Thursday, August 27, 2009

Blues choked by Railhawks, USL rumors and other stuff

First off, Miami FC received a spanking of unnatural proportions! To say they choked is an under-statement!
This is what the USL site said was the beginning of the end for the Blues:
It started with Daniel Paladini’s free kick in the 30th minute. From 30 yards out, Paladini took the shot as Miami goalkeeper Pat Hannigan was still trying to set the wall. He curled it in at the far post for his sixth goal of the season.

“I asked the ref for 10 yards, and then he backed them up, and he blew the whistle,” Paladini said. “Kupono [Low] was like, 'Take it, take it, take it!' So it just clicked in my head real quick, and the goalie was setting up the wall, and I just put it in the corner.”

As Paladini took off on his celebration, Miami players were irate, and a handful of them charged toward referee Tony Crush. Within seconds, Crush flashed a red card toward the group of players, and it went to midfielder Edwin Miranda.
Losing a man at the 30th minute on what seems to have been a bad call sucks. Playing with 10 players is bad, but for the whole team to fall apart and concede 5 goals in 15 minutes is just plain nuts! It's not like the team didn't have all it's starting defenders either. Carolina had 20 shots, so basically every other shot they scored. Goalkeeper Hannigan, a solid player all year, made 7 saves but couldn't prevent the spanking. Here is more from the Miami Herald

More rumors on the sale of USL has been all over the news and I'm impressed by the level of misinformation that is out there. I don't claim to be the most knowledgeable person on the subject but some people need to do some research before posting something. Here are a few examples:
Miami New Times
New York Times
I think the best response to all this tomfoolery is made by the Kartik Report. Whether you love or hate Kartik (cause I know he has a lot of haters) I think he is usually on the money.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hulk, please bring your daughter to the Miami FC game! by Burrito

Burrito is happy Hulk Hogan going to be at 2 Miami FC games as he wrestle to beat your property taxes, like he used to wrestle Andre the Giant and Ultimate Warrior!

But Burrito really hope the Hulkster brings his daughter Brooke! She is one hot mamacita! Burrito going to ask Hulk if it ok if Burrito marry her and then we have little Hogan Burritos! If you no think Brooke is muy caliente here are some pictures of her... Ay chihuahua!:
Come out and see Hulk Hogan ...and hopefully his hot mamacita daughter Brooke! ( Not scheduled to appear) next Saturday, Sept. 5th as Miami FC will play against the Austin Aztex @ FIU Stadium (Season Finale at FIU) There will be a Powerade Pre-Game Parade, Celebrity/Media Game and of course the Hulkster!

Pero if you can't make that one then you can see Hulk Hogan on Tuesday, September 8th when Miami FC will play against the Rochester Rhinos @ Lockhart Stadium! Hulk Hogan will also appear!
Support Soccer in South Florida! Vamos Miami FC! Let's go Blues!

Monday, August 24, 2009

We lose again! USL or MLS? Ultras are part of Sam's Army!

It's getting old folks, the losing is getting old. First the Portland game on Saturday where the Blues lost 3-1 and then it seemed we would bring back a point from Vancouver but with only 10 minutes left Miami conceded a goal followed by another a few minutes later that sealed our fate and might keep us away from the playoffs for yet another season. Sure, playing back to back games didn't help. But now the loss versus the Thunder last week at Lockhart really hurts. The Playoffs look unreachable at this stage unless we pull off a miracle streak. If you want to read a little more about the games check out Total Futbol and the Kartik Report.

The question many people have on many soccer discussion boards and blogs is whether Miami really wants a soccer team in MLS. Support for USL side Miami FC has been dismal at both Lockhart and FIU stadiums. I often wonder how it would be if we still had an MLS team. The Miami Fusion averaged over 11,000 their last year in 2001, this compared to the barely 1,000 we get to see the Blues today.

Miami FC's front office was criticized by fans in the beginning of the season for not showing an interest to advertise or market their product. Sure, we know they almost folded, yet still no real effort was made to get the word out. It seemed the head honchos thought that word of mouth would be enough to get people in the Stadium. Cries from fans for billboards or any sign in front of the Stadiums never materialized, the fact is most people in South Florida had no idea there were games taking place and still many people have no idea there is a professional soccer team in South Florida. Only recently as the season is ending have we seen an actual effort with a billboard going up and the new Miami FC Challenge viral campaign. Good stuff guys but very late.

If we go by what we read on the Internet Miami fans want MLS. This town is full of soccer snobs not willing to support a lower league. The fans demand top quality Soccer but while we read their demands I can only wonder if people will actually come out like they did in Seattle and how they are doing in Portland now. Many might argue that when the Barcelona Miami bid was developing that Miami did not rally to support this effort. Yet Claure and Barcelona did not advertise and did not try to get the word out on their own. These potential investors were relying on word of mouth to get the news out. So my question is why does Miami always get these stingy owners who are not willing to commit to this town? Why do they all do a half ass job? I mean if they actually advertise and still they fail then they are justified to close the doors and pack up.

Many Miami haters think the Miami Fusion was a failure. I don't see the Fusion as a failure, it was an owner not willing to commit and a league that was short sighted and who now regrets closing the doors to such a great market. Today, I find it funny that San Jose lost their team only to get it back and possibly lose it again. Move San Jose to Miami! I will further discuss MLS to Miami in future blog posts. For now support the cause to bring an MLS team to South Florida go to:

Good news for The Miami Ultras! They are now a brigade of Sam's Army! The Ultras will work closely with SA and all their brigades to grow soccer in our country. We will also join the Sam’s Army® Advisory Board to work closely in growing soccer, SA and the Miami Ultras. To join the Ultras go to

Friday, August 21, 2009

Watch Party at Finnegans River! Miami FC vs Portland Timbers 9pm Saturday

Time for a Watch Party folks! Miami FC is on the road and will play future MLS team and the hottest team in the USL, the Portland Timbers, this Saturday, August 22 at 9 pm.
Miami FC will be hosting the Watch Party for all their fans at Finnegan’s River located at 401 S.W. 3 Ave. in the Brickell area downtown. Come out and join us for drinks and an all around good time as we cheer the Blues on as they make a run for the play-offs!
Vamos Miami! Let's go Blues!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cow Bell gets you 4 free tickets to the Next game! By Burrito

Hola amigos y amigas! Once again Burrito find tickets, bueno, this time Burrito "borrow" tickets from Uncle Ed's season tickets envelope when the vato wasn't looking so now Burrito will give them away! Yeeehaaa!

So here is the deal... The first carnal who shows up to the Miami Ultras Tailgate for the Saturday September 5th game at FIU Stadium, (drinking usually starts at 6 pm) with a Cow Bell will get 4 free tickets to the game! Just look for Miami Ultras Presidente Pieter Brown and tada! You get 4 tickets!

The only condition is you need to drink cervezas with the Ultras and play Cow Bell with the Ultras Drum Maestros during the game! Who knows, maybe you become official Ultras Cow Bell persona!

Don't know how to play cowbell? No problema señor o señorita! See the video and learn!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hulkamania is coming to town! Check him out at the next Miami FC game!

Yes folks Hulkamania is alive and well! His opponent you ask? He will be wrestling your Property Tax!
Saturday, Sept. 5th Miami FC will play against the Austin Aztex @ FIU Stadium (Season Finale at FIU) There will be a Powerade Pre-Game Parade, Celebrity/Media Game (Uncle Ed will be playing!) and Hulk Hogan!

Then on Tuesday, September 8th Miami FC will play against the Rochester Rhinos @ Lockhart Stadium~ Hulk Hogan will also appear!

So come out and support Miami FC as they make their playoff push and see Hulk Hogan!
For ticket information go to the Miami FC site!

Be sure to make your vote at for your favorite Miami FC player! The Miami Ultras, official Miami FC fan club, will be giving out their traditional Fans favorite player award at the final game of the Season. Pick between Zach "Beowulf" Kirby, Pat "The Man" Hannigan or chose a player not listed! GO HERE

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Miami FC vs Minnesota Thunder this Friday at Lockhart Stadium!

The Blues continue their playoff hunt this Friday August 14th against the Minnesota Thunder 8 pm at Lockhart Stadium! We need all fans in South Florida out there to support Miami FC!

Be sure to get out to the stadium early as the Miami Ultras will be offering free beer starting at 6pm at the Tailgate! Just look for the crazy guys in scarves. You better hurry before supplies run out, them Ultras can drink!

Has anyone seen the new Billboard? For those traveling Southbound on the Turnpike be sure to look for it close to the Hard Rock. (Thanks Pieter for the correction)
Vamos Miami! Let's go Blues!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Miami FC signs Brazilian WC Veteran Junior Baiano

First it was Gale Agbossoumonde, defender for the U.S. Under-20 National team. Now Miami FC signs 1998 World Cup Veteran Junior Baiano to replenish a team plagued with injuries and recent transfers. The Blues have been struggling and the Brazilian will be a needed addition.

Raimundo Ferreira Ramos Júnior, known as Júnior (or adding demonym of Bahia state, became Júnior Baiano) (born March 14, 1970 in Feira de Santana, Bahia) is a Brazilian football centre back. He retired in the end of 2005, but in December 2006 he signed a professional contract with América from Rio de Janeiro to defend the club in Rio State Championship in the beginning of 2007. Baiano signed a contract with Brasiliense to play Série B Brazilian League in 2007
Baiano is an imposing 6ft 3in and will most likely be the target man on the team. No word yet if Junior will be available for this Friday's game versus the Minnesota Thunder at Lockhart Stadium.
For More info go to the Miami FC site.
Check out a goal by Junior Baiano

Friday, August 7, 2009

Agbossoumonde to Miami FC, DA Show podcast with Uncle Ed calling in, MLS Miami info and more

It's a mouthful folks but we are happy to have him, Gale Agbossoumonde, standout defender for the U.S. Under-20 National Team is a Miami FC player. Cry all you want Rev Fans he's not going to MLS, nope.
Many might say: 'Why did he pick USL?' Well, I don't know the details except that it is a 3 1/2 year deal which will see Gale spend some time here in Miami and then move on to Brazil. The experience he will gain there is huge and I have no doubt Traffic will then send him off to a large club in South America or Europe. I'm sure he is also getting more money and we all know MLS has restrictions when it comes to how much loot they can give players.
You can read more about this story at The Kartik Report and Total Futbol
A little birdy also told me the Blues are still in negotiations with another player, so keep an eye out for that one.

Miami FC's Ignacio Rodriguez and Miami Herald's Adam Beasley appeared on WQAM 560 AM's DA Show. Ignacio and DA discussed Miami FC's new viral campaign "I'll Shave my Head" and yours truly, Uncle Ed, called in... listen to the podcast here:

Powered by

Miami FC in the past week has done a lot to prove they want to stay in South Florida; first the campaign, I mean the Blues are willing to make fools out of themselves to make a point, to fill Lockhart Stadium while surrendering all their hair, that to me shows commitment.
Now there is also a new Billboard just off the Turnpike Northbound by the Hard Rock, again a little late in the season but late is better then never. Good job guys keep it going!

Our USL side is finally making a push for recognition in this difficult town, but it's no secret that many Soccer fans are still not convinced and would rather support a higher league such as the MLS.
Fellow soccer fans are still hurting from the demise of the Miami Fusion back in 2001. It was 4 great years that ended on a high note. The Miami Ultras have started a campaign of their own searching for a commitment from fans who want an MLS team. They are asking for fans to sign in and support their effort to bring a team to this city and by doing that they hope to gather enough support to go to an investor such as Traffic Sports, or Marcelo Claure or anyone willing to listen and show them that people want MLS in South Florida. To support this cause go to the
Kartik Krishnaiyer best makes a case for South Florida with a piece that is well worth the read. All detractors of MLS in Miami should read it. Go HERE
Miami Ultra Brian Corey writes an interesting article on MLS Regional Snuffing, refering specifically to the great distance between South Florida and the nearest MLS team, check it out HERE
Simon Evans was able to get an interview with MLS Commissioner Don Garber. Simon was bold enough to ask 'The Don' if he was interested in bringing MLS back to this town. Read it HERE
Finally Against The Run Of Play, a Tampa Soccer Blog for our future USL Rivals Tampa Bay Rowdies, wrote a little about Carlos Valderrama. See it HERE

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cheerleaders! Miami FC / FIU Cheerleaders need your help, with pictures by Burrito

Hola Amigos y Amigas! Today Burrito want to say how much he enjoy seeing the hot cheerleaders at FIU Stadium on Saturday even though they show up late to game... Burrito want you to see pictures of them from their calendar! Que chulas!

The Miami FC/FIU Cheerleaders need your helps since FIU cut their program dinero, you can help by buying Miami FC tickets from them or buying their calendar. Ok, so most of the year has gone but that's no excuse for not buying calendar. You can buy them at FIU stadium when Miami FC plays, (then you can get all the mamacitas to sign it!) on FIU campus or you can go to their website Support the cheerleaders!Talk about FIU, the Women's futbol team is ready to begin the season! Burritos compadre at the Herald, Adam Beasley wrote a preview. here someone talking about this years team "We have the possibility to surprise some people this year. Eighteen of our 24 players are freshmen or sophomore" for more go HERE

Burritos got to give props to his carnales Legion del Sur (The Southern Legion), they were bien chingones at the last game vs The Montreal Impact making noise and supporting the Blues! Now the Southern Legion have created a new Site over at NING go check it out, they got pictures and mucho mas! Southern Legion Ning

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Miami FC has gone Viral! Videos storm the internet

In my last blog post I wrote how this new viral campaign was a step in the right direction for Miami FC. Goalkeeper Pat Hannigan, Coach Zinho and even President Aaron Davidson are willing to go bald if the Stadium gets filled! I hope this is a sign of things to come. I hope that Miami FC can close this season off with a bang and a full Lockhart Stadium.

Some people call this move desperate, but I think this is brilliant! Miami FC taught us a lesson on what needs to be done to show the fans how passionate they really are for this town. There is a month left before this game and it's enough time to bring attention to their cause.

All South Florida needs to mobilize and join Miami FC's campaign. Go to their Facebook page MIAMI FC CHALLENGE and join them . Send emails and text messages and be part of History. Attend the Miami FC vs Puerto Rico Islanders game Saturday September 19th 8 pm at Lockhart Stadium!
Check out the different versions in Spanish, Portuguese and English!
Coach Zinho in Portuguese

In Spanish Walter Ramirez and Orlando Bueso

Yes, even Mascot Hotshot wants to shave his head...

Miami FC President Aaron Davidson wants a hair cut!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We will shave our heads to fill up the Stadium! Miami FC coach Zinho and players!

Yep it's come to this folks... Miami FC is going to extreme measures to get the Stadium packed Coach Zinho first volunteered his scalp if Miami FC made the playoffs.
I've got to say I called them out on this one, I thought they wouldn't take advantage of this idea but they went way beyond just the coach.
Now, for every 500 fans who go to the Miami FC vs Puerto Rico Islanders game Saturday September 19th at 8 pm there will be 1 player who will shave their head. Lockhart Stadium is said to hold 20,000 souls, give or take so if we fill it, then that's 40 people that will be bald! I think they only have 20 something players and some are already bald so staff members including the President Aaron Davidson are willing to do it! Let's go people lets fill the stadium!
For more info check out the Miami FC site!
Vamos Miami! Let's go Blues!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Miami ties in the last minute with Fan videos

This weekend I was a little late to write about the game, suffice to say the Blues came back from what seemed a loss and shocked us with a late goal that sent the fans into a frenzy. The Miami Ultras as always were present as well as a surprisingly loud Southern Legion. I hope they started a trend and will make it to more games.

For more on the game check out the following links:

Miami Soccer fan

Miami FC

Total Futbol

The Sun Sentinel

The Kartik Report

Miami Ultra Matt Berkshire has become our official film guy and he took the following videos! Following is the Drum line

The Referees were terrible, they missed calls all night so we sent them off with a "The referee is a Wanker" chant... cause they were.

Here is the celebration after the Last minute Alen Marcina goal!

Picture by Robert Scorca