Thursday, January 29, 2009

It looks like Miami will have MLS in 2010!

As I wrote on the Orlando Sentinel's; the Other Football . According to, Barcelona has a pre-contract in their possession awarding them the Miami Franchise! The contract was sent from the U.S. and is now being revised by their legal department. It states that by February 15 an official announcement will be made and the contract states the team will begin in 2010. El mundo deportivo states their source is 'Els millors anys de la nostra vida' of Catalunya Radio.
The article goes on to say that the project was made with Bolivian Marcelo Claure, etc, etc. things we already know.
So it seems we have one of the MLS expansion teams! I'm sure we will hear more on this in the days to come.
I wonder who will be the other team that will enter the league in 2011?


Anonymous said...

Vamos Miami !!!!!!!! I just got my deposit down for season tickets.

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