Thursday, January 29, 2009

It looks like Miami will have MLS in 2010!

As I wrote on the Orlando Sentinel's; the Other Football . According to, Barcelona has a pre-contract in their possession awarding them the Miami Franchise! The contract was sent from the U.S. and is now being revised by their legal department. It states that by February 15 an official announcement will be made and the contract states the team will begin in 2010. El mundo deportivo states their source is 'Els millors anys de la nostra vida' of Catalunya Radio.
The article goes on to say that the project was made with Bolivian Marcelo Claure, etc, etc. things we already know.
So it seems we have one of the MLS expansion teams! I'm sure we will hear more on this in the days to come.
I wonder who will be the other team that will enter the league in 2011?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Barcelona Presidente Joan Laporta wants to Retire and then run MLS team in Miami!

Hola Miami and the worlds! Burrito wake up today and drink cafecito con huevos rancheros and read report today about Barcelona Presidente Joan Laporta i Estruch (Si, it's true, thats his name! His picture to the derecha). He is the vato who brings MLS futbol to Miami again so Burrito love him very much and Boliviano Marcelo Claure too! One day Burrito invite these home boys to some quesadillas con chile!
So el Senor Laporta have only one years left on his presidency with Barcelona. The vato is gonna be without a good chamba (work) so once his time is up he says he will come to Miami and be incharge of the Miami team himself!!! Mister Laporta has made a powerful team in Barcelona and he bring that winning experience and feeling to Miami. Burrito very excited about Barcelona Miami!
So Burrito want to say a few things... If Barcelona Miami is not going to happen then why would Barcelona make agreement with MLS and why would they tour the USA? Why would Barcelona sign agreement with FIU to use stadium? Burrito think MLS has already made agreement with Barcelona to award them the pinche Miami team but MLS being sneeky to not hurt other cities feelings. Every time a report comes out Barcelona acts like this is a done deal so Burrito think they know this thing is en la bolsa! (In the bag!) Ahuevo!
So what do you vatos think?
P.S. Everyone need to join the Ultras! Go here to join and Burrito send you 2 free quesadillas!
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MLS: Luis Miguel Escalada to Real Salt Lake? With Video of his goals!

Jason Kreis, Real Salt Lake coach was spotted in Quito, Ecuador yesterday observing Argentine Striker Luis Miguel Escalada. This according to Ecuavisa International TV show Tiro Libre. A product of Boca Juniors lower divisions, "El Toro" (the bull) has a colorful trajectory considering he is only 23. Escalada was loaned to Ecuadorean club Emelec by Boca Juniors in 2006. With Emelec, he made 40 appearances and scored 29 goals to become the goal scoring leader that year. This was enough for Liga of Quito to purchase his rights from Boca for $1.1M

With Liga in 2007 Escalada appeared in 38 games scoring 16 times as Liga became Ecuadorean Champions and would go on the next year to become Champions of South America. But Escalada would not take part of that championship as he was loaned out to Brazilian Botafogo. He only appeared in 2 games and was later loaned out to Gimnasia de Jujuy of his native Argentina playing in 11 games and scoring twice.

Luis Miguel was in Quito training with Liga in search of a spot on the team but it looks like he is not in the plans of the new coach. Other teams said to be interested are Argentina's Newell's Old Boys and Manta SC of Ecuador but Luis Miguel has stated his desire of moving to the MLS.

Here is a vid of some of his goals:

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Miami Soccer Fans will have to keep waiting...

It looks like Miami will have to wait a little longer until MLS awards this city a team. According to Eufootbalbiz . MLS Senior Vice-President Dan Courtemance confirmed that plans are moving ahead as expected in Philadelphia, bringing the reality of a 16th franchise even closer. The MLS will expand by an additional two teams for the 2011 season. The cities waiting, Vancouver, Ottawa, Miami, St. Louis and Portland, will need to wait until mid March.

Why the delay? Unexpected setbacks. Turns out MLS Commissioner Don Garber has visited all bidding cities except Ottawa and plans to complete the trip by the end of January.

Already two cities have withdrawn. Originally strong candidate Montreal retracted its bid last November and recenlty it was Atlanta that bit the dust.

The one thing that we can rest assured about is that everyone is sure MLS will award one of the teams to Miami. Barcelona Miami is ready to start in 2010 and I can't wait!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Atlanta Out! St Louis weak? Philly behind schedule = Barcelona Miami 2010

The list of potential MLS teams has been reduced today. Atlanta's bid according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution was withdrawn by Arthur Blank Atlanta Falcons owner and the lead investor who pulled out of the running for an MLS team in 2011 due to the harsh economic times. Blank however, has not ruled out the possibility of biding for a space for 2013.

This withdrawl is the second after Montreal pulled out recently. Montreal was widely considered one of the favorites.
If we add the recent reports of St Louis falling short of expectations, then thing would get interesting. But, if having the Draft in St Louis is any indication then we can't really count them out just yet as reported on the St Louis Dispatch.

Unfortunetly for Florida the recent news of an Orlando MLS team this week turned out to be a bust. Orlando will have a team, but in the USL (U.S. 2nd Division).

So whats the picture now? 5 teams remain St Louis, Miami, Portland, Ottawa and Vancouver.

It's difficult to predict which teams will finally be picked. If we go by which cities deserve to be in I'd say St Louis and Portland. But if we look at the best investors It would be Vancouver and Miami. I think Ottawa has future potential and their bid was thought to have been the best presentation by MLS officials. But, in the big picture they have a remote chance of making it.

My heart is with Miami, as a disgruntled Miami Fusion fan who saw MLS give up on us due to a weak investor. But aside from my being biased, I think Miami is in because they have the most to give then all the other candidates and because they are ready to start in 2010. With the possibility of Philadelphia not being ready on time, this is another plus for Miami. Philly could wait another year and the problem is solved.

Who else would go? Portland and St Louis need the stadium if not they would be in and though Vancouver is in the same situation they have the money and a potential cross border rivalry with Seattle that would make this move work.

MLS in my opinion should announce Miami and Vancouver as 2011 candidates and St Louis and Portland for 2013.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Miami Fusion is one of the 10 Best MLS teams by Burrito

Miami Fusion is one of the best Teams that Major League Soccer has ever had! Burrito say so! Soccerticketsonline writes on their site that they will go over the 10 best teams in MLS history in the next days and Burrito think these vatos better put something about the Miami Fusion or Burrito hurt them with quesadillas!
It has been many years since MLS killed Burrito with ending a team that could half been champions in 2001! Burrito used to take bus from Homestead to Lockhart Stadium every time there was a game and yell for his team with the Afusionados! All Afusionados remembers Burrito for taking quesadillas for all! They were muy ricos!
Why is Miami Fusion one of the best teams in MLS History? The last year Miami Fusion have the best coach ever! Ray Hudson! Fusion had players like Pablo Mastroeni , Diego Serna who everyone hate because he was a good actor! We half Alex Pineda Chacon a guerrero on the field, Tyrone Marshall, Ian Bishop and many more who played their hearts out for it's fans!
So if these pinches vatos don't says something about MIami Fusion then Burrito will hurt with quesadillas these people!
But now Burrito happy because Miami is going to have a new team! But if MLS don't give Miami new Team then Burrito will go on hunger strike! No more Mexican food hunger strike! ... an you no that will kill Burrito! Viva Barcelona Miami! Viva Mexico! Viva Miami! Viva los chingados Ultras! Viva las Quesadillas!


Disclaimer: Football-Soccer in Miami and Beyond is not to be held accountable nor responsible for any claims, comments, misspelled insults, bad grammar, nor anything written by Burrito. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
Warning: Frequent reading of subjects brought up by Burrito may cause diarrhea, erectile malfunctions or depression. Children please ask your parents for permission before reading.
May the force be with you...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Barcelona Miami hints Henry or Puyol will be marquee player

Things are looking positive as the days go by for Miami's hopes for an MLS team.
In an Article printed for Diario de Las Americas Marcelo Claure, owner of Brightstar Communications and Bolivian Soccer club Bolivar, stated that with Barcelona's help he intends to bring a quality team to Miami and Major League Soccer. Claure said: "History has taught us that when the Marlins, the Heat and the Dolphins exhibit results the fans respond. This is our philosophy, to offer a show that will captivate the heart of the community and fill the stadium". Marcelo went on to add that he has never been one to conform himself with mediocrity and has pledged to develop an aggressive program that will put the best 11 players on the field. Claure, in association with Barcelona are looking forward to starting the team in 2010. "In reality our passion does not permit us from waiting any longer then 2010, The 14 owners of the other teams are enthusiastic about us joining and we have everything ready".
The agreement with Florida International University begins next year and confidence is high that the 21,000 seat stadium will be enough to satisfy the initial demand the team will bring.

As far as who the marquee players might be Claure added, "We don't want to raise false expectations, as of this moment we can't bring Lionel Messi nor Samuel Eto, but we can say that Carles Puyol or Thierry Henry could be the marquee player".

Barcelona would also have a major part concerning the direction of the team and Claure went on to say that current Barcelona FC coach Joseph Guardiola could assume responsibility over the Miami team in one way or another.

It's hard to deny that Miami looks to be the favorite among the candidate cities to be awarded an MLS franchise. The clock is ticking and everyone waits for the announcement.