Friday, May 29, 2009

Miami FC Fan Robert Scorca in Honduran News

Robert Scorca is a member of the Miami Ultras and has missed maybe one or two Miami FC games since the team started. He was also a devote Miami Fusion fan and was broken hearted when the Barcelona Miami bid for MLS fell apart. But one thing that many might not know about him is his love of the Honduran National team.

Robert was recently interviewed by the Honduran newspaper site Diario DIEZ in an article titled "Robert Scorca, apasionado por la Bicolor". Here is a little I translated:

Robert Scorca is a 53 year old American who has followed the Honduran national team since 2003, his love of Honduras is thanks to the Miami Fusion. “Alex Pineda Chacón, played for the Fusion he is my friend and is a humble person, he keeps in touch with me. Since then I started to identify with Honduras and I am always following what they do and when they come here. I consider myself a Honduran"
Robert says is best friend is "Samuel Caballero, too bad he was not called to the team this time. But I can't just name one player because they all say hello to me when they see me."
Many Honduran Soccer Fans left over 30 comments, most think Robert is a U.S. spy! Here are a few:

Carlos says: "As a Honduran we should learn, many are against the national team, this man from another country follows this team with his heart... Thanks for supporting Honduras..."

Albertini writes: "Ok, I hope you are not a spy!"

Catrachito: "Wow! How I envy him with all those cards of players, right when I was wondering how I could obtain posters of our warriors. I'd love to have a huge poster of our national team with Costly, Pavon, Suazo, Palacios, Guevara, Valladares etc. VERY WELL DONE Mr. Scorca!"

LUIS: "He is a great person I met him at many Honduras games here in Miami. he knows more about the national team then most Hondurans."

Noemi: "For those that say Robert is a spy, don't say things that are not true, you should learn from him and support our national team with your heart. Keep it up Robert!"

Note: Some Honduran fans have even started a campaign to help Robert finance his trip to watch the U.S. vs Honduras match to take place in Chicago on June 6.

Read more of the article and comments in Spanish here

If you see Robert at the next Miami FC game let him know he is famous and buy him a beer!
Hell, buy me a beer too!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Miami FC player pictures and a few links

This week I had everything planned out... I was going to write about the Watch party at Fritz and Franz this past Saturday which ended in a 0-0 tie between Miami FC and the Minnesota Thunder. Read more here. But at the last minute I didn't go.

Then I was going to write about the Open Cup draw that will see Miami FC play vs Lynch’s FC of Jacksonville at Tropical Park on Tuesday June 9, 2009 at 8pm and then I saw the Miami Ultras site already wrote about it. Read it here

Unfortunately I don't have the brilliant creative genius that Burrito has so I decided instead to bring you Miami FC player pictures courtesy of Robert Scorca. Enjoy!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Watch party this Saturday at Fritz and Franz - Miami FC vs Minnesota Thunder at 8pm‏

The Miami Ultras along with Miami FC are organizing a watch party this saturday at Fritz & Franz Bierhaus in Coral Gables. As Burrito says "It's Time to Bleed Blue!" and I think thats the new catch phrase going around on all the Boards and websites!

The following taken from the Miami FC newsletter:

Dear Miami FC Fans,
Come out and support your Miami FC this Saturday night for a Miami Ultras Watch Party. Bring yourself and bring a friend, Miami FC need more dedicated fans like yourself. Game starts at 8 pm, but get there early and have a few brews before the match. Join the Miami Ultras and you will receive a new membership card that will entitle you to 10% off your purchases at Fritz and Franz.

When: Saturday, May 23rd at 8 pm
Where: Fritz and Franz Bierhaus, 60 Merrick Way, Coral Gables Fl. 33134 Tel 305 774-1883

Picture taken from the Miami Ultras site

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Miami FC players need to play with Huevos! Time to bleed Blue! by Burrito

Did all you vatos see Miami FC vs los pinches Charleston Batterys on USL Live? (Click on highlighted words if you don't know the meaning) Primero the stupids thing dont work! Too many problemas with USL live... and is true Burrito steal wireless internet (and laptop) from the neighbor pero still, the connection Burrito half say buffering all the time and Burrito see only parts of game.
Then Burrito see how Miami play ok game and then Zinho put in Paulo Araujo and team fall apart! The Blues lose possessions of their balls and then las putas Batterys score on stupids dead balls goal by some guy name Spicer? Yisus! Miami FC almost have no outside shots! Someone take shots peoples!

How can Miami FC stop losing games? Chingada madre! Burrito tired off losing so mucho! Time 4 Burrito to come outs of retiro and play again! Burrito going to play as centro delantero and score like he score with all the hot mamacitas in Miami!
Time to wears the Blues shirts with pride and huevos! If Miami FC Blues players no play with huevos then we continue to "lose" like Burrito "lose" underwears one time when swimming in rivers back in Mexico!

Here is what Burrito think of team:Goalkeeper Hannigan is doing good. Goals not his fault(see defense)

Defense: Is shaky like when Burrito see hot mamacita and want to ax her out! Burrito disappointed with Facundo Erpen. Something missing there and Burrito no no what! Pero the good thing is Beowulf Kirby! He solid and play well, pero he no play in Charleston? Porque? Burrito also like Ramirez who might be fasterer then Burrito when he hear someone yell "Police"! Only thing about Walter is his bad centers but Burrito hope he get better soon or else Burrito call Police on him! "Z" also no play this game he have minutes he play good and minutes he play bad, pero Burrito like the name "Z", reminds him of zorro!

Midfield:Burrito think time to making changes in middle! Blues need to bench Miranda and Pulido, sorry carnales pero you not doing it in middle, time to give chance to Bueso, Traynor, Goldberg, anyone por el amor de Dios! Burrito think team play good with ball on ground. Time to dominates the mid and create opportunity's up front. Leo Inacio need help. We need general in middle!
Forwards: Now we see all forwards and none can make gol! If Serna stop getting red he may be only one who play with huevos out there pero one player no make team! Marcina weak and only score one gol. Alcantara play ok pero no gol yet and not mucho from Araujo who play so little.

We know Miami FC have no money like Burrito so this all we half this year, sorry compadres! All Blues fans can do is sit back drink cerveza and wait for next season or a miracle from la Virgen de Guadalupe!
Burrito leave you with episode of "Huevos in Space"!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Miami FC and Farm Stores ticket deal, plus Podcast and more...

Some people might complain that sport ticket prices in this town are expensive. In Baseball they can range from $315 to $12-$16 for upper nose bleed. For American Football it's even worse $41.00 to $700.00! Not to mention parking! But when you talk about Football Soccer then you really can't complain. Miami FC tickets are the cheapest in town for any professional sport at only $12, with FREE parking! You can't beat that... or can you? Well, we just found out that Miami FC tickets are going to be even cheaper! Go to your nearest South Florida Farm Store and with the purchase of any item you can ask for tickets to Miami FC's next game against the Austin Aztex June 14, 2009 at Lockhart Stadium (6 pm) and you'll get them for only 5 bucks! Yup, $5 is all it will cost you. For your nearest Farm Store (aka La Vaquita) location go here

Everyone needs to go over to the Miami Ultras site to check out this weeks episode of Mindless Thoughts of a Miami Soccer Fan hosted by Pieter Brown, Miguel Mejia and Uncle Ed. This week we discuss the recent loss to the Carolina Railhawks, the stadium ambiance, Serna's red card, Erpen going to Europe and the future of USL among other issues.

Be sure to check out Miami FC's next game vs The Charleston Battery tonight Wednesday at 7:30 pm on USL Live or you can see it here! Vamos Miami!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Miami FC: Another loss, Pictures, Red Card, New Times is wrong and a partridge in a pear tree...

Miami FC started off the season in surprising good form, but the reality is settling in. We had a good 2 game run but now we are in the midst of a 3 game losing streak all at home.

The Miami Herald reports some issues within the team due to Diego Serna's Red Card with 20 minutes left to go during Saturdays 2-0 loss to the Carolina Railhawks at Lockhart Stadium. In my opinion that Red didn't affect the outcome of the game. The Blues, with or without Serna were neutralized by the Railhawks and I doubt his presence would have made a difference. Serna will be out for the next game but Miami FC will have Cubans Reiner Alcantara and Pedro Faife ready for action along with Brazilian Paulo Araujo.

Speaking of Alcantara and Faife; The Miami New Times wrote a piece called "The Cuban Connection last week and made a boo-boo when they were pointing out South Florida's difficult love affair with Soccer.

Chronic anonymity is a disease that has felled eight South Florida franchises in the past three decades. The Miami Gatos went belly-up in 1972, and the Toros followed suit four years later.
Actually, after discussing this topic with Robert Scorca, the Miami Gatos changed their name to the Miami Toros and moved up to Broward... then they went belly up...

The Southern Legion was again nowhere to be seen for the second straight game. One disgruntled Miami Ultra mentioned in jest that Miami FC's new Fan group were more of a "Foreign Legion" then a Southern Legion. We hope to see the Southern Legion out there in future games!

Our good friend Victor Palkanínec has more great pictures of the Miami FC vs Carolina Railhawks up at his Miami FC2 site be sure to check it out!

I need to mention the great work by the Miami Ultras they didn't stop chanting and playing the drums giving Lockhart a great ambiance for fans. The addition of teenagers from local soccer team "The Strikers" also helped elevate the sound level.

Miami FC will now try to make some points on the road as they head out on a 3 game trip. Lets wish the Blues the best! We need to regain precious points lost at home!

The Next game at home will be on June 14, 2009 at Lockhart stadium game is set to start at 6pm. For ticket info call 305-728-2606 or go to
Picture of Alcantara and Faife by
Robert Scorca

Friday, May 15, 2009

Miami FC Blues vs The Carolina Railhawks Saturday at Lockhart Stadium

It's that time folks. Time to take the coolers out, buy some Hotdiggity dogs, some meat and bust out that old trusty grill and head out to Lockhart Stadium as South Florida's own Miami FC "Blues" gets ready to de-rail the visiting Carolina Railchickens! Yes, it's this Saturday, May 16, 2009 at 8 pm. Don't forget the Miami Ultras are organizing a Tailgate starting at 5:30 pm and not too far away in another section of the parking lot the Southern Legion will be doing the same thing, so you have alternatives!

Miami Ultras president Pieter Brown has designed the Beer logo that you see on this blog. How do you like them apples? Not bad don't you think? Don't be surprised if The Ultras start their own brewery! This might just become the official beer of Miami FC, USL, The United States Soccer Federation, FIFA and the world!
I wouldn't mind a nice cold Ultras Beer! So meet us for some fun times before we destroy the RailChickens!

According to the Miami FC site: The only player that will be missing is starting left back Walter Ramirez, who received a red card in the game against the Charleston Battery. Otherwise the team is complete and we could see the first glimpse of Cubans Reiner Alcantara and Pedro Faife. Carolina's coach Martin Rennie has some ex-MLSers like Brian Plotkin, Dan Paladini, John Cunliffe, and Gavin Gliton.

For ticket info go to Miami FC or call 305-728-2606
Vamos Miami! Let's go Blues!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Burrito Report: Miami FC week off, Burrito visits Exxxotica and mucho mas...

Hola amigos y mamacitas! (Click on highlighted words if you don't know the meaning)
This weeks Burrito Report no have mucho to talk about with Miami FC having week off from play, entonces Burrito tell you about other things like his visit to Miami Bitches Convention Centers this weekend to see mucho naked women at Exxxotica! Virgen Santisima de Guadalupe! Burrito never ever see so many hot womens showing breasteses to Burrito and they no ax for tips! Unfortunately Burrito no take camera so he steal this fotos from other blog an hope they no tell Burrito to take it out. Go to this site to see more pictures and read about it: Local Motion Miami

Colombian team Santa Fe de Bogota investigated for money laundering... Burrito no understand, what the big deal? At least these putos try to keep moneys cleans! To read more go here: Colombia Reports

In other news these pinches cerotes of Conmebol get afraids of a little cochino flu and no want to play with Mexican teams so Burritos Mexican carnales tell thems "You no want us to play with you then you get no more Tacos anymore you chingados losers!" Ok, they no say that pero if you think about it Conmebol going to lose mucho dinero for being so paranoids. This is not the end of this story. Read more aqui: USA Today

With not mucho going on with Miami FC excepts what Uncle Ed write in post below Burrito ax you vatos to check out the following links:

Burritos compadre Kartik Krishnaiyer have his world famous Kartik Report, even Burritos mama back in Toluca, Mexico read it! Its that good and she no speak English!

Soccer by Ives sometimes recommends things written by Uncle Ed but never Burrito and this hurt Burritos feelings... pero is ok, Ives always have good thing to read.

Burritos amigo Brian Quarstad of Inside Minnesota Soccer always have up to date info of all USL teams that Miami FC will destroy and send crying back to their mamis after they get beat! Go and read what he write when Blues beat those pinches "Chickenhawks" from Carolina!

Miami Herald Master of disasters Adam Beasley have Total Futbol , Burrito always read it when he have cafecito in mornings and you should too or Burrito hit you on head with quesadilla!

Last pero not least check out Miami Ultras site for info on Miami FC, they have many writers like Eric Corey, Brian Corey (No, they not married, this no Iowa, they are brothers!) Robert Scorca, El presidente Pieter Brown, Julio Caballero, Derek Reese and a partridge in a pear tree!

Ok, Burrito tired and need to read and see more pictures about Exxxotica! Go here

Don't forget to Come out and Support your Miami FC against the Carolina Railhawks this Saturday, May 16, 2009 at 8 pm at Lockhart Stadium. Tailgate at 6pm and both supporters Groups should be out there (Miami Ultras and Southern Legion) so come have a beer with us!For ticket info go to Miami FC or call 305-728-2606
Vamos Miami! Let's go Blues!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Miami FC: Cubans should be ready to play this Saturday and more...

Since Miami FC had this week off there wasn't much to write about. But here is some information as we get ready for our match against the Carolina "Chickenhawks" to take place this Saturday at Lockhart Stadium:

Our good friend Robert Scorca witnessed a practice last week at Tropical Park and mentioned seeing former Haitian national team defender Stéphane Guillaume practicing with the team. After further investigation it appears Guillaume is only practicing with the team to remain fit and will not be part of the Blues this season. Some of you might remember Stéphane as he once played for the Blues starting in 2006.

Robert Scorca also writes a good piece over at the Miami Ultras site concerning the scrimmage between Miami FC Kendall U-18 and the U.S.A. U-17. For more on that click here.

Argentine defender Facundo Erpen might be Europe bound per the Miami Herald. This will be a great loss if it materializes

Cuban Players Reinier Alcantara (#23) and Pedro Faife (#13) should be ready to make their debut this Saturday if all legal issues are finalized this Friday. I'm looking forward to see what both of these players can do. Alcantara is remembered for scoring a goal against Mexico in the Gold Cup in 2007. Here is a video of that game and goal:

Stay tuned as Miami FC players will make appearances on TV and radio this week. We will keep you informed!
Don't forget to Come out and Support your Miami FC against the Carolina Railhawks this Saturday, May 16, 2009 at 8 pm at Lockhart Stadium. Tailgate at 6pm and both supporters Groups should be out there (Miami Ultras and Southern Legion) so come have a beer with us!
For ticket info go to Miami FC or call 305-728-2606
Vamos Miami! Let's go Blues!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Miami FC Defender Jack Traynor on The DA Show WQAM 560 Radio listen to the podcast

No, it's not the Jack Trainer portrayed by Harrison Ford on 1988's Working Girl. We are talking about Miami FC Defender Jack Traynor (#15) Traynor has so far this year played 16 minutes against the Rochester Raging Rhinos and has received a yellow card! Traynor played at Notre Dame, and was drafted by the New York Red Bulls.

Jack came out in "The DA Show" on local Sports station WQAM 560 Radio yesterday.
Below you can check out the podcast of the show under "Youth Soccer". If you want to listen in you can find his interview at about minute 28.
Be Sure to listen in on Damon Amendolara and his "DA Show" which starts at 8 pm and runs till 11 pm weekdays. DA is a Soccer Fan so call him up and discuss the team.
Help Support Soccer in South Florida!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Miami Ultras podcast Episode 3 with Ignacio Rodriguez Miami FC Public Relations

Technology Nightmare Episode Week 3 on Mindless Thoughts of a Miami Soccer Fan podcast. Mindless Thoughts hosted by Pieter Brown, Uncle Ed and Miguel Mejia. We welcome special guest Ignacio Rodriguez, Miami FC Public Relations

Subjects covered: Miami FC vs Charleston Battery, Red Card on Walter Ramirez, Discussion with Ignacio Rodriguez Miami FC PR, Southern Legion absence at game, Suggestions to Miami FC and more...

Go here:

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Burrito Report: Miami FC lose, Southern Legion missing and more Brought to you by Star Trek... not really

Hola Miami Fans, and especially all the hot mamacitas out there! Burrito here reportings all things Miami FC to the worlds. (Click on highlighted words if you don't know the meaning of the word)

Today Burritos report is brought to you by Star Trek ! (Not really) But the new movie is coming out this Fridays so go see it with your carnales or a hot chula con chasis aerodynamico!
Burrito sad to say Miami FC lose to los pinches Charleston dancing Batterys or somethings like that by 1-0. The thing that make us lose is that Burritos homeboy Walter Ramirez was given red card in minuto 18 for pushing a Carolina puto to ground. At time Burrito was buying beer so he no see pero people say it no fair so Burrito believe Miami fans and will write to USL to complains about it. If you got huevos like Burrito then you write to USL and tell them Referee is Wancker! Write here to Presidente of USL:
Please write email as follows:

Dear USL peoples,
The Referees a Wancker, The Referees a Wancker, The Referees a Wancker, The
Referees a Wancker, etc.
Thank you and regards,
Miami FC Blues Fan!
Report on USL site say over 1500 peoples go to game at Lockhearts on SaTURDay. We need more peoples! One thing that make Burrito sad is that this game there were no Southern Legion homeboys out there... porque? Not one! If you love Miami FC then some Legion members need to represents their group. Pero Burrito happy to see Ultras were there singing more spanish songs and that crazy Erics Cartma... Burrito mean Eric Corey was jumping like mexican jumping bean and telling fans to sing! Vamos Miami!

Burrito think Miami FC need to make more advertizings on outside of stadium and with billboards close to FIU and Lockhearts Stadiums. The other day Burrito walk around Homey-stead and ax all his carnales if they want to go see Miami FC with him and most people no know much about team! Some vato say to Burrito, "I think I see sign on Mexico game, pero I thought it was for MLS team that is coming to Miami" Burrito imediatleys tells that poor vato he stupid and hit him on head with quesadilla! No, just kitten, Burrito tell him he need to read more about USL on internets and go to Miami FC site and Miami Ultras site and join them!

So Burrito think as much as Miami FC need to advertize Blues fans also need to take more people with them. Let's go peoples! It come down to everyone to make this team successful so that when one day Burrito find the right womens he will have little Burritos who can one day go and see Miami FC like his father the big Burrito!
Here is video of Burritos old team the Miami Fusion, they make this commercial but it no come out much on TV. Miami FC need to make somethings like this!

Next game is Saturday May 16th, 8 pm @ Lockhearts Stadium vs the Chicken farmers from Carolina, Burrito think they called Railhawks but the Carolina Chickens sound better! For tickets go to Miami FC site or call 305-728-2606.
As always the Miami Ultras will be having their Tailgates at 6pm so come by and have drink and if you see Burrito he give you a quesadilla and a beers!
Vamos! Vamos Miami! Que esta noche tenemos que ganar!