Saturday, March 28, 2009

Former Fusion player to Miami FC? Diego Serna

Back in the Miami Fusion days there was one player that was the target of all haters in MLS and all across the Bigsoccer boards. His name is Diego Serna and recently we saw him at Copa Latina and the 24-hour Soccer-A-Thon organized by the Ultras. Serna was the epitome of the player everyone loved to hate. He was fast, good at handling the ball and he had a knack at creating dead ball opportunities. Many said he was a diver and I admit he was. His acting skill put any Hollywood actor to shame. Yes, I dare say Miami FC needs a player that will be the face of the team and who better for that then Diego Serna.
If you think Serna would be a great player for Miami FC then lets do something about it and write to Miami FC:

Here is a little on Diego Serna taken from Wikipedia:
Born October 2, 1973 in Medellín, Colombia. The all-time leading scorer for the now-defunct Miami Fusion of Major League Soccer.

Serna began his career with Deportiva Tulua and Independiente Medellín, before moving to MLS with the expansion Fusion in 1998. He ended up with the team records of 100 games, 52 goals, 36 assists, and 140 points in the regular season, and added a goal and an assist in six playoff games. In 2001, he was named to the MLS Best XI.
Serna played for the NY Metro Stars and later the Revolution. Serna then moved back to Colombia to Atlético Nacional and Independiente Medellín, before returning to MLS in the middle of the 2003 season for a stint with the Los Angeles Galaxy, scoring three goals in ten games.

After spending some time playing in his native Colombia with Once Caldas and Deportes Quindio, Serna returned to MLS with the Colorado Rapids in August 2005. He was released in November after playing only two matches for the Denver based club. He then played for Macará of Ecuador before joining Club Fast in Brazil on June 14, 2007

Although Serna was an excellent goal-scorer in MLS, after the Miami Fusion was disbanded, he never reached his maximum potential in the league, electing to play in a diverse scope of international opportunities, contributing to his advancement as an established veteran.


Anonymous said...

I love to see in in a MFC uniform.


I loved Serna! He was the best striker in MLS in 2001 in my opinion. Then he went and played for the Galaxy and he looked out of place and lost. I would assume he would score several goals for Miami FC. So did you talk to him at the 24 hour event? What's he doing now?

Uncle Ed said...

I along with the Ultras spoke to Diego Serna on Sunday after the game and he wants to play for the team.

We hope for the sake of the team that they come to an agreement. The Ultras want him playing for the Blues.