Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Miami Ultras Road Trip to Tampa pictures

Sorry this came out a little late but here are a few pictures of the Miami Ultras in Tampa. Sadly Miami FC lost against hated rivals Tampa Bay Rowdies but that's life.

We hope the Blues can recover in the next few games.

More information about the game can be read at www.miamifc.com

Pictures by Cesar Sfreddo

Monday, July 19, 2010

Miami FC ties with Puerto Rico. Fan pictures and more...

Miami FC pulled off a last minute tie versus the Puerto Rico Islanders this past Saturday. The game had its up and downs with the Blues dominating but unable to score. The Islanders drew first blood in the first half, but Miami FC did what they do best this season... tie!
For more information on the game go to www.miamifc.com

Following are pictures taken during the game, tailgate, a few from the Pub Cup and at Frog and Toad.

All pictures By Robert Scorca

Friday, July 16, 2010

Miami FC Pub Cup First round/ Pregame Puerto Rico

Hello fellow hooligans, this is the Ultras "Lil Train wreck" giving you an update for the Miami FC Pub Cup. Tomorrow holds four matches to determine who moves onto the quarter finals. The match of the day is at 5:45 pm: The MIAMI ULTRAS vs Mickey Byrnes pub. The Ultras starting lineup is still up in the air, but may be as follows: Derek Reese, Zach Reese, Ed Serrano, Kyle Kaly, (and possibly) Juan Ruiz. The pub cup itself starts at 5pm with Fox and Hounds vs Waxy O' Connors and Frog and Toad vs The Kings Head pub. The 5:45 games will be The Miami Ultras vs Mickey Byrnes and Lion and Eagle vs Biddy Earlys.

After the Pub Cup is Played, the Miami FC Blues will face off against Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is coming off of a tough draw vs the Tampons, and Miami is coming off of a decent losing streak. The Blues know how to win at home, but they have the ace in the hole of a tie if need be. The Miami FC Ties need people in the stands to get that emotional support to take on the cheating Ricans. Miami FC's game starts at 7:30. Come on and cheer on your Miami FC! Oi!
(Party in the city where the heat is on
All night on the beach till the break of dawn
Welcome to Miami)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Spain wins World Cup and Chihuahuas around the world celebrate

Hola Amigos,

Burrito happy Espana win World Cup even though Mexico no win. It was boring games pero what can you do? Spain only makes 8 goles in 7 games, the worst of any champion in world Cup history!

So here in tribute for Spain's win Burrito put one of his compadres singing some flamenco! Enjoy and viva Mex... Espana!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ultras Road Trip to Tampa. Blues tie 1-1 with Rowdies

A four hour plus road trip up North and the Ultras were in Tampa supporting Miami FC as they faced the Tampa Bay Rowdies. The game was delayed due to rain, we got soaked and a Rowdies fan threw a beer at me, thankfully missing, but wasting a perfectly good beer. Alcohol abuse!

Some 50 plus Miami fans came out to Steinbrenner field and danced to the beat of the Miami Ultras drums and cowbell. Tampa's security even told us they liked us better then the troublesome Ralph's Mob (Plus we are better looking too!). We never saw the Sock Mascot they have. I guess they didn't want to get their sock wet... They did have these weird bugs that I just had to take a picture of, see to the right. In the end, it was a fun drive up and we hope to see more Miami Fans make the trip to the next game at the end of the month!

The Blues held on to the ball for large portions of the game and while our midfield is strong we still seem to lack that Center Forward that can score goals a la Alex Afonso from a few years back or Romario from Miami FC's first season. Nonetheless we Ultras support our team to the bitter end.
Check out the pictures of the game and read more about it at www.miamifc.com

Thursday, July 1, 2010

World Class players in Miami. Bradley and Donovan on Jon Stewart. Miami FC's Mascot Hotshot

Miami continues to attract Soccer stars to its beaches. This time its frequent Miami visitor Paolo Maldini and Italy reject Giuseppe Rossi. The truth is any soccer player in the world would love to live in South Florida. If you don't believe me this is what U.S. Soccer star Alejandro Bedoya had to say on twitter about Miami when asked about a possible MLS team coming back to this area.
Now all we need is an investor willing to make MLS happen! Stephen Ross, Marcelo Claure, David Beckham, Can you hear us?
If you want MLS back in South Florida then support www.mlsmiamibid.com and sign up! You can also join the facebook fan page and twitter for updates. Also keep an eye out for flyers and posters in South Florida pubs and bars.
Pictures were taken from Kickette.com

Bradley and Donovan on Jon Stewart

Did you guys see Jon Stewart last night? I was surprised to see how much Jon Stewart actually knew about soccer! It was a fun interview and the segments previous to the interview can also be seen HERE

Miami FC's Mascot Hotshot
Miami FC has a new video out called "A day in the life of Hotshot". Be sure to check out the video of this crazy mascot and his adventures.
Don't forget that this Sunday Miami FC travels to Tampa to face the Rowdies! If you are driving up be sure to contact Miami FC's Tommy Knapp to get your tickets! 954.829.9213
Vamos Miami! Let's go Blues!