Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Miami FC: Another loss, Pictures, Red Card, New Times is wrong and a partridge in a pear tree...

Miami FC started off the season in surprising good form, but the reality is settling in. We had a good 2 game run but now we are in the midst of a 3 game losing streak all at home.

The Miami Herald reports some issues within the team due to Diego Serna's Red Card with 20 minutes left to go during Saturdays 2-0 loss to the Carolina Railhawks at Lockhart Stadium. In my opinion that Red didn't affect the outcome of the game. The Blues, with or without Serna were neutralized by the Railhawks and I doubt his presence would have made a difference. Serna will be out for the next game but Miami FC will have Cubans Reiner Alcantara and Pedro Faife ready for action along with Brazilian Paulo Araujo.

Speaking of Alcantara and Faife; The Miami New Times wrote a piece called "The Cuban Connection last week and made a boo-boo when they were pointing out South Florida's difficult love affair with Soccer.

Chronic anonymity is a disease that has felled eight South Florida franchises in the past three decades. The Miami Gatos went belly-up in 1972, and the Toros followed suit four years later.
Actually, after discussing this topic with Robert Scorca, the Miami Gatos changed their name to the Miami Toros and moved up to Broward... then they went belly up...

The Southern Legion was again nowhere to be seen for the second straight game. One disgruntled Miami Ultra mentioned in jest that Miami FC's new Fan group were more of a "Foreign Legion" then a Southern Legion. We hope to see the Southern Legion out there in future games!

Our good friend Victor Palkanínec has more great pictures of the Miami FC vs Carolina Railhawks up at his Miami FC2 site be sure to check it out!

I need to mention the great work by the Miami Ultras they didn't stop chanting and playing the drums giving Lockhart a great ambiance for fans. The addition of teenagers from local soccer team "The Strikers" also helped elevate the sound level.

Miami FC will now try to make some points on the road as they head out on a 3 game trip. Lets wish the Blues the best! We need to regain precious points lost at home!

The Next game at home will be on June 14, 2009 at Lockhart stadium game is set to start at 6pm. For ticket info call 305-728-2606 or go to http://www.miamifc.com/
Picture of Alcantara and Faife by
Robert Scorca

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