Wednesday, October 28, 2009

USL Breakup Imminent

Last week it was rumored that there would be an announcement as to where Miami FC and the rest of the TOA would play. If it would be in the USL, MLS-2 or their own league. Today it seems the last two options are more probable.

TSN reports that both the Vancouver Whitecaps and the Montreal Impact will be out of USL. Alex Papadakis in an interview was quoted:

The negotiations are finished," Papadakis told CKAC. "We decided to continue our preparation for the season 2010 with the teams which wished to remain with us.

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With Vancouver and Montreal out its almost a sure thing Miami FC will follow. No official word out yet from the Blues.
Stay tuned!

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UPDATE 10/30/09 1:20 PM:

Our good friend and Miami Ultra Julio Caballero pointed out the following link from INDY Week Blogs "Triangle Offense".
In an interview Thursday afternoon, Carolina RailHawks president Brian Wellman confirmed that the dissident group of USL-1 club owners known as the Team Owners Association (TOA) would be submitting an application to the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) to form a new league
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UPDATE 11/3/09 10:13 AM

Kartik Krishnaiyer over at the Kartik Report states that Attorneys are getting into the picture in the seemingly never ending saga of USL vs TOA. It's a good read so check it out HERE
Whatever the outcome, we can only hope this gets resolved soon. I would rather be writing about the new players being signed at this point.


Anonymous said...

Good! I hope it is MLS-2!

Afusionado said...

How fun!
I want to see what Miami FC says. Maybe I'll start following the team if it is MLS-2!

Anonymous said...

MLS baby!!

Hector said...

Miami In MLS is what we all want to hear. MLS2 would be better than USL or any other league.

Anonymous said...

So no MLS-2???
I guess its still better then going back to USL.

Gary said...

Uncle ED will the TOA league be bigger-than USL-1? If not it will not make it. Down in Miami you guys need MLS. What you need is some big money guys to help your Miami MLS campaign.

Anonymous said...

You Miami fans are pitiful, all we want is MLS, MLS MLS...Go party at your nightclubs and leave soccer to real fans

Anonymous said...

I just feel bad for all the Miami haters.

Uncle Ed said...

@ Gary
The TOA needs to be stronger then USL and I think they will be. They have the better USL teams (The current Champion and runner up) and numerous PDL sides that are willing to jump ship.
As far as big money there isn't a problem with that. Montreal is backed by Saputo and Miami by Traffic, just to name two of the big money companies backing their teams.

paulsepp said...

Thanks for the updates on the TOA situation. I don't think the MLS 2 idea is going to happen. My reasoning is that the MLS is focused on its current expansion in which it has set a goal of 20 teams by 2012. Right now they are on schedule with 18 teams by 2011, and I think the MLS is primary concerned with finding two more cities to fill out the league. Any action such as starting, managing or somehow participating in some extra or other league would not help their expansion plans. The MLS Reserve Division was dropped after three years in 2008 and I think that the MLS will not jump into anything new like this for some time.

Anonymous said...