Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Miami FC to play friendly at 7pm this Wednesday at Barry University

According to the Miami FC website, Miami FC will play at Barry University (Located at 11300 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami Shores, FL 33161-6695. ) 7 pm Wednesday April 1, 2009... and no it's not April fools!

"After a strong performance against the Montreal Impact, the core of Miami FC trialists will continue its preseason with two more matches this week. First, the Blues will visit Barry University on Wednesday, April 1st at 7pm. Then they will host the Lynn University Fighting Knights on Saturday at 4pm at Tropical Park."

"Miami FC will be hosting open tryout on Saturday, April 4th at Tropical Park. Participants must sign in by 8am and the tryout will begin a 9am. Players interested in trying out must reserve their spot online at www.miamifc.com and pay a $50 non-refundable try-out fee. Those selected by the Miami FC coaching staff will be invited for a second try-out on Sunday April 5th."

Read the rest at Miami FC

Monday, March 30, 2009

Montreal Impact vs Miami FC pictures and comments...

Miami FC and the Montreal Impact had a scrimmage on Sunday that saw a number of players competing for a place on Miami FC.
Considering Miami FC had only started practicing this past week the team looked good.
One stand out was Miami Fusion veteran Diego Serna who looked sharp and in good form. Word is he is still in talks with Miami FC and we should know this week if he will be part of this years roster.
The game was divided into three 30 minute halves that saw the Impact score 3 times to Miami's 1.
A large number of fans showed up to witness this free event. The next preseason match will take place at Barry University on April 1st, and against Lynn University, April 4th. Other friendlies are still to be confirmed.
For more pictures please go to: Miami FC vs Montreal Impact
All pictures by Victor Palkaninec

In your face America and the World! Miami FC all over TV! By Burrito

After Burrito see Mexico give it to the Ticos. (Los chingamos 2-0!) Burrito decide to see the USA vs El Salvador game and then Burrito almost choke on quesadilla! Everywheres Burrito look he see Traffic Sports and Miami FC!
Burrito think Aaron Davidson, presidente of Miami FC is smartest man since Pancho Villa escape the pinches gringos!
Not only did the signs reach all American fans but all the putos of this world see how chingon Miami FC will be this year!

Check out video and you see the signs! (Try to Ignore JP and John Harkes)

What you vatos think of that?
Answer Burrito damn it! Now the Blues going to win USL and then win CONCACAF Champions and then we take the world!

P.S. Someone please shoot John Harkes por favor! JK!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Miami Ultras website gets revamped!

Our good friends at the Ultras website have undergone an overhaul!
All this in preparation for the new season that is ready to start on April 18th. All Miami fans expect Miami FC to win their first USL-1 Championship!

The main new feature is the comment section. You can comment on any article that is on the site. So keep checking the website for updates. Be sure to check out their store and get your own Ultras Scarf!

Just type in www.miamisoccerfan.com or www.miamiultras.com.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Former Fusion player to Miami FC? Diego Serna

Back in the Miami Fusion days there was one player that was the target of all haters in MLS and all across the Bigsoccer boards. His name is Diego Serna and recently we saw him at Copa Latina and the 24-hour Soccer-A-Thon organized by the Ultras. Serna was the epitome of the player everyone loved to hate. He was fast, good at handling the ball and he had a knack at creating dead ball opportunities. Many said he was a diver and I admit he was. His acting skill put any Hollywood actor to shame. Yes, I dare say Miami FC needs a player that will be the face of the team and who better for that then Diego Serna.
If you think Serna would be a great player for Miami FC then lets do something about it and write to Miami FC:

Here is a little on Diego Serna taken from Wikipedia:
Born October 2, 1973 in Medellín, Colombia. The all-time leading scorer for the now-defunct Miami Fusion of Major League Soccer.

Serna began his career with Deportiva Tulua and Independiente Medellín, before moving to MLS with the expansion Fusion in 1998. He ended up with the team records of 100 games, 52 goals, 36 assists, and 140 points in the regular season, and added a goal and an assist in six playoff games. In 2001, he was named to the MLS Best XI.
Serna played for the NY Metro Stars and later the Revolution. Serna then moved back to Colombia to Atlético Nacional and Independiente Medellín, before returning to MLS in the middle of the 2003 season for a stint with the Los Angeles Galaxy, scoring three goals in ten games.

After spending some time playing in his native Colombia with Once Caldas and Deportes Quindio, Serna returned to MLS with the Colorado Rapids in August 2005. He was released in November after playing only two matches for the Denver based club. He then played for Macará of Ecuador before joining Club Fast in Brazil on June 14, 2007

Although Serna was an excellent goal-scorer in MLS, after the Miami Fusion was disbanded, he never reached his maximum potential in the league, electing to play in a diverse scope of international opportunities, contributing to his advancement as an established veteran.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Calling all Miami Fans! Ultras and Southern Legion, lend me your ears!

Calling all South Florida Soccer fans!

We need to unite and get behind our Team Miami FC! The Blues need our help! I'm calling out all The Ultras and the newly formed Southern Legion to come together and cooperate and show MLS what they missed out on!

Our goal is to start off this season on the right foot, lets get a meeting with Miami FC going to ensure we can get flags and instruments into the games. Does anyone play instruments? Do you have access or know students or volunteers who are willing to start a marching band for Miami FC? (Kind of like the Seattle Sounders have...)

We need to look like this:

Ultimately we need to grow into one solid mass of fans that will rally this soccer lazy community. Lets look like this one day:

Lets start this Sunday, March 29th at the Holiday Inn Sunrise 3003 North University Drive - Sunrise, FL.

Lets do it! Vamos Miami FC!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Miami FC vs Montreal Impact this Sunday 5pm and pictures of the Ultras celebration at the Bierhaus!

Miami FC has confirmed three friendly matches. The first is against the Montreal Impact on Sunday, March 29th at the Holiday Inn Sunrise 3003 North University Drive - Sunrise, FL. Then against Barry University on April 1st, and against Lynn University, April 4th. Other friendlies are still to be confirmed.

All Miami Fans need to come out and see the Blues as they get ready for the season that begins April 18!

Yes folks, our very own Miami FC is here to stay and we celebrated last Friday March 20 at Fritz and Franz Bierhaus! Check out the pictures!
(Pictures Courtesy of Pieter Brown of the Ultras)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Miami fans are stupid! WMC and otras cosas by Burrito!

Why are Miami Futbol fans estupidos?
People prefer to go to dumb events and this get on Burritos nerves! Porque you ax? Because it is that time of year for WMC (Winter Music Festival.All these vatos come from all over the U.S. and the world to listen to electronic musics and don't get Burrito wrong, some of the mamacitas that come are hotter then tamales con chile! Pero it becomes like hells on the streets and Burrito no like that!

So you vatos need a reason to hate WMC? check out this "Breaking-news-update" from Local Motion Miami :
1.- I refuse to pay 30 dollars to get into a club. To be fair, though, I've read there are about 2 free events out of 300..."
To read more reasons check out
Local Motion Miami and see why WMC sucks bolitas!

Instead of hitting that pinche WMC, Miami Soccer fans need to go see Miami FC play the Montreal Impact this Sunday at 5 pm in Sunrise.

But lets continue on why Miami Soccer fans are idiotas shall we? Burritos Carnal
Brian Corey write a great piece on the Ultras site called "The Top Ten Stupid Things People do in Miami Instead of Going to Miami FC Games". Burrito think Brian is genious in bottle! He write:

Reason #10 (People) "
Go to Madonna Concerts. That goes for Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson and Justin Timberlake to. They’re not even actually singing on stage, you’re essentially paying $300 dollars to watch them walk back-and-forth for three hours."
Reason # 9 (People) "Go to a Dolphins game. No offense to the playoff-cursed team but the last time they won anything was 40-years ago."
To read more go to the Miami Ultras site

So Miami Soccer fans don't be so estupidos support your Miami FC and Burrito give you a quesadilla, ok?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Miami FC fans are making a Second Fan Club "The Southern Legion"

The continuation of Miami FC in USL and in Southern Florida has brought on some new excitement to a Soccer town full of fans with lack of interest for Soccer that is not from their own countries.
Most people have heard of the Miami Ultras, Miami FC's official support group. But, out of the shadows of the failed MLS Miami Barcelona bid comes a group of young soccer fans that want to make a difference.

I spoke to Sean Gibb president of the new group who was brought up to love Soccer by his father. Sean is a fan of Deportivo Cali, a Colombian soccer team. Sean try's play Soccer whenever he can with friends.

I asked Sean a few questions:

Uncle Ed: What is the groups name?
Sean Gibb: "The groups name is Southern Legion (Legion del Sur in Spanish)."

UE: How did the idea get started?
SG: A friend, Luis Rodriguez, and I came up with the idea of starting a hardcore fanatics supporters group, like the one's you would see in Colombia. So we created the Facebook page to start getting some members.

UE: What is your target crowd and how many members are in your group so far?
SG: We are trying to target the younger crowd, to bring some energy to the stadium. Anyone is welcome to join, but we are mostly targeting the Hispanics of Miami. We currently have over 90 members in our Facebook group.

UE: Have you had any contact with Miami FC?
SG: We have not had any contact with Miami FC yet since we are only about 1-2 months old.

UE: Have you thought of being part of the Ultras?
SG: We have been in contact with the Ultras and look forward to working with them in the future. But in regards to being part of the Ultras, I don't think that would happen since we are trying to create a different type of group with a different vibe. Plus, maybe a little friendly competition between groups will help bring more people to the stands! hahaha. Although they do have a slight advantage since they have been around for a while.
UE: I want to thank Sean for his time and wish him the best of luck.
If you would like to be part of this group contact the Southern Legion on Facebook
or email: Southern_Legion@hotmail.com

Miami FC to play against USL rival Montreal Impact this Sunday

Only days after announcing they will continue to play in USL; Miami FC is working on getting a competitive team together for the season that begins April 18 vs Cleveland.

No site has been announced yet but it's believed the game will be played at Lockhart Stadium, though the Miami Herald reports there is a schedule conflict that day. To add to Miami FC's dilemma; FIU Stadium is also booked the following day on April 19 for an exhibition with former soccer stars playing for charity. It is also known that FIU is not interested in having Miami FC play at their stadium this year. If you want Miami FC to play at FIU stadium please write to Pete Garcia at: pgarcia@fiu.edu

According to the Montreal Impact site: The Impact will play this Sunday, March 29 at 5 pm against their USL First Division rivals Miami FC at the Sunrise Soccer complex.

I hope to see all South Florida fans out there cheering their team on!
Vamos Miami FC!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Help Bring Miami FC to FIU Stadium!

I'd like to echo the plea made by the Ultras site concerning the new possible stadium for Miami FC.
Miami FC is going to have some games played up in Lockhart Stadium (Broward County) and though I have no objections to this move I do believe the team should play most of the games in the Miami area.

From what we know Miami FC was close to signing a deal to play at FIU’s stadium until the now failed MLS Barcelona Miami bid stepped in and ruined that chance. Now it seems FIU doesn't want Miami FC to play in their stadium...
This move really doesn't make sense as FIU would benefit in many ways, let me explain.
Miami FC is owned by Traffic Sports, organizers of Copa America, Libertadores, among other tournaments. Traffic organizes many sports events in Miami and this means they will need a stadium for these games, which means more money will be going into the University who as it stands will have an empty stadium otherwise.

We need to knock some sense into FIU officials, let them know how we feel. We want Miami FC in FIU Stadium!

Email Pete Garcia at: pgarcia@fiu.edu

Friday, March 20, 2009

Miami FC is alive and well! Come Celebrate with the Ultras tonight

Yes folks, our very own Miami FC is here to stay! So come out Today Friday,March 20 at 8:00 pm to Fritz and Franz Bierhaus 60 Merrick Way Coral Gables, FL 33134 (305) 774-1883

The Ultras are having a celebration party! Meet Soccer fans from all over South Florida.

I'll be there for sure with a rag tag group of alcoholics, perverts and soccer crazy hooligans!

Vamos Miami FC!!!!!!

Talk about pervs check this video out!

Paleontologists Discover Skeleton Of Nature’s First Sexual Predator

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A look at Miami FC's possible Stadiums

Now That Miami FC is here to stay we take a look at the Stadiums that might possibly host games in South Florida.

Lets start off with the smallest of the venues:

Ted Hendricks Stadium
Located at:
4700 Palm Avenue
Hialeah, Florida 33012

Ted Hendricks Stadium, located in the heart of Hialeah, plays host to over 20 high school Football games, the Copa Latina Soccer Tournament, as well as, numerous special events throughout the year. Capacity: 5,221

The largest of the stadiums:

Located at:
11200 SW 8th Street
Miami FL, 33199
University Park Campus
Total Seats: 20,000
Club Seats: 1,400
Suites: 20
Stadium Club: 6,000 Square Feet, Air Conditioned, Nine 52 inch Televisions, Accessible to Suite and Club Seat Holders
Field: Field Turf

Current location:

Tropical Park Stadium
7900 SW 40th Street
Miami, FL 33155

Seating Capacity: 7,000

Field: 100 x 68 meters. Field is covered by Bermuda grass.
FREE Parking: Plenty of convenient self-parking right next to Tropical Park Stadium.
Features: Tropical Park Stadium is part of the Miami-Dade Parks & Recreation and is conveniently located off the Palmetto Expressway (826), Bird Road Exit.
The multi-purpose stadium features an athletics track, and a grass field used for soccer, American football, rugby, and other various sports. Tropical Park hosted matches during the 2006 CONCACAF Women's Gold Cup

My Favorite and one time home for the Miami Fusion:

Lockhart Stadium

Capacity 18,500-seat facility located at 1350 NW 55 Street in north Ft. Lauderdale , Florida . This location, just west of I-95 and east of the Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport places the stadium in the heart of the vibrant South Florida community. Approximately 250,000 people visit the stadium annually to view and participate in a wide range of activities.

Lockhart Stadium, with its intimate seating arrangement brings the fans close to all the action, and has been rated as one of the top ten venues in the United States in which to view soccer. The national teams from such countries as Brazil, Denmark, China, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, and Guatemala, as well as Team USA have played international matches in our stadium to rave reviews. The stadium is also used to showcase premier high and middle school sporting events including: the boys and girls State High School Soccer Championships, Broward County's All-star Football game, high school boy's and girl's All-star Soccer Games and the county's middle school soccer championships. The stadium also plays host to Florida Atlantic University's home football games.

The stadium is also frequently used for various non-athletic events including Easter Sunrise Services and commercial photographic and televising shoots.

So which is your favorite?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Miami FC will play another season!

According to the Miami Herald South Florida fans can rejoice as Brazil-based owners of the team, Traffic Sports, will announce today that they have decided to continue playing in USL. A source indicated that the three-year-old club had enough support to stay afloat. Traffic president Julio Mariz was satisfied with the response and has decided to play the 2009 season as scheduled.

The Stadium where Miami FC will play has still not been decided but Lockhart Stadium in Fort Lauderdale might host some games. Other stadiums like FIU, Tropical Park and Ted Hendricks Stadium are other options.

In any case, Miami Fans need to support, follow and bleed "Blue" this year if they want this team to succeed and hopefully one day be part of Major League Soccer.

For those Soccer snobs out there that look down upon USL as a second rate league, read today's paper. There is a "little" team from Puerto Rico that plays in USL that just beat Mexican First Division Team Cruz Azul 2-0 and is one step from the CONCACAF Champions Final! The Islanders and the Montreal Impact went farther then any MLS team this year and clearly demonstrates the competitive level of play in USL.

I don't know about you guys but my happy Miami Soccer fan ass will be at every game this season! Just look for a loud bald guy wearing Blue, holding a scarf in one hand and a beer in the other amongst the Ultras.
Join me! Join the Ultras.

Buy season tickets!
Go to http://www.miamifc.com

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Soccer Legends Invade Miami! Will play at FIU stadium for charity

An exhibition match with many Soccer Stars from the past will be put together by Minority Soccer Development, a non-profit group dedicated to improving the lives of at-risk youth in minority communities through soccer.

The money raised from the event will fund free three-week summer camps in the area. FIU will dedicate a portion of the proceeds to support some of the school's student programs that were eliminated recently by budget cuts.

Players confirmed so far are:

Former Chicago Fire Hristo Stoitchkov, Luis Garcia, Faustino Asprilla, Luis Carlos Perea, Sergio Almaguer, Careca, Fernando Clavijo, Marcelo Balboa, Former Miami Fusion player Carlos Valderrama, Giovanni Savarese, Mauricio Cienfuegos, Manuel Sol, Former LA Galaxy Jorge Campos and Luis Hernández, Felix Fernandez, Panamanian Jorge Dely Valdes, Mauricio Serna, Ivan Zamorano.

The match is set to kick off at 2 p.m on April 19 2009. (corrected thanks to anonymous)

For more information, visit MinoritySoccerDev.org.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Miami Fans need to wake up and smell the coffee, it's a fools paradise...

Miami Fans, wake up and smell the coffee, it's a fools paradise they’re just leading you down the primrose path... Who remembers that quote out of Ferris Beuller? Miami Soccer fans remind me of when Ben Stein’s character, the boring teacher, was taking roll in the classroom... Beuller? Beuller? --Silence---

One example of Miami's apathy is Fridays interview of MLS Commissioner Don Garber on the The New York Times Blog.
NYTB asked:"You had questions concerning the level of potential fan support in Miami. Does the success in Seattle and Toronto create unrealistic expectations about the interest new teams can realistically hope to receive?
Garber: "In this environment, to go into a new market that hadn’t really shown the same energy that we’re seeing in Vancouver and Portland, for example, wasn’t worth the risk. I think I got one e-mail from a fan after we announced we weren’t going forward in Miami. One e-mail! I’m not saying we won’t look at Miami at some point in the future, but when you have to narrow it down to two cities, you go with the ones you think will be most successful."

----One email folks----
Granted, most fans like me wrote their emails to Marcelo Claure and Barcelona since they are the ones that were going to give us the team but Garber basically called us out! We've been served Miami Fans!
So do me a favor and bombard Don Garber with emails and tell him how you feel about what they did to the Miami Fusion. Tell them how you feel about being teased with the whole Barcelona Miami drama.

What will it take to get this city back on the MLS Soccer map again?
Miami Ultra Eric Corey wrote a piece over at the Ultras site http://www.miamisoccerfan.com/Soccer/Home.html Called "All Miami needs is a few more Hooligans"
Here is an excerpt:
"Miami sports fans are a very fickle and an unpredictable crowd. One thing that will always get their attention is controversy in the news. In England approximately 35 years ago, English soccer was on the brink of closing multiple clubs due to low fan base and low-ticket sales. It took a rag tag group of true football fans to gain attention and awareness of this dilemma. They had unorthodox methods of accomplishing this goal regardless they did accomplish their goal even if it was not their intention." (Click here to read the rest)
We don't need to resort to Hooligan ways but we do need to show the support these other cities have shown. How can it be that The Copa Latina, a group of mercenaries and amateurs that play in Hialeah every year attracts thousands of fans? International Soccer matches attract thousands too. Yet our own Miami FC only averaged 2,000 a game? We need to change this folks!
This taken from the Ultra's Site:
Do you want to save Miami FC? Then write emails to MFC President Aaron Davidson and tell him how you feel. Aaron wants to hear from you, he wants to share these letters with his boss at Traffic headquarters. Everybody involved with Miami FC wants to save this team, but they need a loud voice from us. Email Aaron Davidson at: adavidson@trafficsports.com
Buy season tickets go to: http://www.miamifc.com/

Thursday, March 12, 2009

MLS is Evil! A conspiracy against Miami by Burrito, with Video

MLS is ready to start its new season and will soon announce the name of the 2 new teams that will play in the league in 2011 (Probably Portland and Vancouver, whoopee for those putos!).
Burrito can't be happy for them, Burrito is mad! It should have been Miami, pero nos chingaron 'estilo perrito' once again!
Burrito hate MLS! Burrito yells it to the 4 winds!
Why? Here is why... click over highlighted thingies if you no understand Spanglish:

Uno - In 1998, Burrito, (who at time lived in Homestead, Florida) was happy to hear MLS was coming to South Florida. But Burrito think team was going to be in Orange Bowl. Pero they instead put team up in Broward! 50 miles from where Burrito live! Ay Chihuahua! At least we have a team!

Dos - (that mean numbers 2 for you no Espanish espeakers) Burrito take bus and train up to Lockhart Stadium! It take sometimes 2 hours cause Burrito no have moneys to buy car. Burrito used to sneak in to stadium, where a quesadilla with extra queso for the security man was good enough for admission, no problema!

Tree - Burrito do everything for Fusion, like yelling and fighting with opposing fans over which hair products Valderrama used to use and singing with Afusionados until Burrito lose voice but one day Ray Hudson even get mad at Burrito for yelling at player who make wrong pass, Burrito think Ray was going to come up to stand and fight him! ( Pero, Burrito think he can take Ray, mano a mano!)

Cat - (that how you say 4 in French! Meow!)

Sorry, Burrito take break to go eat Taco de ojo! Si, Taco of eye! Okay, where was Burrito? Oh yeah!

V - In 2001 after Miami have best season ever, winning Supporters Shield for best record in MLS, MVP in Alex Pineda Chacon and having attendance go up 50%... MLS decide to close team because stupid owner no have enough money!

That day was the worst feeling in Burrito's history! Los Pinches Putos nos chingaron! All Burrito have was the Miami Fusion! If it wasn't for the Mexican League and mami back in Toluca, Mexico Burrito would have died carnales!

Then 2009 came, almost 8 years later, an eternity for a futbol fan, MLS with Barcelona 'make up this story' they wanted MLS team in Miami. This was only conspiracy by MLS to hurt Miami fans feelings, almost like going to Taco Bell and some puto tell you "is on me ese, no worries, order what you want" and then you say que rico! Gimme #4 (the pinche Stuffed Grilled Burrito con steak!) and then when it's time to get it the homeboy (MLS) say "Sorry you no gonna get it!". What the F@c% MLS!

Will Miami ever have an MLS team? Burrito don't know. But if one day Burrito win Lottery Burrito use all money for team!

So it's like Burritos Mami say: "Orale Burrito, en estos dias dificiles de crisis economica tienes que pensar que todo va a estar bien, aver, come mijito, come tu taquito con carnitas y no te olvides de ponerle chile!" Translation: "Everything gonna be alright"

Now Burrito leave you with video that make him feel better, you watch or Burrito hit you on head with quesadilla!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

FIU stadium to host Gold Cup matches July 10

The CONCACAF website has confirmed the Gold Cup will be played in a record 13 different U.S. cities and Miami's FIU stadium will be hosting a double header July 10, 2009.

Qualified countries are: Canada, Mexico and the United States from the North Zone; Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua from Central America; and Jamaica, Grenada, Guadeloupe and Haiti from the Caribbean. The schedule will be announced at a later time.

This is good news for Miami's FIU stadium which was set to host an MLS team in 2010 but the withdrawal of the bid by Barcelona and business man Marcelo Claure put a damper into those plans. Further trouble remains on the soccer front as USL side Miami FC are also said to be threatening to leave the scene. Miami Fans hope this is only a bad dream. It's reassuring to know International soccer will still come to this city

Monday, March 9, 2009

Miami FC to decide if they play 2009 season this week, plus Miami Ultra's Soccer-A-Thon pictures

This morning I woke up sore, sun burnt and dehydrated. All these are the consequences of participating in a 24 hour Soccer-A-Thon organized by the Miami Ultras in their quest to save Miami FC . I didn't play all 24-hours, maybe I played six, but I've got to give credit to Pieter Brown and Julio Caballero for sticking it out and organizing this event, not to mention the rest of the Miami Ultras and fans that showed up.

For those that didn't attend you missed out playing with Miami FC staff, including Brazilian Captain and World Cup Champion in 1994 Zinho, current Miami FC coach who even though suffering from an injury scored at least 3 goals and set up numerous others. Another notable attendee was one time Miami Fusion player Diego Serna who spoke to Miami FC staff (We hope to see him sign on for the team!)

Miami FC staff present stated that sometime this week we should know if the "Blues" will play this season. Traffic Sports, owners of the club had set a 5,000 season ticket goal for the Miami FC staff and are working diligently to get to those numbers.

Miami fans, we urge you to go to the Miami FC site and purchase your season tickets to ensure Miami has professional Soccer in the years to come.

Please visit these other sites for further information:

Miami Herald with Video
Miami FC
Miami Ultras
For more pictures of the event go to:
MiamiFC2 ... and click on my ugly mug!
All pictures provided by Victor Palkaninec

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Video: MLS Ultras, dedicated to Fans of Major League Soccer

Our Good Friend Jose from MLS en Espanol has started a new project called "MLS Ultras" a program out of Chicago dedicated to Fans of Major League Soccer.

MLS Ultras has many sections like Around the League, Sound Off, MLS en Español, among others .

If you have any suggestions send them to MLSULTRAS@GMAIL.COM

Check out their first episode:

MLS Ultras Ep. 1 - Around the League from MLS Ultras on Vimeo.

This is the one in Spanish they speak about the failed Barcelona Miami bid:

MLS Ultras - MLS en Espanol from MLS Ultras on Vimeo.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Miami Soccer Fans! Help Miami FC and Support the 24 Hour Soccer-a-Thon this Saturday at 6 pm.

A letter from Pieter Brown to all Miami Soccer Fans!


Our time is running out to save pro soccer in Miami. It is a very real possibility we will not have a local pro soccer team to cheer for. If you do not act now, it will soon be too late.

Miami FC is doing everything they can to save this team. What are you doing?

If you have not already bought your season tickets, do it now. Even if you cannot make every game this season you should still buy them. Think of it as an investment in soccer’s future in this area. Tampa Bay Rowdies are coming into the league next year and maybe Orlando will follow soon after. We will have a great in state rivalry that will make the games more exciting. Let’s be a part of USL’s future.

This weekend will be your last chance to save this team at the 24 Hour Soccer-a-Thon. Kickoff will be at 6 pm Saturday, March 7th finishing at 6 pm Sunday. It will be a fun and exciting event. Don’t miss it. Even if you can’t make the whole 24 hours, you can still be a part of it.

Location: Monsignor Pace High School
15600 NW 32nd Avenue, Miami Gardens, FL 33054; Phone (305) 623-PACE (7223)

Time: Saturday, March 7 at 6 pm thru Sunday March 8 finishing at 6 pm.

Pieter Brown
Go to www.miamisoccerfan.com

Thursday, March 5, 2009

USL better then MLS? USL 2 MLS 0

USL, the 2nd Division of U.S. Soccer basically has made MLS their bitch!
First the Puerto Rico Islanders came back from a goal down to defeat Honduras side Marathon 2-1 in the first-leg of their CONCACAF Champions League quarter-final. The Islanders then took the game in Honduras defeating CD Marathon, 1-0 and will now meet Cruz Azul.
Tonight The Montreal Impact fought valiantly succumbing to Santos Laguna of Torreon Mexico losing 5-2 and that was enough for Santos to advance on aggregate after losing to Montreal by 2-0. Santos will now meet Atlante.

So it's USL (or should I say the Islanders) vs The Mexican League.
No MLS team in sight as our so called 1st Division is being out done by USL.
Tsk, tsk

Miami Fans, USL ain't that bad now is it? Support your Miami FC and go to the Soccer-A-Thon this Saturday and Sunday click on the links for more info and Join the Ultras !

Ex Soccer Player makes Naughty Movies! by Burrito

Burrito still sad that Miami lose Barcelona MLS bid and dont no what to write about cause everythings that have to do with MLS makes Burrito sad.
Then Burrito do only thing that make him happy! Burrito look up more futbol related porns! Yeeeehaaaa!
Todays story comes from Germanys and this mamacitas name is Eva Roob! She played for FC Nuremberg in Womens Bundesliga 2. But now this guera makes naughty movies under the name Samira Summers! Chingada Madre!

You can see more of her here: Bild

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Miami Soccer Fans! Step up and support Miami FC

With the end of the Barcelona Miami bid for an MLS team our city is down to it's one and only hope for professional soccer in USL side Miami FC Blues. We ask all Soccer fans to help us in our efforts to save our only professional Soccer team!
The Miami Ultras fan club and Miami FC are organizing a 24 Hour Soccer-a-thon!

The following has been taken from the Miami Ultra's site:
"We are organizing an amazing event to help Miami FC, the
24 Hour Soccer-a-Thon. Miami FC and the Miami Ultras are coming together to save pro soccer in Miami. We will bring massive amounts of exposure to Miami FC and pro soccer in general. This event promises to be historical.
We will be playing soccer for 24 hours straight and you need to be a part of this.
We will have Ultras, Miami FC pro and youth players, celebrities, journalists and much more. We plan on having an auction of signed memorabilia as well. Everybody will have an opportunity to buy Miami FC 2009 season tickets at the event if you have not done so already

Location: Monsignor Pace High School
15600 NW 32nd Avenue,
Miami Gardens, FL 33054
Phone (305) 623-PACE (7223)

Time: Saturday, March 7 at 6 pm thru Sunday March 8 finishing at 6 pm.

Please forward this information to your friends.
We hope to see everyone there!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Barcelona Miami Not awarded MLS Franchise... Miami needs to save Miami FC

Major League Soccer will not award Miami according to Major League Soccer...

"I want to thank both FC Barcelona and Marcelo Claure for the tremendous effort to bring an MLS expansion team to Miami," said MLS Commissioner Don Garber. "FC Barcelona is one of the best managed and strategically operated sporting clubs in any sport in the World and I appreciate the opportunity that we have had to work with them and Marcelo Claure over the last few months."

Sad day for Miami Fans. MLS had it in their court but they want mediocre markets and cities willing to pay the $40 Million.
Good luck to the other cities.
I hope Portland gets it!

MLS has the ball in their court, Miami and Montreal would be in if deals are worked out

Greetings Miami Fans! As it is well known at this stage Barca is still negotiating with MLS and the League wants Barcelona in no matter what!
Apparently my source tells me it will be Montreal and Miami entering the league by March 19th and since MLS is trying to make a deal with Montreal, Barca wants the same treatment!
The report on the Bolivian paper El Deber says the truth, it's 50/50 because it all depends on MLS, but the way it's looking MLS really wants Montreal because the rivalry with Toronto would be huge and if anyone saw the Montreal vs Santos Laguna game the other night the Impact can pack the house! The entrance of Montreal secures a larger piece of the Canadian market, there is no doubt this team will be profitable and MLS knows it.
The other team would be Barcelona. Why? Because of the name, the tradition and because all the other teams in MLS want this to happen. Of all the remaining candidate cities Miami makes the most sense.
More as this story develops...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Calling all Miami Soccer Fans! Miami FC needs your help!

In an effort to save our only professional Soccer team the Miami Ultras fan club and Miami FC are organizing a 24 Hour Soccer-a-thon!

Taken from the Miami Ultra's site: "We are organizing an amazing event to help Miami FC, the 24 Hour Soccer-a-Thon. Miami FC and the Miami Ultras are coming together to save pro soccer in Miami. We will bring massive amounts of exposure to Miami FC and pro soccer in general. This event promises to be historical. We will be playing soccer for 24 hours straight and you need to be a part of this.

We will have Ultras, Miami FC pro and youth players, celebrities, journalists and much more. We plan on having an auction of signed memorabilia as well. Everybody will have an opportunity to buy Miami FC 2009 season tickets at the event if you have not done so already.

Save this date on your calendar, March 7. Time and location is still being worked out. We need a lot of players so we can rotate in and out so that we don’t kill ourselves. Come as a player or come as a fan. Just be there!

Once in awhile something comes along that you wish you had been a part of. This is that time! Don’t miss this great chance to show the world that Miami is the place for soccer. Where the fan cares about his or her local club. Don’t be that person that says “I wish I could have done something to Save Pro Soccer in Miami”. You can save soccer and as Ultras it’s our duty."