Friday, November 13, 2009

Miami FC President Aaron Davidson talks about the New League, the WC in Miami and more

Miami FC President Aaron Davidson was on WQAM 560 yesterday and spoke a little to the Big O about the new, yet to be named TOA League. He Speaks about Miami FC, Traffic Sports and the Miami World Cup bid.

Check it out, Press play:

All South Florida Soccer Fans need to listen to the Big O (Orlando Alzugaray) everyday from 2pm to 4pm. The Big O loves Soccer so be sure to write to him at and let him know you want to hear about Miami FC and Soccer in General.

If you like good Soccer then be sure to follow this weekends World Cup qualifier between Costa Rica and Uruguay. Only one will advance, the other will watch it from home! You can only see this game on pay per view brought to you by Traffic Sports.
As you may know Traffic owns Miami FC so please support them. You can follow Traffic on Twitter:
They also have a blog with game information so check it out:

We need the Blues to be a powerhouse this coming year so stay tuned and follow South Florida's only professional Soccer team Miami FC here:

Talk about support, the city of Miami needs your support to bring the World Cup to Miami. Please go to the link below and fill in your name and email. Thats all you need to do. Help us bring the World Cup to Miami!

A special thanks to Ignacio Rodriguez at Miami FC for a copy of the interview along with WQAM and the Big O!
Picture by Robert Scorca


Anonymous said...

Good to hear it straight from the main guy at Miami FC.
So does that mean there will be no salary caps in the new league? If so the sky is the limit and the TOA teams could potentially compete with MLS bringing in top talent!
Lets hope Miami FC brings in some good players to attract the skeptical Miami fans.

Afusionado said...

If there is no Salary cap in the new league then they have no excuse to not field a good team.
If Miami FC puts up a good team I just might support them this coming year.

aFUSIONado said...

Hey I am "Afusionado" and that wasn't me, LOL!!! Of course we had over 15,000 faithful dire hard FUSION fans, especially with a strong passion for our beloved #17, Mr. Diego Serna Lopera, and his sensational golasos, so it could have been someone else blogging...

aFUSIONado said...

oopsss...that's DIE HARD FUSION fans, whom cherished our beloved Supporter's Shield Team 2001, and our beloved ASTRO #17, Mr. Diego Serna Lopera.

aFUSIONado said...

And P.S. We should bring DI - E - GO back, and build a team around him, as well as, to promote Mr. Fernando Clavijo...whom is one of the best coaches proven locally with Copa with MLS and playing honorably for our USA team...and Internationally with coach the 2010squad. That is a wealth of experience between these two fine gentlemen, whom I have had the pleasure to know over 12 years, and the leadership they would provide is greatly missed, at this moment.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Serna anyway? Next thing I knew he was gone.

Italia said...

The team was in flux, leaving the USL, rumored to be folding, and they made space to sign the young USA players...whom they can trade and make money from for they are now rumored to be coming back in a newly formed league, as per the article above, hopefully with an adequate cash flow for the talent required.

He is training daily, still in excellent shape, and can run circles around those 21 year olds...he has many golasos left in those gorgeous legs !!!

MLS said...

Miami will be in MLS in 2012-2013Do support Miami FC.