Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Greedy President of Fan Club Awards Self Fan of the Year... by Burrito

Back in 2001, when the Afusionados (Fan Club of the Miami Fusion) were around; those vatos awarded Burrito the title of Afusionado Fan of the year. Burrito deserved it because Burrito is one cool dawg! Though no trophy was given, Burrito received a Taco Bell Bean Burrito as an award as you can see in the picture to the right.
Today there is no more Miami Fusion but Burrito still remain a die hard futbol fan and now follows Miami FC and is part of the Miami Ultras.

Last years Miami Ultras winner for Fan of the year went to Burrito's compadre Julio Caballero. Julio deserved the title for out drinking everyone at all the tailgates! He also ate more pizza and played the Drum upside down at one game but he kept falling down so he gaves up. Yes, Julio deserved that award and though he one time hated Burrito (Julio once tried kicking Burrito for peeing on his tires) we are now buenos amigos.

Furthermores this years Burrito saw on that the Ultras were going to elect the Fan of the year. The choices were the following peoples:

Julio Caballero.- Last years winner looking to repeat
Cali Ramsey.- The only ladys on list. She came to every game and is Canadian (Pobrecita) Burrito would love to hump her leg!
Robert Scorca.- The Ultras Historian, he know more about South Florida Soccer History then Jesus!
Burrito.- The master of disasters, the guru of futbol, el mas macho de los machos.
Kartik Krishnaiyer, another of Burritos compadres. He write, he play, he eat and he even sleep with futbol! (Burrito hope he use protection)
Pieter Brown.- El Presidente of the Miami Ultras fan Club and most evil person ever!
Write in candidates included Matt Berkshire, Derek Reese, Cesar Sfreddo, Brian Corey (all whom voted for themselves... what losers!) and Mother Teresa disqualified cause she dead (sorry) and some chingado person name Dingleberry... Burrito no know who that pinche vato can be.
Here is the final results of the poll:
Poll say Pieter Brown is wiener of Miami Ultras Fan of the year. When Burrito see this he know something fishy going on so Burrito investigate.

Burrito break into Miamisoccerfan website and discover Pieters evil plot to award himself Fan of the Year! You want proof of this greedy act? Here is picture of Pieter happy receiving from himself award trophy!
Please join Burrito in formal protest to Miami Ultras and say enough is enough! Burrito deserve recount!
To help protest results please send email to and tell Pieter how he is evil and must die from hanging or burn on steak unless he give up trophy and give it to Burrito!

Burrito thank you for attention and hope you homeboys do the write thing.
Hasta los huevos amigos!


Anonymous said...

EL Presidente is evil!

Anonymous said...

El Presidente needs to bring MLS to Miami. Then he would be thew fan of the year to me.

Amigo said...

All 10 Ultras that attend the Miami FC games should be call Fan of the year.

Dingleberry said...

I did not vote for myself!

Anonymous said...

I never voted!!

berkshire said...

When did we have a vote?

Anonymous said...

A few weeks back there was a post on miamisoccerfan where people were asked to vote for the Fan of the year.
The results were never posted...

Anonymous said...

Here is the link

Tampa said...

You are not going to have a team next year Miami. an MLS you don't do anything to get support for it.