Friday, November 27, 2009

USL / NASL Updates

Our good friend and Miami Ultra Robert Scorca went over the team sites for all the members of the NASL and here is what he found:

Minnesota Thunder has not had a news update since Oct. 15th before the news of NASL broke out.

Atlanta Silverbacks and St. Louis Soccer United have updates mentioning that 7 teams are part of the new league. This is before Crystal Palace Baltimore and Tampa Bay Rowdies joined the new league and before the NASL name was chosen.

Miami FC, Carolina RailHawks, Montreal Impact, Vancouver Whitecaps, Crystal Palace Baltimore and Tampa Bay Rowdies all have the most current info posted. This includes 9 teams and the NASL name. No this is not a typo about Montreal!

The Vancouver Whitecaps team site ties into all the other teams home sites. Also in google if you type in NASL there is the new NASL listed with google links to all the NASL teams. This is good because it mentions the other teams under each NASL team, the reserve teams, and woman's team. Being google there is no guarantee this is correct.

The USL site tells a different story. If you go to the team sites for the Montreal Impact, Vancouver Whitecaps, and Tampa Bay Rowdies they are still members of the USL-1. How do they do this? Under the news for the clubs they are updated prior to their news release mentioning the split. Vancouver team news stops on Nov. 3rd, Tampa Bay's stops on Nov. 18th, and Montreal stops on Nov. 10th. The Charleston Battery team site is updated to Oct. 28 so there is no mention of them dropping down to the USL-2. I guess the USL philosophy is no news is good news.

The USL news site is updated much more frequent.
Nov. 4 there is a post titled "New era under way for USL-1" This article mentions that in attendance are representatives for the following. Austin, Cleveland, New York, Puerto Rico, Portland, Rochester, Tampa Bay, Edmonton, Ottawa, Baltimore and Detroit. With things breaking the way they are I am sure these cities know how to reach the NASL's front office for a place to play.

Nov. 10 there is a post titled "USL Statement regarding USL-1" This came out in response to the TOA's application being sent to the United States Soccer Federation.

Nov. 20 there is a post titled USL statement regarding Tampa, Baltimore. This mentions about both clubs being under contract to the USL. This was in response to Tampa Bay and Baltimore being mentioned as entries of the new league which is at the time of the article being named the NASL.

For further updates be sure to check out:
The Kartik Report
Inside Minnesota Soccer

A special thanks to Robert Scorca for his research on this topic.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Burrito's take on the War of the Soccer Leagues! USL vs NASL and quesadillas too...

Hola amigos! Burrito bring you the War of the Soccer Leagues between USL and the new NASL that the TOA will begin in 2010. We still wait for ok from USSF but Burrito's connections say it going to happen one way or another! Burrito want to warn you carnales this may be a little long so go get something to eat, or drink a cafecito and relax and read Burritos futbol poetrys!

First Burrito break down United Soccer Leagues Division 1 - USL-1

Austin Aztex
Aztex remind Burrito of Mexico except they in Texas... Team was so-so finishing almost last and they make a bubu during last season that cost them 2 points! They recently release 14 players! They faithful to USL. But no one cares.

Charleston Battery
They finish 4th in USL, they just announce they are going down to USL-2! Pobrecitos! It is a step down for them and for USL.

Cleveland City Stars
Stars ends season last and reports say "las Estrellas" are going to go down to USL-2 again. Things not go well with them this last year. They faithful to USL.

Portland Timbers
Timbers finish first in league but not Champions and choke in playoff. They don't care about the TOA group and careless about USL even though their president get award for being best executive or whatever. (He only get it cause all other teams are gone) They going to MLS so 2010 is only preparation for the big league! Yawn.

Puerto Rico Islanders
PR is ok with whatever happens, they finish 3rd in USL and play Concacaf champions doing mas o menos this year. They are keeping their eye out to see what happens with NASL but for now remain with USL. Puerto Rico also have hot womens!

Rochester Rhinos
Not happy with USL, Rhinos are also not too fond of TOA. But they see no changes to USL so far. Rhinos might surprise everyone and jump ship if not this year then in 2011 for sure.

New teams
New York and Tampa are expansion USL teams pero Tampa say they with the TOA...

Maybe teams:
USL announce Edmonton and Ottawa along with Baltimore and Detroit as possible teams. We now know Baltimore went with TOA so Burrito think other teams might go to TOA too unless USL secure some pesos from the other cities pronto!
Rumor has it another Minnesota team will come into USL-1 but that weird cause Thunder still exist kinda since they still have website! ... And then there is another team called the Minnesota Kings going into NPSL... that make 3 teams in Minnesota! A caray, 3 teams!?!? So if we take Baltimore out and Cleveland out oh and The Battery, well Burrito really can't add so someone need to tell Burrito how many teams USL will have this season, 5? Not looking good for USL-1.

TOA (aka North American Soccer League NASL)

Miami FC Blues
They buy rights to NASL name. They have not mucho fans except for Burrito and some vatos called the Ultras (3 guys and one of their girlfriends). Owners of team Traffic Sports have mucho dinero. If Traffic wants to make a good team now is time to do it. No more excuse. Will Blues change name to Strikers? We will see... Nowheres to go but up for Miami FC. Vamos Miami!

Minnesota Thunder
No moneys, no players, no nothing. Thunder owe money to everyone and their mami! USL trying to kill them to make sure TOA league doesn't work but even if Thunder say bye, bye there are enough teams now to make new league work. Burrito hope other TOA members help Minnesota survive.

Montreal Impact
The new USL Champions are on top of the world. Joey Saputo playing all sides and running the show. Everyone want Montreal in their side but so far Impact only on their own side. If Saputo could he make his own league where Impact play with themselves... no pun intended...
Impact will play where they want, they don't need MLS, with the 40 million franchise fee they can start the new league and give free croissants to fans for the rest of the year!

Vancouver Whitecaps
They going to MLS anyway but they want the better for futbol in North America by sticking with the TOA (unlike the Timbers who just dont care). Whitcaps say they will keep a team in NASL even though they move to MLS.

Carolina RailHawks
Burrito call them Railchickens. A loyal TOA member they were along with Miami and Minnesota the first teams to be kicked out by USL a move that Burrito thinks was the stupidest thing since Mild Sauce!

Atlanta Silverbacks
They took a year off from USL cause they no like them. USL turn around and want to put team in Atlanta.

St. Louis Soccer United
No team yet but Jeff Cooper have the dinero and the organization to make this team happen soon.

Tampa Bay Rowdies
Rowdies have already given some pesos over to USL but are loyal to TOA. If they cant jump this year they will do it in 2011. Burrito looking forward to Florida derby!

Baltimore Crystal Palace
USL-2 team ready to move up. They might have the same legal issues that Tampa have so they might have to stay in USL for another year but Burrito hope 2010 they will be in NASL!

More Teams?
Burrito hear other teams may join NASL. One is Ottawa who waiting to see what happens before they make up their minds.

Burrito enjoying the War of the Soccer Leagues telenovela but hope it get resolved soon so that Miami FC can concentrate on getting star players like the ones who play in NASL back in the day like Pele, Beckenbauer, etc, etc.

What do you think will happen with NASL? Will NASL be a strong league? Will USL survive? Will USSF approve the new League? Will Taco Bell ever make a decent quesadilla?

Burrito leave you with a Great goal from back in NASL glory days by George Best!

Friday, November 20, 2009

TOA League goes up to 9 teams! Baltimore and Tampa join!

Last week we mentioned the possibility of Tampa joining the TOA (read HERE) which lead to much skepticism on behalf of a number of readers and on bigsoccer, but today it has been confirmed! I hate to tell you I told you so...

The Kartik Report indicates Tampa's inclusion into the TOA League might be a bit premature due to legal binds with USL. Still, Tampa is a TOA member and worst case scenario might spend 2010 with USL jumping ship in 2011.

According to the Whitecaps website the TOA League is now 9 teams strong!
The addition of Tampa Bay and Baltimore brings the new league to nine teams, as they join the owners of the Atlanta Silverbacks, Carolina RailHawks, Miami FC, Minnesota Thunder, Montreal Impact, St. Louis Soccer United and Vancouver Whitecaps FC.

It goes on to report that the new league will be announced some time next week! The new league is also active in its search for a full-time commissioner and will introduce an extensive marketing campaign in the coming months.

USL News goes on to report that Miami FC Registered Two NASL Trademark Claims on 11.16.2009!
According to a search of the United States Patent and Trademark Office records, North American Soccer League, LCC in Delaware filed two trademark claims on November 16th, 2009. They claims were marked c/o Miami FC 501 Brickell Key Drive, Suite 407 Miami FLORIDA 33131

More news to come!

The Kartik Report
Inside Minnesota Soccer
MLS Rumors
Match Fit USA
Railhawks site
Major League Soccer Talk

Thursday, November 19, 2009

South Africa's World Cup has its 32 teams

On Friday December 4th we will find out how the group stages will look for the XIX World Cup to take place in South Africa next Summer.

We now know the 32 countries that qualified for the world Cup:

For CONCACAF it was The United States, Mexico and Honduras.

For CONMEBOL it was Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.

For Africa it was Algeria, Camerun, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria and the host South Africa.

For Asia it was Australia, North Korea, South Korea and Japan.

For UEFA: England, Denmark, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Italy, Greece Serbia, Portugal, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands,

Oh and Last but not least New Zealand.

There are really no "Virgins" that will participate in the South African World Cup though some might argue Slovakia and Serbia are first timers. The Slovaks were part of Checoslovakia and the Serbs have a long tradition with Yugoslavia and the last WC played as Serbia and Montenegro.

Who will win? My bet is with Spain and Brazil!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Miami FC President Aaron Davidson talks about the New League, the WC in Miami and more

Miami FC President Aaron Davidson was on WQAM 560 yesterday and spoke a little to the Big O about the new, yet to be named TOA League. He Speaks about Miami FC, Traffic Sports and the Miami World Cup bid.

Check it out, Press play:

All South Florida Soccer Fans need to listen to the Big O (Orlando Alzugaray) everyday from 2pm to 4pm. The Big O loves Soccer so be sure to write to him at and let him know you want to hear about Miami FC and Soccer in General.

If you like good Soccer then be sure to follow this weekends World Cup qualifier between Costa Rica and Uruguay. Only one will advance, the other will watch it from home! You can only see this game on pay per view brought to you by Traffic Sports.
As you may know Traffic owns Miami FC so please support them. You can follow Traffic on Twitter:
They also have a blog with game information so check it out:

We need the Blues to be a powerhouse this coming year so stay tuned and follow South Florida's only professional Soccer team Miami FC here:

Talk about support, the city of Miami needs your support to bring the World Cup to Miami. Please go to the link below and fill in your name and email. Thats all you need to do. Help us bring the World Cup to Miami!

A special thanks to Ignacio Rodriguez at Miami FC for a copy of the interview along with WQAM and the Big O!
Picture by Robert Scorca

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Miami FC players on the move? Gale, Shriver and Ramirez

Thanks to Miami Ultra Robert Scorca who sent us some of the following information concerning Miami FC players on the move.
With the announcement of a New League in the works; Miami FC needs to start rebuilding and so far it seems we have already lost a few players.
Note: Some players still appear on the Miami FC roster. Final word of their moves should come from Miami FC.

First off is Midfielder Brian Shriver who played 6 games for the Blues impressing the stands with his quick witty play. USL reports the Tampa Bay Rowdies have their eye on the Clearwater native who was an all-state performer in High School. He played for the University of North Carolina, reaching the NCAA Men’s College Cup championship game in 2008. Played for Miami FC and made six appearances after being drafted by FC Dallas in the 2009 MLS Super Draft. For more go HERE

Fan favorite Walter Ramirez has his eyes set on a return to his home country Honduras. The speedy defender played 21 games in 2009 and has played with Miami FC since 2006. Walter is well known in Miami playing for amateur teams Real Honduras and Honduras Five Star (Honduras Cinco Estrellas) in the prestigious Florida-based Copa Latina. Look for more information on his future as we pinpoint which team he will go to.

Most notable and expected are reports of US under-20 star and Miami FC player Gale Agbossoumonde. According to Portuguese ABOLA Gale is expected to join Sporting Braga on loan on Nov. 17 to join the club's youth team. This defender who is 6'2 and 185 pounds is impressive for a player who is only just turning 18.
Read more about it at Soccer by Ives

Gale who played 6 games for the Blues was signed by Miami FC owner Traffic sports in a deal that was to see him go to Brazil but it seems he is destined for Europe.

Below you can see video of Gale Agbossoumonde in a little blunder that was to contribute to the end of Miami FC's 2009 playoff dreams. Here's hoping Gale doesn't make this kind of bubu in Europe. At the end of the video you also get a glimpse of an Aaron King goal set up by Brian Shriver.

All pictures by Robert Scorca

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Miami FC and the rest of the TOA confirm New League! Tampa would leave USL

Yesterday we found out that the new League was a go and today a number of sites confirm that the TOA will play the 2010 season in a new league.
Teams such as Miami FC, Atlanta Silverbacks, Minnesota Thunder, Montreal Impact, Carolina Railhawks and the Vancouver Whitecaps will soon be joined by a St. Louis team. Sources indicate Tampa will leave USL and become the 8th team.

All this coming only a week after USL announced business as usual with the addition of as many as 11 teams. Austin, Cleveland, New York, Puerto Rico, Portland, Rochester, Edmonton and Ottawa even Baltimore and Detroit had representatives. USL also announced Tampa Bay was part of the fold but as mentioned their days with USL seem to be numbered.

Other sources indicate further teams from the PDL may join the TOA, who offers a better structure allowing teams more say as to the direction the league will take. A Lower division would be created to accommodate the PDL teams.

It's my opinion as a soccer fan that though USL still retains the majority of it's teams and has new teams looking to join them that the loss of the stronger teams (Montreal and Vancouver) will be a hit that will give USL-1 more of a USL-2 look. When Nurock took over USL they made the mistake of ignoring the issues and did not look to make peace with the TOA. Look for MLS to form some allegiance with the new league that will eventually lead to further PDL and USL teams leaving their ranks. The battle lines are drawn. Sit back and enjoy the war of the Soccer Leagues.

Miami FC finally gave us the press release go to

Miami Herald on Miami FC and the New League.

More sites with New Soccer League info:
The Kartik Report
Pitch Invasion
Soccer by Ives
Match Fit USA
Inside Minnesota Soccer

UPDATE 11/10/09 2:30PM

In a comment left below by Eric he points out some interesting information straight out of the Montreal Impact website where joey Saputo says Montreal is still in talks with USL. As Eric says as much as a blow the joining of Tampa would be if they leave USL the same if not bigger would happen if Montreal leaves the TOA. The drama never ceases!
I wish to reiterate that there are still ongoing talks between the Montreal Impact and the USL. We continue working on different options for the 2010 season, including the possibility that the Impact take part in the USL-1 or in a new league.

Check it out HERE

Match Fit USA has some valid questions for the TOA
1. Who's the eighth team? (or, What happened with the Rowdies?)
2. Will the league be broadcast?
3. Are the Impact sticking around?
4. What role does MLS/SUM play?
5. Are your clubs stable?
Read about it HERE

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Greedy President of Fan Club Awards Self Fan of the Year... by Burrito

Back in 2001, when the Afusionados (Fan Club of the Miami Fusion) were around; those vatos awarded Burrito the title of Afusionado Fan of the year. Burrito deserved it because Burrito is one cool dawg! Though no trophy was given, Burrito received a Taco Bell Bean Burrito as an award as you can see in the picture to the right.
Today there is no more Miami Fusion but Burrito still remain a die hard futbol fan and now follows Miami FC and is part of the Miami Ultras.

Last years Miami Ultras winner for Fan of the year went to Burrito's compadre Julio Caballero. Julio deserved the title for out drinking everyone at all the tailgates! He also ate more pizza and played the Drum upside down at one game but he kept falling down so he gaves up. Yes, Julio deserved that award and though he one time hated Burrito (Julio once tried kicking Burrito for peeing on his tires) we are now buenos amigos.

Furthermores this years Burrito saw on that the Ultras were going to elect the Fan of the year. The choices were the following peoples:

Julio Caballero.- Last years winner looking to repeat
Cali Ramsey.- The only ladys on list. She came to every game and is Canadian (Pobrecita) Burrito would love to hump her leg!
Robert Scorca.- The Ultras Historian, he know more about South Florida Soccer History then Jesus!
Burrito.- The master of disasters, the guru of futbol, el mas macho de los machos.
Kartik Krishnaiyer, another of Burritos compadres. He write, he play, he eat and he even sleep with futbol! (Burrito hope he use protection)
Pieter Brown.- El Presidente of the Miami Ultras fan Club and most evil person ever!
Write in candidates included Matt Berkshire, Derek Reese, Cesar Sfreddo, Brian Corey (all whom voted for themselves... what losers!) and Mother Teresa disqualified cause she dead (sorry) and some chingado person name Dingleberry... Burrito no know who that pinche vato can be.
Here is the final results of the poll:
Poll say Pieter Brown is wiener of Miami Ultras Fan of the year. When Burrito see this he know something fishy going on so Burrito investigate.

Burrito break into Miamisoccerfan website and discover Pieters evil plot to award himself Fan of the Year! You want proof of this greedy act? Here is picture of Pieter happy receiving from himself award trophy!
Please join Burrito in formal protest to Miami Ultras and say enough is enough! Burrito deserve recount!
To help protest results please send email to and tell Pieter how he is evil and must die from hanging or burn on steak unless he give up trophy and give it to Burrito!

Burrito thank you for attention and hope you homeboys do the write thing.
Hasta los huevos amigos!