Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Burrito Report: Miami FC week off, Burrito visits Exxxotica and mucho mas...

Hola amigos y mamacitas! (Click on highlighted words if you don't know the meaning)
This weeks Burrito Report no have mucho to talk about with Miami FC having week off from play, entonces Burrito tell you about other things like his visit to Miami Bitches Convention Centers this weekend to see mucho naked women at Exxxotica! Virgen Santisima de Guadalupe! Burrito never ever see so many hot womens showing breasteses to Burrito and they no ax for tips! Unfortunately Burrito no take camera so he steal this fotos from other blog an hope they no tell Burrito to take it out. Go to this site to see more pictures and read about it: Local Motion Miami

Colombian team Santa Fe de Bogota investigated for money laundering... Burrito no understand, what the big deal? At least these putos try to keep moneys cleans! To read more go here: Colombia Reports

In other news these pinches cerotes of Conmebol get afraids of a little cochino flu and no want to play with Mexican teams so Burritos Mexican carnales tell thems "You no want us to play with you then you get no more Tacos anymore you chingados losers!" Ok, they no say that pero if you think about it Conmebol going to lose mucho dinero for being so paranoids. This is not the end of this story. Read more aqui: USA Today

With not mucho going on with Miami FC excepts what Uncle Ed write in post below Burrito ax you vatos to check out the following links:

Burritos compadre Kartik Krishnaiyer have his world famous Kartik Report, even Burritos mama back in Toluca, Mexico read it! Its that good and she no speak English!

Soccer by Ives sometimes recommends things written by Uncle Ed but never Burrito and this hurt Burritos feelings... pero is ok, Ives always have good thing to read.

Burritos amigo Brian Quarstad of Inside Minnesota Soccer always have up to date info of all USL teams that Miami FC will destroy and send crying back to their mamis after they get beat! Go and read what he write when Blues beat those pinches "Chickenhawks" from Carolina!

Miami Herald Master of disasters Adam Beasley have Total Futbol , Burrito always read it when he have cafecito in mornings and you should too or Burrito hit you on head with quesadilla!

Last pero not least check out Miami Ultras site for info on Miami FC, they have many writers like Eric Corey, Brian Corey (No, they not married, this no Iowa, they are brothers!) Robert Scorca, El presidente Pieter Brown, Julio Caballero, Derek Reese and a partridge in a pear tree!

Ok, Burrito tired and need to read and see more pictures about Exxxotica! Go here

Don't forget to Come out and Support your Miami FC against the Carolina Railhawks this Saturday, May 16, 2009 at 8 pm at Lockhart Stadium. Tailgate at 6pm and both supporters Groups should be out there (Miami Ultras and Southern Legion) so come have a beer with us!For ticket info go to Miami FC or call 305-728-2606
Vamos Miami! Let's go Blues!

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