Friday, August 7, 2009

Agbossoumonde to Miami FC, DA Show podcast with Uncle Ed calling in, MLS Miami info and more

It's a mouthful folks but we are happy to have him, Gale Agbossoumonde, standout defender for the U.S. Under-20 National Team is a Miami FC player. Cry all you want Rev Fans he's not going to MLS, nope.
Many might say: 'Why did he pick USL?' Well, I don't know the details except that it is a 3 1/2 year deal which will see Gale spend some time here in Miami and then move on to Brazil. The experience he will gain there is huge and I have no doubt Traffic will then send him off to a large club in South America or Europe. I'm sure he is also getting more money and we all know MLS has restrictions when it comes to how much loot they can give players.
You can read more about this story at The Kartik Report and Total Futbol
A little birdy also told me the Blues are still in negotiations with another player, so keep an eye out for that one.

Miami FC's Ignacio Rodriguez and Miami Herald's Adam Beasley appeared on WQAM 560 AM's DA Show. Ignacio and DA discussed Miami FC's new viral campaign "I'll Shave my Head" and yours truly, Uncle Ed, called in... listen to the podcast here:

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Miami FC in the past week has done a lot to prove they want to stay in South Florida; first the campaign, I mean the Blues are willing to make fools out of themselves to make a point, to fill Lockhart Stadium while surrendering all their hair, that to me shows commitment.
Now there is also a new Billboard just off the Turnpike Northbound by the Hard Rock, again a little late in the season but late is better then never. Good job guys keep it going!

Our USL side is finally making a push for recognition in this difficult town, but it's no secret that many Soccer fans are still not convinced and would rather support a higher league such as the MLS.
Fellow soccer fans are still hurting from the demise of the Miami Fusion back in 2001. It was 4 great years that ended on a high note. The Miami Ultras have started a campaign of their own searching for a commitment from fans who want an MLS team. They are asking for fans to sign in and support their effort to bring a team to this city and by doing that they hope to gather enough support to go to an investor such as Traffic Sports, or Marcelo Claure or anyone willing to listen and show them that people want MLS in South Florida. To support this cause go to the
Kartik Krishnaiyer best makes a case for South Florida with a piece that is well worth the read. All detractors of MLS in Miami should read it. Go HERE
Miami Ultra Brian Corey writes an interesting article on MLS Regional Snuffing, refering specifically to the great distance between South Florida and the nearest MLS team, check it out HERE
Simon Evans was able to get an interview with MLS Commissioner Don Garber. Simon was bold enough to ask 'The Don' if he was interested in bringing MLS back to this town. Read it HERE
Finally Against The Run Of Play, a Tampa Soccer Blog for our future USL Rivals Tampa Bay Rowdies, wrote a little about Carlos Valderrama. See it HERE

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