Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Miami FC has gone Viral! Videos storm the internet

In my last blog post I wrote how this new viral campaign was a step in the right direction for Miami FC. Goalkeeper Pat Hannigan, Coach Zinho and even President Aaron Davidson are willing to go bald if the Stadium gets filled! I hope this is a sign of things to come. I hope that Miami FC can close this season off with a bang and a full Lockhart Stadium.

Some people call this move desperate, but I think this is brilliant! Miami FC taught us a lesson on what needs to be done to show the fans how passionate they really are for this town. There is a month left before this game and it's enough time to bring attention to their cause.

All South Florida needs to mobilize and join Miami FC's campaign. Go to their Facebook page MIAMI FC CHALLENGE and join them . Send emails and text messages and be part of History. Attend the Miami FC vs Puerto Rico Islanders game Saturday September 19th 8 pm at Lockhart Stadium!
Check out the different versions in Spanish, Portuguese and English!
Coach Zinho in Portuguese

In Spanish Walter Ramirez and Orlando Bueso

Yes, even Mascot Hotshot wants to shave his head...

Miami FC President Aaron Davidson wants a hair cut!


Pieter Brown said...

Hotshots video is my favorite. I can't wait to see Aaron's head shaved. Brilliant.

Derek Reese said...

As if Hotshot wasn't creepy enough already, shaving his head? *shivers* lol

...and giving him that surly ship captain voice certainly doesn't help lol.

Go Blues!! C'mon South Florida let's make this club bald!