Monday, August 24, 2009

We lose again! USL or MLS? Ultras are part of Sam's Army!

It's getting old folks, the losing is getting old. First the Portland game on Saturday where the Blues lost 3-1 and then it seemed we would bring back a point from Vancouver but with only 10 minutes left Miami conceded a goal followed by another a few minutes later that sealed our fate and might keep us away from the playoffs for yet another season. Sure, playing back to back games didn't help. But now the loss versus the Thunder last week at Lockhart really hurts. The Playoffs look unreachable at this stage unless we pull off a miracle streak. If you want to read a little more about the games check out Total Futbol and the Kartik Report.

The question many people have on many soccer discussion boards and blogs is whether Miami really wants a soccer team in MLS. Support for USL side Miami FC has been dismal at both Lockhart and FIU stadiums. I often wonder how it would be if we still had an MLS team. The Miami Fusion averaged over 11,000 their last year in 2001, this compared to the barely 1,000 we get to see the Blues today.

Miami FC's front office was criticized by fans in the beginning of the season for not showing an interest to advertise or market their product. Sure, we know they almost folded, yet still no real effort was made to get the word out. It seemed the head honchos thought that word of mouth would be enough to get people in the Stadium. Cries from fans for billboards or any sign in front of the Stadiums never materialized, the fact is most people in South Florida had no idea there were games taking place and still many people have no idea there is a professional soccer team in South Florida. Only recently as the season is ending have we seen an actual effort with a billboard going up and the new Miami FC Challenge viral campaign. Good stuff guys but very late.

If we go by what we read on the Internet Miami fans want MLS. This town is full of soccer snobs not willing to support a lower league. The fans demand top quality Soccer but while we read their demands I can only wonder if people will actually come out like they did in Seattle and how they are doing in Portland now. Many might argue that when the Barcelona Miami bid was developing that Miami did not rally to support this effort. Yet Claure and Barcelona did not advertise and did not try to get the word out on their own. These potential investors were relying on word of mouth to get the news out. So my question is why does Miami always get these stingy owners who are not willing to commit to this town? Why do they all do a half ass job? I mean if they actually advertise and still they fail then they are justified to close the doors and pack up.

Many Miami haters think the Miami Fusion was a failure. I don't see the Fusion as a failure, it was an owner not willing to commit and a league that was short sighted and who now regrets closing the doors to such a great market. Today, I find it funny that San Jose lost their team only to get it back and possibly lose it again. Move San Jose to Miami! I will further discuss MLS to Miami in future blog posts. For now support the cause to bring an MLS team to South Florida go to:

Good news for The Miami Ultras! They are now a brigade of Sam's Army! The Ultras will work closely with SA and all their brigades to grow soccer in our country. We will also join the Sam’s Army® Advisory Board to work closely in growing soccer, SA and the Miami Ultras. To join the Ultras go to


Pedro said...

I agree with you Ed. USL is not what the fans want. It is not attractive not name players. We want to see the type of players that MLS has. Why don't Miami FC go to the MLS? I one of the fans that don't go to many MFC games. They are bad. Fans want better. FIU is a great location for MLS. Fans here need to do whatever it takes to get Garber to hear us. Come Miami lets start a We Want MLS not USL campain. Ed you have the fire we need more like you if we want to see MLS.

Julio said...

Good stuff Ed. I love and support Miami FC 100%,but I do want to see MLS return to Miami. I do believe FIU stadium is a great place for MLS to play. FIU has said that they still want MLS. Relocate San Jose or KC to Miami would be a smart idea. We all hope we will see it happen. If we really want MLS we all need to be vocal.

Philadelphia said...

DO A RALLY IS THE BEST IDEA YOU GUYS NEED TO DO. IT WILL BRING YOU ATTENTION.Pass flyers, talk to your Mayors,local celebrities and big companies and let them know you want MLS. Tell Miami FC you want MLS. Do it Miami before is to late.

Anonymous said...

USL is not what Miami wants. We Want MLS,MLS,MLS!!

MLS fan said...

MLS in Miami you want it go and get it. Marcelo Claure wanted MLS what about now? E mail him like crazy. If you guys show him you really want it he will try again. Or just sit and let Atlanta, St Louis or another city get it. You need to get mass support. You need to start NOW.

Miguel C said...

Move San Jose to Miami! I LIKE THAT. we need to be load and passionate if we want MLS

Uncle Ed said...

I don't see Traffic wanting to pay 40 million to get into MLS. In a perfect world we'd have Traffic team up with Claure and Beckham; then they could go 3 ways... I really don't know if any of them would want this.
Time to write to everyone and their momma and get the word out. For now Miami Soccer fans that want to support an MLS team in South Florida need to sign up and support our cause. Go here:

nick said...

MLS: Dropped to 10 teams with three owners in 2002. Now at 15 teams with 14 owners

Anonymous said...

Hey Miami fight for what you want,

JRuiz said...

Everybody's soooo worryied about this MLS scandal. I'm pretty sure they're not going to look at any bottom-table Team, to move up to the MLS.

I just hope nobody forgets that The Team is actually playing a game on Sep5 and then again on the 8th. the MLS will playing games as well, so are the baseball players, and some football players as well. Now, let's just forget about them and concentrate ON THE TASK AT HAND: BEAT AUSTIN AT HOME!!!
And oh yeah, and SHOW UP TO THE GAME!

What i find funny too. Is the way people think that if MIAMIFC goes to the MLS, it will automatically give them a Win/Kick ass Modifier that's automatically gonna make them a Badass Team.

All you BUMS that are getting on MLS' c@*k, just relax and sit on your couches and loveseats--because that's the same thing your arses will be doing if MIAMI DID have a MLS team.

Show up to the games, the MLS' not a stupid organization it will take heed to the buzz down undah. Don't worry about the stupid things in life, that's how gray-hairs and ulcers come from. Just come to the games, have fun cheer...and you know what, if we Lose???
So What!!
We know that soon enough, there will be another 90Mins in which 11 Blue-shirted (white if we're at Home) guys will try to put that Spheric Leather contraption through the Netted goals.
And we WILL be there!!!!

Todos Lokoz,
305 4Life!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey JRuiz I like your passion. but MLS is the best and what the fans want . Miami should have a team Miami FC has done nothing in 4 years. If they don''t win on Wednesday they will not go to the playoff. Get on the MLS to Miami campaign. Hey Ed keep the good work and lets bring MLS to Miami. Miami MLS 2013 it can happen Miami if you work hard.

Anonymous said...

MLS is only marginally better as a league than USL-1. Both are bad leagues to any trained futbol eye, or soccer snob as you call them.

MLS will fail in Miami (again), just as USL has. Until Boca, River, Barca, or Liverpool set up shop in South Florida, the crowds will always be on the low end.

Can you guys be blamed? No, because the two US based leagues would bore any real footy fan to tears.

Anonymous said...

I think you guys down in Miami just done know how to get the attention of the investor ans Garber. Get off your ass and do what it take to bring MLS to Miami.

Anonymous said...

We want MLS. We want MLS. ULS sucks!!!

Enrique said...

Uncle Ed we want MLS.Lets get it going down here in Miami. Ticket dedication is not going to get us the attention we need. I heard fans talk about a rally. I think that is a great idea. Lets start one.

Anonymous said...

MLS is what you guys need down in Miami. Work hard you Ultras!

Anonymous said...

Miami ytou need MLS. USL is no good.