Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cow Bell gets you 4 free tickets to the Next game! By Burrito

Hola amigos y amigas! Once again Burrito find tickets, bueno, this time Burrito "borrow" tickets from Uncle Ed's season tickets envelope when the vato wasn't looking so now Burrito will give them away! Yeeehaaa!

So here is the deal... The first carnal who shows up to the Miami Ultras Tailgate for the Saturday September 5th game at FIU Stadium, (drinking usually starts at 6 pm) with a Cow Bell will get 4 free tickets to the game! Just look for Miami Ultras Presidente Pieter Brown and tada! You get 4 tickets!

The only condition is you need to drink cervezas with the Ultras and play Cow Bell with the Ultras Drum Maestros during the game! Who knows, maybe you become official Ultras Cow Bell persona!

Don't know how to play cowbell? No problema señor o señorita! See the video and learn!


Anonymous said...

Guess what? I got a fever and the only percription is more cowbell.

Anonymous said...

I bring in a cowbells if you bring MLS to Miami

Anonymous said...

MLS is what Miami needs.

Seattle said...

Hey what about Beckham in Miami? You guys down in Miami need some help from the fans in Seattle

Anonymous said...

MLS, MLS, MLS is what Miami wants. Miami what are you doing to get the word out.

Enrique said...

I bring MLS the and the Cowbell will come.

MLS said...

You guys need a spark or your city will not get MLS. Get creative.

Uncle Ed said...

Keep an eye out for a Miami MLS push at the end of the USL season...
For now, Miami fans who want MLS back need to go to here:

Anonymous said...

Miami MLS push at the end of the USL season? You guys don't have anything just smoke.

Carlos said...

Great !!! if Miami gets MLS. Garber has said that Miami fans are not load or passionate.

Anonymous said...

More cowbell! Don Garber is a Canadian.

Portland said...

Miami FC stinks. No wonder fans don't go to the games. Thanks we in Portland have a great owner., and we are going to the MLS. Think you guys with Traffic owning the team will never see MLS. You guys need to wake up and fight for what you want. Be creative go out and let your city know that you want MLS. Look at Portland , Seattle, and Philadelphia. Let Garber see that Miami has passion. The season tickers dedication is a good start. you need to go and have a big MLS rally with more that 100 people. Flyers saying that you want MLS in Miami and pass them out at parks and sporting events. Tell Miami FC/Traffic you want MLS. BE CREATIVE MIAMI JUST DON'T SIT ON YOUR HANDS

Anonymous said...

Hey Miami what are you going to do. Do you want MLS go and get it. let inventors know you want it. e mail Claure, your Mayor. Don't let St Louis or Atlanta get it.

Uncle Ed said...

Miami wants MLS. Thanks for your suggestions Portland.
Already we are making progress behind the scenes. Stay tuned for info on that. Till then, Miami Fans need to visit:

JRuiz said...

hey, Portland why don't you shut you Bong-Hole up....don't be copy and pasting you Posts, don't disrespect the Burrito like that. At least if you're gonna talk bad about the team, take the time to type out NEW sentences....PORTLAND SWALLOWS!!!!

Fans don't show up because Team Sucks. Fans don't show up because, alot of Fans didn't KNOW aobut MiamiFC for the better part of the season. We JUST got a couple of billboards up on the highway, advertising the games. We don't need MLS. We're having too much fan chanting, and cheering our SORRY team every home game.
Yeah, that's exactly what this town needs: a MLS team that gets Molested by all the other teams in the league....we doing that in the USL already. I'm pretty sure you fags up in PORTLAND would love to see that, but we know we're not ready to stomps with those Big Dawgs.
Quite frankly I just don't see, how the MLS would put MiamiFC up there. When in all really, it should be Charleston, Carolina, or even PuertoRico that should b going to the MLS. what's fair is fair.
We need to develop talent and build a foundation, from which to draw from. We're a young team, we can't afford those big-time players, those up and comers--here, today gone tomorrow. We need some OG's from down here. And that's now gonna happen for a few more years.

And NO i don't mind the wait, i'm just having too much fun at ALL my HOME miamiFC games. To stop and think about the MLs, ha!

Give me a team to cheer i say! no matter where we play!

Portland, good luck on the 'next level'. But don't you EVER tell me that my team stinks! i don't care if we're relagated to playin Single A ball. You got NO place down here. And you WILL NEVER EVAH be on 305 level.

Todos Lokoz
305 4LIFE!!!

Anonymous said...

YOU Sucks 305 4LIFE. I don't care if you dont want MLS, but the rest of South Florida does.

JRuiz said...

I go by JRuiz, so you must write 'JRuiz you suck'.
305 is the crew, you dont want to upset the crew. This is the same kind of crew that smokes Weed and sneaks bottles of whiskey to the stadium. Yes, we're the type of people your Parents warned you about.
Because unlike you Mr.Anonymous, we're attending games.
The 305 is derived from the 30Flag which we have sown and painted our own selves.
You see Mr.Anonymous, we are a rare breed. We actually LOVE the game. We're not infatuated with the MLS thing, we just want that damn Leather ball to roll about on the pitch while 20 guys chase after it.
You must've missed the whole point of my Post. I didn't say i din't WANT it, simply what i said was that i just don't CARE weather MLS looks this way or that way for their next destination to branch out in. The MLS is gonna come here, no matter how many petitions you sign, no matter how many of these 'pledges' you fill out. South Florida's got an unique abiance unmatched by the rest of the country. It was also a 'crude' tongue in cheek response to the POrtland dude, that said that MIamiFC stunk.

So while YOU Mr Anonymous are watching you MLS games (which i assure you MLS is NOT an elite league, no matter what you try to say) on your flat-screen HD TV. WE: THE 305 will b at the Sept.5 game cheering, chanting, going krazy! While you sign your petitions,and pledges and whatever the hell these Portland people are telling you to do, that 30Flag will be represented to the maximum.

Go to the game this Sept 5th, and for God's sake bring a Cowbell!

Todos Lokoz,
305 4Life!!!

PS. although a newly member of the Miami Ultras, the aft written does not in any shape or form resemble those opinions from the MiamiULtras or any of their bloggers and/or members. This is solely a humble opinion from a KRAZY SOCCER fan. Not a crazy MLS fan. Bless.