some are good motivators, some are good tacticians, some are good scouts of talent, some are good negotiators. I work every day taking into account all those aspects, and I understand that I have to make an effort become better in every aspect.

******Be on the look out for Part II next Wednesday.******

Check out the latest Mindless Thoughts of a Miami Soccer Fan podcast.

Host Pieter Brown, aka as the Miami Ultras President, is joined by Uncle Ed and Miguel Mejia each and every week to discuss what's going on with soccer in South Florida.
Topics range from Miami FC's game vs the Rhinos, The World Cup, the Tampa rivalry and more!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Miami FC vs Rhinos Fan Videos

We will display videos of the tailgate and games a day or two after each game. If you have any vids you want us to post please email us at

Here are a few Miami Ultra Matt Berkshire filmed.
When the Blues go Marching in

We Will Follow

Blues Score!

First free kick by Christian Gomez in Miami Blue!

End Game (***DANGER*** With Profanity)

Be sure to check out the Slide Show over at Victor Palkaninec's Miamifc2
and visit Miami Soccer Fan for a detailed description and a few pics.

Want to see a replay of the Miami FC vs Rhinos game? See it HERE

Next game this Saturday April 17 against the MLS bound Vancouver Whitecaps at 7:30!
Everyone needs to go! Vamos Miami!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Miami FC 1 Rhinos 1 in Pictures

Blues came back tonight to tie the Rhinos at Lockhart Stadium.
Read more about it at Miami FC

Here are pictures of the night!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Miami FC vs Rhinos Saturday April 10! Free Vodka and BBQ!

It's that time South Florida soccer fans! This Saturday at 7:30 PM is the start of the USSF Div 2 season as our Miami FC Blues take on the Rochester Rhinos! It's the cheapest ticket in town so come out and see Christian Gomez and the gang beat the Rhinos to kingdom come!
Be sure to show up early and head towards the tents by Gate C behind Lockhart Stadium See picture below:Gate C parking is reserved for Season Ticket holders but the tents will hold a special tailgating surprise for fans, so show up early! I'll be there at about 5pm! Miami FC has new sponsors, Regalia Vodka and Weston Town Center. That means free Vodka drinks and free BBQ!
After the tailgate the rowdiest fans, the Miami Ultras and the Southern Legion will unite this year at Section 120. So if you want to be loud and create havoc for the opposing team then joins us in Section 120! ****Remember, this area is a standing section, we never sit!Uncle Ed's recommended reading:
For a full review of the teams competing against the Blues be sure to go to Inside Minnesota Soccer's USSF Div 2 2010 Preview. Yours truly Uncle Ed, wrote the Miami FC segment and you can check out the rest of the teams from the point of view of local bloggers and writers.

Miami Soccer Fan is always a favorite stop for good South Florida Soccer news and you can check out the latest piece written by Brian Corey bashing the Tampa Bay Rowdies, yes, the rivalry has started! You can also see Media Day pictures that were taken by Victor Palkaninec.

For those that don't know him Victor (pictured at the right) is at just about every game there is snapping away as if there was no tomorrow! I remember Victor from back in the Miami Fusion days! You can check his work out over at his Miami FC2 site which also has a forum and Strikers Blog!

Talk about pictures! Victor helped me strap a camera on to Burrito's head so expect to see some pictures from Burrito's perspective. You'll be able to see those pictures in a little area on the right hand of this blog. The first picture was of his compadre and NASL guru Kartik Krishnaiyer! You can click on the picture to see the rest of Burrito's pictures. We'll be sure to update them. You can also follow that chihuahuas twitter

Following are a few pictures taken at the Miami FC Media Day.

Vamos Miami! Let's beat those Whinos!