Thursday, April 30, 2009

Diego Serna: The Second Coming

In the past two weeks Miami FC has been the revelation of USL. A team that came out of the starting blocks with only weeks of preparation yet their showing so far has been impressive. The one man that stands out the most in this team is Diego Serna. This player, at the twilight of his career has shown that he still has what it takes to play at a high level and I was lucky he granted me a few moments of his time.

Uncle Ed: I see you continue playing with number 17 , how do you see the team so far?
Diego Serna: It's a tranquil team, a noble team, a team that you have to guide due to the inexperience of a few players who are playing at this level for the first time. I think the number 17 is an important number for me as it continues the tradition I left behind with the Miami Fusion.
Uncle Ed: Yes, I understand and I have noticed many of the people are coming to the games because of that history that the Miami Fusion left behind (Particularly that final year 2001 with the best record in the league)
Which of the players on the team today do you think is an exciting player to play with?
Diego Serna: I like Leo Inacio Nunes who is a Brazilian player who handles the ball very well, he is a man that can play in a small area and who has a subtle touch. Orlando Bueso is another one who we know playing locally with Cinco Estrellas; he is a small player with an innate ability with the ball and good rhythm and from there on there are a number of players who in the short while I have worked with them have shown very interesting things.
Uncle Ed: What is your favorite Cuban food?
Diego Serna: Well, pinto beans and Pollo Tropical is one of the things I like the most! [Laughs]Uncle Ed: Do you have a message for The Ultras and Miami FC Fans in general?
Diego Serna: To all those people out there that love Soccer its time to support our Soccer team. Miami and Southern Florida is staying without Soccer, this is the only team we have and I'm in this team because I love Soccer and I love this game and I want to invite everyone, be it Sunday or Saturday however the calendar of the team is arranged. What we are doing now is building for the future and the years to come, we are not going to do what happened with Miami Fusion. We want to build this team for South Florida and the people who love Soccer like the Hondurans, Colombians, Brazilians, Argentinians, everyone needs to support Soccer and this is the time and this is the team. I want the fans to be a little patient with us and give us the opportunity to come to the games and get to know us. The fact that the fans come to the stadium it motivates the players and motivates the front office to continue to invest in the team. So please come out, we want to have a great team with world class stars! All pictures by Victor Palkanínec
See more at

For the actual Spanish language interview please go to the Miami Ultras Spanish section

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Burrito Report: Parte Dos Miami FC vs Canadian Vatos and Rhino-cerotes!

Hola South Florida futbol fans! (Click on highlighted words if you don't know the meaning of the word) Burritos mami come from Toluca this week and it a good thing cause with that Cochino Flu ting going it dangerous to be in Mexico now! Todays Burrito have mucho to talk about. Primero, Burrito happy Miami FC beat them Canadian Putos by 2-1. Goals by Burritos carnal Diego Serna and Leo Inacio and then them chingones from Canada score one but who really cares? No? The Blues won and that all that matters!
Burrito like FIU stadiums, it very nice and cozy and makes Burrito wanna put on a poncho and live there forevers pero then Burrito see it half plastic for grass and that no good cause that no good! Burrito cant even smoke that grass! No good for balls controls and Burrito like havings mucho balls control! It make burrito feel good and all the mamacitas like that.
Pero bueno, then Miami FC play back in Lockhearts versus those Rhino-cerotes from almost Canada, or someplace gawd forget about cause Burrito no care and unfortunetedly Miami FC lose and that make Burrito sad, pero it ok Burrito forgive players since Serna and Leo Inacio was not playings. Next games is Saturday May 2 against the Charleston Battery at Lockhart Stadium. All Burritos homeboys need to go or Burrito hit you on head! Be sure to go to ticket info or call: 305-728-2606
Burrito need Mami FC players to concentrate next game and not let them Chicken farmers from Charleston score! Last game Burrito was eating quesadilla with Corona beers in Lockheart Stadiums an the other team score Gol! Burrito almost chokes, It make bad for Burritos digestion when other team score! So Miami FC players hears Burrito now! If you let other team score.... Ah Chihuahua Burrito get mad and... Burrito get mad!

Burrito read Miami Ultras site and see Debate on witch Futbol stadium is betters. Lockhearts or FIU. Burrito tink it no matter. When Burrito first move from Toluca to Homestead Burrito used to takes the bus all the ways to Lockhearts to see Miami Fusion! So all you chingones cry babies need to get some huevos like Burrito and supports Miami FC in good and bad no matters where they are at. Miami FC is all Burrito half now and if South Florida lose this teams then Burrito will go on quesadilla strike! No more quesadillas ever!
Ok, now Burrito go and eat some enchiladas! Hasta los huevos and silla at Lockhearts this Saturdays!
Check out this video by a Miami FC Fan. Not too good but you get to see Diego's gol!

For more on Burrito join him on myspace!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rhinos hurt the Blues, Southern Legion has new website, pictures and more

The Rochester Raging Rhinos ended Miami FC's winning streak with a 2-1 victory at Lockhart Stadium. I wasn't able to attend this game but knowing Leo Inacio was hurt and seeing Diego Serna getting a Red vs Montreal it was apparent this was going to be an up hill battle. South Florida fans can rest assured we have a team that is still up in the standings and will have both players ready for the next game Saturday May 2 against the Charleston Battery at Lockhart Stadium. Be sure to go to for ticket info or call: 305-728-2606

The Southern Legion have started a new website that you can see at It's still a little raw but be sure to check it out in the days to come!
It's good to see that Miami FC is attracting more fans and with the addition of the Southern Legion we now have 2 Supporters groups that are ready to bleed Blue! Miami FC till the end!

Also, keep checking the Miami Ultras site. They will be updating the Spanish part of the site and keep any eye out for the second "Mindless Thoughts" Podcast that should be out on Wednesday! We hope to bring you special guests in the weeks to come.

Following are a few fan pictures at the FIU game between Miami FC and the Montreal Impact:

Our good friend Victor Palkaninec has more pictures up at his site. Be sure to check it out! Go here:

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Oui Oui! Miami Defeats Montreal 2-1

Miami FC remain undefeated after last nights victory over the Montreal Impact by 2-1 on goals by Serna (penalty) and Leo Inacio. Gjertsen scored for Montreal.
The Miami Herald reports a very low attendance but there must be a mistake, it looked like at least 3 thousand out there as Miami FC played for the first time at FIU stadium.
Montreal dictated play in the first half and parts of the second but it is goals that win games and the rowdy Miami Ultras never ceased to chant and sing for their team.
"I am very happy with the players, with the work they put in the last twenty days, for this team to come out and win their first games is very impressive. It's like the Miami FC jersey is their second skin" said head coach Zinho on the Miami FC site
Miami will be without star forward Diego Serna for their game vs the Rochester Raging Rhinos after he was ejected after receiving a second yellow at the end of the game.
South Florida fans need to go out and support Miami FC as they play vs the Rhinos at Lockhart Stadium this Sunday April 26 at 6pm. We need everyone out there!
Vamos Miami!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tailgate info at FIU Stadium and more for the Miami FC vs Montreal Impact game

Ladies and Gentlemen we are only a day away from the first match in FIU stadium taking place tomorrow April 24, 2008 at 8 pm between the Montreal Impact and our very own Miami FC.
Last week we saw a rowdy crowd at Lockhart Stadium see the "Blues" defeat the Cleveland City Stars by 3-1 thanks to a masterful display of skills from veteran forward Diego Serna who scored and provided two assist making him the USL player of the week!

Now it is time for Miami fans to show their support of the team, we need thousands of people to show up and make the Impact realize they are in our home turf!

The Miami Ultras are organizing a Tailgate party at FIU stadium starting at 6 pm by Gate 4, just look for the flags! BYOB and get ready to learn some new chants! Go to the Ultras site and read Brian Corey's blog called "Montreal is Going Down". Good stuff and incidentally the Impact are totally going down! Uncle Ed's prediction 2-0 (Goals by Serna and Marcina!)
If you don't have tickets yet hurry! FIU has announced a special ticket plan: Seats are available for $5 at the school's arena box office or by calling 305-FIU-GAME or go to your nearest Farm Store (La Vaquita!!!) and get tickets for only $5!!!
All pictures by Victor Palkanínec

Montreal Impact at Miami FC (FIU Stadium)
Friday April 24 2009-8:00 PM
Be there! Vamos Miami FC!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blame Canada, Official Miami FC chant vs Montreal Impact (video)

Burrito want Miami Ultras and Southern Legion to learn and sing this song for the Miami FC vs Montreal Impact game this Friday!
Vamos Miami! Lets show them putos they come to Miami to lose!

Blame Canada, Blame Canada
It seems that everythings gone wrong
since Canada came along,
blame Canada, blame Canada
They're not even a real country anyway!

Attention Miami Soccer Fans:
FIU has announced a special ticket plan: Seats are available for $5 at the school's arena box office or by calling 305-FIU-GAME.
Montreal Impact at Miami FC (FIU Stadium)
Friday April 24 2009-8:00 PM
Be there! Vamos Miami FC!

Pictures: Miami FC vs Cleveland and a Great Blog by Reuters

As mentioned over on the Miami Ultras site, Simon Evans of Reuters wrote a great blog about his experience at Lockhart Stadium on Saturday. Simon refers to the ambiance at the game:
"It was noisy and fun. It was a proper football crowd and much as I enjoy the NFL and NBA experience I didn’t miss the loud musical interludes, the cheerleaders or the constant time-outs."
For more go to Reuters Soccer Blog
We hope to see Simon at the FIU game this Friday!

Our good friend Victor Palkanínec over at the Miami FC Blog took over 1800 pictures of the Miami FC vs Cleveland City Stars game! Here are a few:

All pictures by Victor Palkanínec

Attention Miami Soccer Fans:
FIU has announced a special ticket plan: Seats are available for $5 at the school's arena box office or by calling 305-FIU-GAME.
Montreal Impact at Miami FC (FIU Stadium)
Friday April 24 2009-8:00 PM
Be there! Vamos Miami FC!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Miami FC: The Southern Legion make their presence felt at Lockhart Stadium

The Southern Legion is Miami FC's new fan group!
Formed on the ashes of the failed MLS Miami Barcelona bid, this group of rag tag soccer fans want to make a difference!
On Friday April 24, at 8PM, when Miami FC plays versus the Montreal Impact, The Southern Legion (Legion del Sur) expect to be a force to be reckoned with.
I spoke to Sean Gibb and Luis Rodriguez, founders of the group who say "FIU is our turf, our back yard" and they expect to be out there in force!
Good job guys, we need to make FIU stadium a fort, our home is our battle ground and along with the Ultras we need to make the Impact or any team that visits us fear the very idea of stepping a foot in our home!
Vamos Miami!!! Lets go Blues!For more pictures of the Southern Legion (Legion del Sur) and if you want to join them go to: The Southern Legion Facebook page

The Burrito Report: Parte Uno Miami FC vs Cleveland City Stars

Hola Miami FC Fans!
(Click on highlighted words if you don't know the meaning of the word)
Some of you carnales might remember "The Burrito Report" back in the days of the Miami Fusion on Bigsoccer (Burrito has since been banned from Bigsoccer with a Red Cards... pinches putos!) and on the South Florida strikers forum (Now the Miami FC supporters forum). The Burrito Report is a weekly poop fest of nonsense abouts the games, the foods, the beers, the womens and everyting that happen in Miami FC games.
Todays Burrito want to makes fun of those chingados fallen "Stars" those guys from boring town no vato ever want to ever visit... Clevelands... ay Virgencita de Guadalupe! Que feo!
Now Burrito feel more sorrys for those putos cause Miami beat them so good 3-1! ...and for reals what does Cleveland really have there? Burrito never even hear of that city until some one say somethings about basketball! Burrito remember hearing Southern Legion guys yellings "Go back to Clevelands and stick with basketball! Without Lebron you guys ain't anything!" hahahaha... or for you Espanish speakers jajajaja (Just so you understands where Burrito coming from!)
Bueno, so basically except for goal from Haitian vato, los "Stars" really have nothing on fields, Miami FC beat those carajitos like Burritos mami used to beat him for stealing a quesadilla from neighbor back in Toluca, Mexico!Anyways, Burrito was proud to see all my carnales of the Ultras singings and telling Referee he is a Wanker! Cause he was!
Burritos only complaint is that there were no topless womens at game! Why? No cheerleaders eithers por el amor de Dios!
Pero Bueno, Burrito want to invite all my homeboys in Miami to not forget to go to the game this Friday vs those ugly peoples from Canada! You see how Canadians looks in South Park? They really do look like that! Chingada madre! No wonder we have war with them! Ok so Miami FC play the Impacts on Friday at 8pm at FIU stadium! Don't forgets! Tailgate party begin at 6pm in the parking lots! If you show up for tailgate look for Burrito and he give you a Quesadilla!
Vamos Miami FC! Dale por el chiquito!
For more on Burrito join him on myspace!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Miami FC : Mindless Thoughts podcast, Uncle Ed on the Sun Sentinel and more...

My voice is still recovering from all the yelling after Miami FC's victory over the Cleveland City Stars this past Saturday. I'm still excited that our players did such a good job. They really made us proud!

In our effort to keep people informed and updated on everything Miami FC, Pieter Brown president of the Miami Ultras, Miguel Mejia, Star Trek fan and master of all things football and yours truly (Uncle Ed) decided to continue Pieter's creation, a weekly podcast that we hope everyone will enjoy. Click here to listen: "Mindless Thoughts". We appreciate any feed back and constructive criticisms so that we can make it better. Be sure to check it out every week at the Miami Ultras site!

I was also quoted by Jeff Rusnack of the Sun Sentinel on Sunday:
"I used to drive up for the Fusion," said Ed Serrano, who drove from Kendall wearing a Fusion jersey and a Miami FC scarf. "I'll be at FIU for sure. I'll take more people to FIU. A lot didn't want to make the drive."
More here: Sun Sentinel

Attention Miami Soccer Fans:
FIU has announced a special ticket plan: Seats are available for $5 at the school's arena box office or by calling 305-FIU-GAME.
Montreal Impact at Miami FC (FIU Stadium)
Friday April 24 2009-8:00 PM
Be there! Vamos Miami FC!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Miami FC bring down the "Stars" in vibrant match at Lockhart Stadium.

What a great start to the USL season for Miami FC "Blues" as they defeated the Cleveland City Stars by 3-1

The Sun Sentinel's Jeff Rusnack wrote this quote from Ray Hudson:
"It's a wonderful night and a good atmosphere from the fans, especially with just two weeks' notice that they were playing here"
"Diego Serna, 35, made plays reminiscent of his Miami Fusion days in leading Miami FC to a season-opening victory."Miami Herald
"Miami FC opened its 2009 USL season with a 3-1 victory over the 2008 USL- 2 Champions, Cleveland City Stars." Miami FC site

The ambiance was electric, The Miami Ultras never ceased to yell and the Southern Legion also showed up to make their presence felt. Both fan groups competed in their chants; but remained firm in their resolve to Support their team till the end. Lockhart hadn't felt this alive since the Miami Fusion days and this marked the return of U.S. Professional Soccer in Broward County after years of absence.

The festivities never truly begin until the guest of honor has arrived, "the Goal". Alen Marcina scored the first off of a Diego Serna header to make it 1-0 but Cleveland leveled it as Haitian international Ricardo Pierre-Louis made it 1-1. The Stars couldn't enjoy it for long as Diego Serna scored on a break away to make it 2-1 Blues and finally Brazilian Leo Inacio Nunes made it 3-1 Miami FC off of another Serna pass.
It was Serna who put this team on his shoulders with a goal and two assist making him easily the man of the match. Notable mentions go out to Zach Kirby who was solid in the back and Walter Ramirez on the flank.

In the end the chants of "Diego, Diego, Diego" filled the stadium and the Miami FC players left with their heads up high. Next up the Montreal Impact at FIU stadium on Friday April 24 at 8pm!

Miami FC starting Lineup - GK Pat Hannigan, D Zach Kirby, D Cristiano Dias, D Chris Williams, D Walter Ramirez, M Edwin Miranda, M Richard Perdomo, M John Pulido, M Leo Ignacio Nunes, F Alen Marcina, F Diego Serna.
Cleveland City Stars- GK Christopher Seitz, D Anthony Stovall, D Troy Roberts, D Ibrahim Kante, D Godfrey Tenoff, M Warren Kanu, M Gordon Kljestan, M Ronald Aguilar, F Joshua Boateng, F Ryan Stewart, F Ricardo Pierre Louis

CLE: Joshua Boateng 30, Gordan Kljestan 71
MIA: Chris Williams 35, Diego Serna 37
CLE: Joshua Boateng 43
Info from

All pictures by Victor Palkaninec see them at

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The time has come! Miami FC vs Cleveland City Stars today at 8 pm Lockhart Stadium

The day has finally arrived!
Only a few weeks ago Miami FC looked like it was a goner. But Traffic Sports has faith in South Florida and they have kept professional soccer alive. Traffic looks to be in this venture for the long run, so it is time for the fans to support this team and go to Lockhart Stadium tonight April 18 at 8pm as the Mighty "Blues" take on the Cleveland City Stars.
Be a part of the developing tradition that is Soccer in South Florida and see how Miami FC brings down Cleveland City like the falling "Star" it is!
Don't miss out as Soccer greats such as one time Ft Lauderdale Striker Teofilo "Nene" Cubillas along with his ex teammate Ray Hudson, current Gol TV announcer and one time coach of the Miami Fusion do the honors of the first kick, accompanied by Diego Serna, all time scoring leader for the Miami Fusion and now with our Miami FC.

Get to the Stadium early as the Miami Ultras will be having a Tailgate party starting at 6pm!

Here is the list of Miami FC players our good friend Miami Ultra Julio Caballero was able to get for us:

Miami FC 2009 Roster

Jersey # First Name Last Name Nationality Position

Vamos Miami FC!
Get your tickets at the Stadium and visit Miami FC!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Miami FC offers free tickets to games! Read all about it!

Listen to this Miami FC Fans!
I was listening to WQAM 560 tonight (Thursday) during the "DA Show" and Ignacio Rodriguez-Argote of Miami FC came out saying Miami FC are giving away free tickets to whoever writes them an email to:
On the subject put "DA Show Special" you need to say which game you want to see and you get 2 tickets FREE!

Hurry, this will not last very long! Listen to the podcast below for the complete show! Support "DA's show" he loves Soccer.

Don't forget this Saturday April 18th at 8 pm Miami FC vs Cleveland City Stars at Lockhart Stadium! Get your tickets at buy your tickets at the North end of the stadium.
Vamos Miami FC!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Miami FC vs Cleveland City - Tailgate this Saturday 6pm

Today we bring you a friendly neighborhood message from Miami Ultras president, founder and gangster of love... Pieter Brown. (As seen on Bigsoccer)

"You’ve waited all year and it’s finally here! Miami FC’s 2009 season opener will be played in the legendary Lockhart Stadium at 8 PM on Saturday. One way to watch this game is to get there at 7:50 PM buy your ticket and sit in a corner by yourself. Another way is to go to the Miami Ultras tailgate party that starts at 6 PM - fill up on chemical courage - march into the stadium at the start of the game - sing, chant and scream your head off in support of the “Mighty Blues”.

"We’ll see you at the Miami FC tailgate Saturday at 6 PM, go Blues! BYOB!"

Football in Miami and Beyond urges all humans, aliens and sentient lifeforms in South Florida to go to and buy your tickets or buy them at the stadium in the North end of the stadium.
Come out and see Miami FC led by ex Miami Fusion legend Diego Serna defeat the Cleveland City Stars this Saturday at 8 pm!
Let's go Blues!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Toronto lost out on Perlaza, I wish Miami FC could pick up Kaviedes and more

Toronto FC took too long making up their mind about Ecuador defender Jose Luis Perlaza as reported by Ecuadorean site CRE Satelital
Rumours on many sites indicated Perlaza was on Trial with Toronto but it seems they will miss out on this player. CRE continues that Perlaza, who used to play for Olmedo of Riobamba, is out of the country but will return in the next few days to be part of Barcelona SC of Guayaquil who have signed him for the remainder of the year.

On other news another Ecuador player and World Cup Veteran; Ivan Kaviedes was not able to sign with Liga of Portoviejo also of Ecuador. It seems today was the last day to signs players in that league and he remains free.
This striker/midfielder is one of the most experienced players in Ecuador having played in Spain, Italy, England, Mexico among other countries. This is a player I wish Miami FC could sign. Seems like Kaviedes is desperate to get playing minutes and at 31 he doesn't have much time to waste. MLS and USL teams need to hurry before some Middle East league with big bucks lure him!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Miami FC assembles a group of Superheroes in their quest for the USL title

We are 4 days away from the beginning of Miami FC's season and we now have a team. South Florida fans hope this will be a team of Superheroes!
Brazilian World Cup winner Zinho has assembled a group that will be led by the experienced and one time Miami Fusion star Colombian Diego Serna. The team has now completed it's roster gathering a combination of youth with experience. The Miami Herald reports a few familiar faces, such as defender Chris Williams, midfielder John Pulido and forward Connally Edozien. Goalie Pat Hannigan who played with the team back in 2007.
A few notable players are El Salvador national team member Edwin Miranda, Tim Merritt, Zach Kirby, Jack Traynor, and Kenny Schoeni, a goalie formerly of the Columbus Crew. Local players: Danny Vasquez, Nicky Torres, Richard Perdomo and Orlando Bueso.
Previously Miami FC's site had reported the signing of one time MLS All-star Facundo Erpen, Brazilian midfielder Leo Inacio Nunesone, defenders Cristiano Dias and Walter Ramirez, midfielder Jarryd Goldberg and Ex Cuban national team members Pedro Faife and Reinier Alcantara.
Most notable is the signing of Georgian Zourab Tsiskaridze who was one of over 100 players that tried out for the team and actually signed.
"After three seasons at Tropical Park and an off season in which it nearly folded, Miami FC is now a team with two homes: Lockhart and Florida International University's football stadium. Thus far, the Blues have committed to play at Lockhart at 8 p.m. Saturday April 18th and at 6 p.m. April 26 vs. Rochester. They will play Montreal on April 24 at FIU. The remaining 12 games are to be determined." said the Sun Sentinel's Jeff Rusnak
The Miami Ultras are organizing a Tailgate party at Lockhart Stadium and invite all South Florida to come out and join them at 6 pm this Saturday April 18th as the Mighty "Blues" will take on the Cleveland City Stars, the game starts at 8pm.
The time is now and our Soccer team needs you!
If you haven't done so please purchase your tickets at for only $12.
Vamos Miami FC!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Miami FC - Songs and Chants by Burrito

Hola Miami Futbol fans! (For non espanglish speakers click over highlighted words)
Burrito see blog by Uncle Ed about Futbol songs & chants for Miami FC (see below post) and Burrito think he can help all the vatos from the Ultras and Southern Legion by giving them carnales some good examples of songs they can sing. Next time Burrito make you chingones pay him!
When Burrito grow up in Toluca, Mexico, he used to listen to July Church (Julio Iglesias) and did you putos know July used to play professional futbol in Espana? Si! That way before Enrique Iglesias was even a sperm in his left huevo! Bueno, that another story Burrito will write about, but his song with that mota lover Willy Nelson called "To all the girls I loved before" inspired Burrito to be a futbol star! Why? Cause Burrito love womens and want to be good player so he can get some hot mamacitas. Pero, that never happens cause Burrito not good player and he look so uglys, pero so uglys not even his mami love him! Burrito so ugly his mami refuse to breast feed him! Pero bueno, ok, here is songs that Burrito think Miami Fans can sing at Miami FC games! Vamos Miami!

1.- This one everyone knows By Wilard Esmith "Welcome to Miami"

Party in the city where the heat is on
All night, on the beach till the break of dawn
Welcome to Miami
Bienvenidos a Miami!

2.-"I'm In Miami Bitch", by LMAO.
With this song we tell MLS, USL and all the teams in the world they are Miami FC's bitches! Cause Miami Rules!

Drink all day
Play all night
Let's get it poppin'
I'm in Miami bitch
Drink all day
Play all night
Let's get it poppin' I'm in Miami bitch!

3.- "Miami" by Osvaldo Rodriguez
Cuban singer gets political but Burrito like cause it could be good to sing for all these pinches teams who are up north and wish they could have Miami's bitches and beaches! Yeeehaaa!

Yo no me voy de aqui
No quiero ir a ningun lugar
Yo no saco pasaporte
Yo quiero ver lo que va a pasar

4.- Jingle by the Golden Girls called "Miami"
For some reason Burrito always get woody for Dorothy, she sing like siren calling Burrito to make sweet hate to her...

Miami, Miami, you got style
Blue sky sunshine, White sand by the mile
When you live in this town, each day is sublime
the coldest of winters are worm and divine
Miami, Miami!

Ok, so some of these not too good but at least Burrito trying! You got better ideas? tell Burrito and you get free quesadilla! Vamos Miami, buy Miami FC tickets! Game this Saturday April 18th!

Friday, April 10, 2009

FIU Stadium to host Miami FC games plus Songs & Chants to learn and love!

"We couldn't be happier to play in the two most appropriate, fan-friendly stadiums in South Florida.'' So said Miami FC President Aaron Davidson in an interview in yesterdays Miami Herald.
Davidson is referring to the fact that Miami FC will be playing at both FIU Stadium and Broward's Lockhart Stadium this year and quite possibly Tropical Park as well.

No matter where you are in South Florida you will be close to the games so come out and support Miami FC. Buy your tickets now: Miami FC

We now know where Miami FC will play their first 3 games. The Blues will be playing the opener against Cleveland on Saturday April 18. Then Miami FC will go to Miami 's FIU Stadium on Friday April 24 versus The Montreal Impact and that Sunday April 26 against Rochester back at Lockhart Stadium.

We need to prepare and practice our songs and chants, we only have 8 days to go! Here are a couple of Songs courtesy of the Miami Ultras.

Blues Go Marchin’ In

Oh when the Blues
Oh when the Blues
Oh when the Blues go marchin in,
I want to be in that number,
Oh when the Blues go marching in....

Vamoos, Miami

Vamoos, Miami
Que esta noche
tenemos que ganar!

Here is the "Miami Ultras Song" in video (words below)

"Miami Ultras Song"

Men have lived
And Men have died
Dreaming of
A team to pride

We toast the sun
We thank our stars
That we have
This team of ours

Good or Bad
They hold our fate
With feet so strong
They devastate
We praise -We pray for the great

(Chorus 3X)
What a fan
Of fans am I
Upper 90 in the net
M-I-A the safest bet

For more songs visit the Miami Ultras song and chant page:

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Brazilian Futbol Cheerleaders! by Burrito with picture goodness

Burrito is a pervertido! As Burrito do his daily porno search he find article, if that what you call it at (Must be 18 and over to click on link or Burrito hit you on head with quesadilla!) "Fleshbot" and there he see Brazilian Futbol Cheerleaders! A Caray! Burrito hope Miami FC and USL and MLS can one day have cheerleaders like this. Here is what it say:
"Brazil has given us so many things—the thong bikini, the Brazilian wax, Gisele Bundchen—and now, finally, we've been able to repay them by sending an American tradition down south. Yes, Brazil now has cheerleaders.
Currently, the ladies who cheer for Brazil's football teams are following closely in the American tradition—they'd all fit in quite well at an NFL game—but we're hoping that, as the cheerleader tradition becomes more and more a part of Brazilian sports tradition, we'll get to see a little more Brazilian flavor in the outfits. Hey, we know we'd feel some serious team spirit if we could cheer along with a thong clad pep squad!"

Ok no more words, see these hot mamacitas!

For more pictures go here (remember over 18 or Burrito hit you on head with quesadilla!)

Talk about pervertidos... Burrito going to see "The Pervert's Guide To Cinema" on Friday April 10 at 8:30 pm read about it here: Perverts of Miami, Unite and Take Over!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Islanders lose, Miami FC sign Diego Serna, Cuauhtémoc Blanco humps a mascot and more...

Miami fans have something to be happy about as Miami FC has signed former Miami Fusion player Diego Serna!
Serna, the leading scorer in the Miami Fusion's brief existence, signed with USL-1's Miami FC on Tuesday. The club did not release the terms of the contract.''Our expectations are high,'' Miami FC general manager Luiz Muzzi said. "Hopefully he can continue in the tradition of being a supreme goal-scorer.''
In addition to Serna, the Blues also signed Facundo Erpen, a former MLS All-Star, and brought back Brazilian midfielder Leo Inacio Nunes, who joined Miami FC during the 2008 season. For more check out The Miami Herald's Total Soccer
No word yet on Pedro Faife or Reinier Alcantara, the former Cuban national team members who have been in camp with the Blues after defecting last fall.

In a total heart breaker for USL fans Mexican team Cruz Azul defeated the Puerto Rico Islanders by a penalty shoot out. Regular time ended 3-1 as Paraguayan Pablo Zeballos, Javier Orozco and César Villaluz scored for Cruz Azul while Sandy Gbandi made it interesting for the Islanders. Sad to hear about the loss but it was a good run for the Puerto Ricans who made USL proud!

Some of you may have heard about the Seattle Sounders' Fredy Montero facing sexual assault allegations... Well, our friends at MLS en Espanol have a note on Cuauhtémoc Blanco , who if you see the picture to the left is caught humping the Fire Mascot! This Vulgar little act took place during the Chicago Fire vs NY Red Bulls game. "Sparky", the Fire mascot is in therapy from what I hear...

Talk about assaults, our friend and fellow Ultra Brian Corey has written an interesting piece called "Picking a Fight" where he hammers Miami FC USL foes with extreme prejudice! (j/k of course) Here is a little:
Austin Aztex – Besides the obvious in naming your team after an extinct race of people in a location nowhere near their empire the least Austin can do is spell the name correctly.
Portland Timbers – This f***ing team was awarded an MLS bid and not Miami! They must have given Don Garber some of that stuff they’re always smoking over there.
For more go to The Miami Ultras site
Miami Fans don't forget next Saturday April 18th we have a date with history as our Miami FC start their season versus the Cleveland City Stars at Lockhart Stadium!
Don't miss it! Let's go Miami FC!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Ex Miami Fusion Coach and GOL TV announcer Ray Hudson is Burritos hero!

Burrito say it once, Burrito say it twice, Burrito say it three times a lady... Ray Hudson is like the Virgen de Guadalupe of TV commentators! No better yet like Jesus!
One day Burrito want to invite Ray to drink some cervezas and eat some of Burritos mami's quesadillas while we watch futbol (Mexican league of course! Burrito a Toluca Fan!)
Burrito remember with nostalgias the day when he first hear Ray Hudson talk. Burrito didn't understand what the chingados Ray was saying! Burrito was like "Ay pobrecito Ray, he got disease or somethings cause he can't espeak well". Pero no, that not the case, Ray talk like that cause the homeboy is not really a gringo he from England and all peoples there speak like him! Ay Chihuahua!
Pero anyway, Ray is Burrito's hero cause he was there when Burritos team the Miami Fusion had its best season ever in 2001.
Burritos relationship was not always good with Ray. One time Burrito yell something at player for not making a good pass and Ray turn around mad like a vato who eat too much Chile! He look at Burrito like he want to jump over fence, come up to the stands and hit Burrito on head with a hot tamale! Pero Burrito forgive Ray. Those times were tough and Ray almost have heart attack!
Now Ray sit in air conditioning room and watch soccer all day and talk about it! Burrito wish he have that job too!
Here some things Ray says when he watches futbol:
"That's orgasmic!"
"We stabbed 'em right in the heart and it was beautiful!"
"He needs to be on his tippy-toes, like a midget at a urinal."
For more see video:

So this is why Ray Hudson is Burritos Hero!
If you no like Ray then Burrito will hit you on head with quesadilla!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Over 100 players try out for Miami FC plus game pictures vs Lynn University

Our good friend Victor Palkaninec has taken excellent pictures of the game against Lynn University. You can see them at the Miami FC Fan Blog

Fans were out there supporting the team led by the Miami Ultras

After three 30 minute scrimmages the final score was 4-1 in favor of the Lynn University Fighting Knights. A Notable mention for Scott Gordon scored 3 goals and Alfonso Montagalvan who scored for MiamiFC.
"No one likes to lose, but I think it's important what the coaching staff took away from playing such a strong team like Lynn University," said General Manager Luiz Muzzi. "I think with what we saw today and what we have seen in the previous scrimmages we are moving closer to having our final roster." more at the Miami FC website

Something worth mentioning is that 110 people showed up to try out for the team. I spoke to one hopeful and he mentioned there would be another round of tryouts on Sunday and that they were told only 8 would be selected.

Miami Fans, get out there and support your Miami FC as they start their season on April 18 vs the Cleveland City Stars at Lockhart Stadium!All Pictures by Victor Palkaninec