Friday, April 10, 2009

FIU Stadium to host Miami FC games plus Songs & Chants to learn and love!

"We couldn't be happier to play in the two most appropriate, fan-friendly stadiums in South Florida.'' So said Miami FC President Aaron Davidson in an interview in yesterdays Miami Herald.
Davidson is referring to the fact that Miami FC will be playing at both FIU Stadium and Broward's Lockhart Stadium this year and quite possibly Tropical Park as well.

No matter where you are in South Florida you will be close to the games so come out and support Miami FC. Buy your tickets now: Miami FC

We now know where Miami FC will play their first 3 games. The Blues will be playing the opener against Cleveland on Saturday April 18. Then Miami FC will go to Miami 's FIU Stadium on Friday April 24 versus The Montreal Impact and that Sunday April 26 against Rochester back at Lockhart Stadium.

We need to prepare and practice our songs and chants, we only have 8 days to go! Here are a couple of Songs courtesy of the Miami Ultras.

Blues Go Marchin’ In

Oh when the Blues
Oh when the Blues
Oh when the Blues go marchin in,
I want to be in that number,
Oh when the Blues go marching in....

Vamoos, Miami

Vamoos, Miami
Que esta noche
tenemos que ganar!

Here is the "Miami Ultras Song" in video (words below)

"Miami Ultras Song"

Men have lived
And Men have died
Dreaming of
A team to pride

We toast the sun
We thank our stars
That we have
This team of ours

Good or Bad
They hold our fate
With feet so strong
They devastate
We praise -We pray for the great

(Chorus 3X)
What a fan
Of fans am I
Upper 90 in the net
M-I-A the safest bet

For more songs visit the Miami Ultras song and chant page:


Julio said...

Miami soccer fans lets get excited the Blues are coming to a stadium near you.

Anonymous said...

Vamos Miami FC!