Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Miami Soccer Fan releases Beckham Letter

As we mentioned in a previous post finally released the letter that was sent to David Beckham.

It reads as follows:
Dear Mr. Beckham,

We want to tell you about our dream.
We dream of a Major League Soccer team in South Florida.

We ask you to consider Miami / Ft Lauderdale for expansion as the 20th team of Major League Soccer. We know you have that option. We know if anyone can bring the right investors and bring the fans to the stadium it is you, David Beckham.

South Florida has had a love affair with the game since the old days of NASL, when Cubillas, Hudson and Best (Among others) played for the Ft Lauderdale Strikers. We fell in love with the Miami Fusion, a team that should never have been shutdown in 2001. We have a rich Soccer history. We are sure a team in South Florida will be successful if we have investors with the right vision, who will give this market a chance. To further explore the pros of Miami / Ft Lauderdale please read the following article

We are the Miami Ultras, South Florida Soccer Fans and we have started a campaign to gather pledges for season tickets for a potential South Florida MLS team. We will present you or any investor willing to give this town a chance with the emails and addresses of all those who join our cause.

We ask that you take the time to visit our season ticket page and our site

Home page:

We believe you will fall in love with this town if you give it a chance. You can reach us at this email or phone numbers provided.

We want to thank you for your time and hope you give us a serious consideration.

Pieter Brown
El Presidente
The Miami Ultras
Read the rest at


Chicago said...

Now its time to act South Florida soccer fans. Go out and get the support you need.

Juan said...

Great letter Ultras!

Anonymous said...


Uncle Ed said...

We need everyone to write to the following emails:

David Beckham / 19 Entertainment: or
Also email the following possible investors:
Marcelo Claure:
Traffic / Miami FC :

Send it to everyone you know. Lets get the word out people!

Anonymous said...

This is great stuff guys too bad no local media has picked this up...

Afusionado said...

Nice letter!
I hope we get MLS back!

Chicago said...

Hey Miami great letter, but you need to spread the word about it. Send to to every media you can.

Anonymous said...

word. beckham is man,

Mike said...

Hey Ed you need more attention. Beckham to Miami would be huge I hope it will happen. Have you sent it to your local media?

Liza said...

Nice letter I hope it comes true.

Sam said...

Uncle Ed any new news on Beckham? What about Claure down in Miami? You guys need to push hard if you want to see MLS back in Miami.