Thursday, May 21, 2009

Miami FC players need to play with Huevos! Time to bleed Blue! by Burrito

Did all you vatos see Miami FC vs los pinches Charleston Batterys on USL Live? (Click on highlighted words if you don't know the meaning) Primero the stupids thing dont work! Too many problemas with USL live... and is true Burrito steal wireless internet (and laptop) from the neighbor pero still, the connection Burrito half say buffering all the time and Burrito see only parts of game.
Then Burrito see how Miami play ok game and then Zinho put in Paulo Araujo and team fall apart! The Blues lose possessions of their balls and then las putas Batterys score on stupids dead balls goal by some guy name Spicer? Yisus! Miami FC almost have no outside shots! Someone take shots peoples!

How can Miami FC stop losing games? Chingada madre! Burrito tired off losing so mucho! Time 4 Burrito to come outs of retiro and play again! Burrito going to play as centro delantero and score like he score with all the hot mamacitas in Miami!
Time to wears the Blues shirts with pride and huevos! If Miami FC Blues players no play with huevos then we continue to "lose" like Burrito "lose" underwears one time when swimming in rivers back in Mexico!

Here is what Burrito think of team:Goalkeeper Hannigan is doing good. Goals not his fault(see defense)

Defense: Is shaky like when Burrito see hot mamacita and want to ax her out! Burrito disappointed with Facundo Erpen. Something missing there and Burrito no no what! Pero the good thing is Beowulf Kirby! He solid and play well, pero he no play in Charleston? Porque? Burrito also like Ramirez who might be fasterer then Burrito when he hear someone yell "Police"! Only thing about Walter is his bad centers but Burrito hope he get better soon or else Burrito call Police on him! "Z" also no play this game he have minutes he play good and minutes he play bad, pero Burrito like the name "Z", reminds him of zorro!

Midfield:Burrito think time to making changes in middle! Blues need to bench Miranda and Pulido, sorry carnales pero you not doing it in middle, time to give chance to Bueso, Traynor, Goldberg, anyone por el amor de Dios! Burrito think team play good with ball on ground. Time to dominates the mid and create opportunity's up front. Leo Inacio need help. We need general in middle!
Forwards: Now we see all forwards and none can make gol! If Serna stop getting red he may be only one who play with huevos out there pero one player no make team! Marcina weak and only score one gol. Alcantara play ok pero no gol yet and not mucho from Araujo who play so little.

We know Miami FC have no money like Burrito so this all we half this year, sorry compadres! All Blues fans can do is sit back drink cerveza and wait for next season or a miracle from la Virgen de Guadalupe!
Burrito leave you with episode of "Huevos in Space"!


Southern Legion (Lucho) said...

They played good but just couldn't get the ball in the net, I think we need more midfielders, somoeone who can pass the ball and open up the offense, there was a couple nice through passes for alcantara, but couldnt complete the play.. But definitely happy with our latest additions.. Go FC, bleeding Blue!!

Anonymous said...

You sure know a lot about the team burrito!

Burrito said...

Burrito no be able to see much and only hear stupid comentatoror saying how good those pinches Batterys were!
Burrito Bleed Blue more then all Ultras and Legion del Sur members! Burrito going to make group called "Los Burritos" and take over world of futbol!
Vamos Miami no se rajen!