Friday, July 31, 2009

People who live in USA's Hat will visit Miami! Montreal Impact vs Miami FC Saturday 8 pm at FIU Stadium

Si, ugly peoples from Canada come back to Miami to lose again! If it not enough these pinches Canadians can't even get along with themselves and fight between each other! Why? Maybe it's too cold in Canada? Maybe they tired of being called America's Hat? Burrito don't know and no care.

All Burrito know is that the Blues need to wins and get the three points. Lately Burrito's compadre Diego Serna have not score as much and Burrito think it is because he no get passes up there because we need attacking midfielder that we not have since Leo Inacio has been hurt. So that make Diego go down to look for balls so he no score like he should. Burrito is happy that Paulo Jr. is one bad ass macho man and playing like and running like he eat Hot chile! Ah Chihuahua! read more about the game HERE

Anyways Burrito Invite all you vatos to FIU stadium tomorrow Saturday Agosto 1, 2009 at 8 PM FIU Stadium when Miami FC is gonna beat them pinches Canadienses and send them back crying! Come see the hot mamacitas of the Miami FC Cheerleaders! Drink the FREE Beers at the Ultras tailgate that start at 6 PM.
Buy your tickets at Miami FC site, the box office at stadium or from the Cheerleaders and help support their program!
Vamos Miami! Let's go Blues!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Miami wants in on MLS! New grassroots effort has begun...

South Florida Soccer Fans have been kicked around by critics, Major League Soccer and timid investors, So has decided to let their voices be heard.
They have launched a campaign to acquire as many “season ticket dedications” as possible for a potential Major League Soccer team in Miami. A “season ticket dedication” is basically a pledge that if Miami does get a Major League Soccer team, you will buy season tickets. Miamisoccerfan continues:
We need as many season ticket dedications as possible to enhance support for our case of getting an MLS team in the near future. If you want to do more than just sign up for a season ticket dedication, send an e-mail to all your friends to get them to sign up or join the Ultras at our events as we will be canvassing the local soccer community trying to get dedications.
South Florida is being called out. After half ass attempts to bring an MLS team to Miami it is the fans who will determine if we ever have an MLS team in South Florida. Time to step up people, time to tell the world the last great season of the Miami Fusion (2001) was not a fluke. Time to tell the world the Ft Lauderdale Strikers of the old NASL was not a fluke, that South Florida can and will support a professional Soccer team if the owners and investors do the right marketing and are willing to give this market the chance it needs to succeed.
Go to
Join the Miami Ultras be part of the South Florida Soccer Revolution!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Miami FC prize give away. Miami Kickers in the National Championship playoffs

South Florida's Professional Soccer team, Miami FC is giving away amazing prizes for fans that are following them on both Facebook and Twitter! All you have to do is join their Facebook group or Twitter and compete for great prizes! If you want to join their Facebook legion of fans, go to:
To follow them on Twitter, go to:
Good luck to all of you!

The Miami Kickers FC are the new WPSL Sunshine Conference Champions and played the Regional Championship against the Ohio Premier this past Saturday, July 25th and defeated them at home by 2-0.
The Kickers will now play in New York on August 1 against Ajax America Women at Adelphi University in the National Championship playoff. Good luck to the girls on their quest for championship glory!

Miami FC fans! Be sure to support Soccer in South Florida as the Blues play against the Montreal Impact at FIU Stadium this Saturday August 1, 2009 - 8:00 PM. Look for the Miami Ultras and come drink their FREE beer at the tailgate that starts at 6:00 PM! For tickets go the the Miami FC site or buy them at the stadium. You can also buy tickets from the FIU Cheerleaders and help them fund their program, so don't miss this game! Vamos Miami! Let's go Blues!
Picture by Robert Scorca

Monday, July 27, 2009

USA and Miami FC lose, Ultras at Republica Deportiva and more

It was a tough Sunday in many ways for the Miami Ultras. Once again we were invited to attend Univision's Republica Deportiva for the USA vs Mexico Gold Cup final. Everything was great, confidence was high. The Mexican fans chanted their typical Mexican tunes while the Ultras began to drown them out with our incessant USA! USA! USA! One of us started to yell "USA es tu papa" (USA is your daddy!) and that became the hymn until the second half when the Mexicans were awarded a penalty. It was to mark the end for the U.S. After that we received such a whooping that it will last us a life time!

I've always been a critic of Bob Bradley, never liked his methods or tactics, but his recent good luck at the Confederations Cup and now the recent Gold Cup results; considering we played without any first team players (save Ching who I never thought was that good anyway) will preserve him inevitably as the coach, even though we lost another final this time by 5-0. Ouch!
Asking for his head is futile at this point. Too close to World Cup Qualifying to do that and we've managed to stay in it and should make it to the WC unless some major catastrophe develops.
The Ultras were crushed by the USA loss and to add insult to injury while on the Univision set we received the information that Miami FC also lost against the Carolina Railhawks 4-0... read more HERE . it was not a good day for the Blues and a terrible day for the Ultras.
Check out some pictures at Univision:

For more pictures check out the Ultras site
I need to point out 2 great pieces over at the Miami Ultra site. First, Robert Scorca's piece on the history of South Florida Soccer. He takes us back to the days of the Fort Lauderdale Strikers! Great pictures and great history check it out HERE
Derek Reese then takes us on a ride with his dream piece "If I were a billionaire" with Stadium pictures and enough detail that I do hope somehow Derek becomes a Billionaire!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Paulo Jr Scores twice to give Miami FC a victory over the Thunder

Miami FC played a tough match versus the Minnesota Thunder defeating them by 2-1. A group of Miami Fans led by the Miami Ultras along with Miami FC staff and a few players watched the game at Fritz & Franz in Coral Gables and were delighted by the hospitality and great beer! The ambiance was set for what would be a memorable match for Blues fans.

It was Paulo Araujo Jr's night as he proves to once again be the main catalyst in Miami FC's attack. Paulo Jr. is in my opinion the best player so far this season. He has been instrumental in just about every match he has participated in. But enough with the talk check out the video of the second goal.

Picture by Victor Palkaninec
Be sure to check this blog out as we will bring you pictures of the watch party.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Watch Party this Friday at Fritz & Franz 8 pm!

South Florida Soccer fans! Come out and support your Miami FC as they get ready to play an away game versus the Minnesota Thunder Live on FSC this Friday (July 24th) at 8 PM.
The Miami Ultras and Miami FC (non-traveling players, front office and cheerleaders) will be viewing this game at Fritz and Franz Bierhaus located at 60 Merrick Way in Coral Gables.
All Miami Ultras and guests will get a 10% discount so bring everyone and their momma!

Miami FC is currently in 6th place and holding on to a playoff spot. We need a win on the road to stay in the hunt for the title.

Be sure to bring your jerseys, flags, scarves and get ready to scream Goal!
Vamos Miami! Let's go Blues!

A Tribute to el Taco Bell Chihuahua by Burrito

Burrito once suggest to Miami FC staff to bring back the Taco Bell chihuahua and put her on the Miami FC jersey, pero they all laugh at Burrito.
Si, Burrito know this not futbol related, pero for this once Burrito want to give eulogy for this wonderful chihuahua that give burrito so much joy and pleasant night time satisfaction after burrito go to concerts and fiestas. Taco Bell will never be the same without Gidget, the chihuahua. The chimichangas, the quesadillas and all the taquitos that we all love and desire late at night when everything else is closed will never, ever, whevers be the same.
She was a beautiful bitch... and she will be missed... Hasta luego Chihuahua de mi amor, hasta la vista! May you chase many gatos up in doggie heavens!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cheerleaders to the rescue!

Miami FC has been working on getting fans to FIU Stadium and one strategy is to work with the FIU Cheerleaders.
FIU recently had a budget reduction which affected the Cheerleaders and other Athletic Department programs. I was able to get in touch with Tommy Knapp, Director of Tickets/Hospitality for Miami FC and he pointed out the following:

First, the FIU Cheerleaders will be at the games from here on to help raise funds for their program through a number of initiatives. They will be cheering at the remainder of our home games. They will be selling tickets to Miami FC home games on campus and in the S FLA community. They will also be joining in promotional outings such as festivals, soccer related tournaments, charity events, etc. The objective is to join forces and develop greater awareness, community support and revenue streams for both organizations.There are 42 girls on the team who will all be involved, with 15 of them acting as the main Miami FC cheer team. The team is lead by Maria George, a former Dolphin cheerleader.
For more on the Cheerleaders be sure to visit
Support your FIU Cheerleaders and support Miami FC!
All pictures by Robert Scorca
Be sure to check out the most recent podcast at Ultras President Pieter Brown interviews Tommy Knapp and Aaron Davidson of Miami FC and later discusses the games, cheerleaders, marketing and just about anything with me, Uncle Ed! Go HERE

A great blog to view is The Kartik Report. Kartik gives a Miami FC Midseason Report worth reading so go do it! HERE

Miami FC Fans! Be sure to meet up with the Ultras for a Watch Party at Fritz & Franz Bierhaus in Coral Gables this Friday July 24 at 8pm as the Blues play away versus the Minnesota Thunder. Come out and support the Blues. You get a special 10% discount if you say you are with the Ultras!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Oh no, We suck again! by Burrito


Tonite Burrito jump fence at FIU stadium only to see 300 peoples show up to a game no vato in Miami knew was taking place. There were no signs, except for one that say "Colombian Festival" where there was thousands of cars not far from FIU Stadium. Burrito talk to some Colombianos and tell them to come to game. They no even know Miami FC exist!!! Chingada madre! On tops of that Miami play terrible futbol. Burrito think they would play like Friday's game where Los Azules were close to winning. Pero no, it not happen this time. Portland came to destroy Miami and in second half hit us with 3 goles. More on game at Miami FC site

If you want to see pictures of game see the ones Victor Palkaninec took of Fridays game, go HERE

The only thing good about Miami FC game was the Ultras girls new dance that Burrito hope the FIU cheerleaders pick up.... Check it out:

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Miami Kickers keep their playoff hopes alive. Miami FC plays Friday and Sunday against the Portland Timbers and more

Miami Kickers FC tied with the Clearwater Galactics Amazons 2-2 at St Leo College Wednesday afternoon keeping the Kickers in the mix for first place with two matches left. This is the second match this week for both teams that ends 2-2.

Our good friends and future USL rivals at Against the Run of Play (Tampa) have a great piece detailing the game. Be sure to check it out HERE

In a exclusive, fellow Miami Ultras announced the transfer of Midfielder Richard Perdomo to CD Platense of the Honduran first Division. We at FMB (that's for Football in Miami and Beyond dumbasses...) wish Richard luck at his new club. Read the full interview HERE
Professional soccer is a business after all and transfers like this will happen. Now we wait to see where Facundo Erpen will be headed. Erpen has been rumored to be the next Miami FC player be in the transfer market.

For those wondering about Zourab Tsiskaridze's (best known to fans as "Zee") heroics mentioned in my previous post. I could not get a hold of Zee for the details but a source tells me he was at the right place at the right time. Suffice to say he saved a child from drowning. We hope to see Zee play this weekend.

This Friday July 17th is Presidente Supermarket Day at FIU Stadium. Powerade with new ION4 will be hosting the Powerade Penalty Kick Shootout in which 4 lucky people will be selected to try and score on HotShot (Miami FC's Mascot) while competing to win a $100 shopping spree at Presidente Supermarkets. Join Miami FC as they face the Portland Timbers for Presidente Supermarket Day brought to you by Powerade ION4.

Miami Fans, the Blues will play two consecutive games against the second place Timbers on Friday 8PM and Sunday 6PM at FIU Stadium. For more information visit
Let's support the Blues! Vamos Miami!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Miami FC vs Vancouver Whitecaps Fan videos plus Miami player saves a Child from drowning and more

Miami FC Defender #6 Zourab Tsiskaridze best known to fans as "Zee" is said to have saved a child from drowning. No details are known about the incident but we'll get you the full scoop. This proves Zee is a hero on and off the field. He's also a good free kicker and has already scored for the Blues. We hope to see Zee play versus the Portland Timbers this Friday and Sunday at FIU Stadium.

As posted on this blog and on Our friend Burrito stumbled upon 2 Miami FC tickets the other day and donated them to the Miami Ultras. To get these FREE Tickets come up with the best chant, song or belligerent rant to be used at the soccer games Friday and Sunday against Portland.
Go to the Miami Ultras site and get those free tickets! GO HERE

A few Miami FC Fans have put up a couple of videos this week of Sundays match against the Whitecaps, which I must add Miami FC won 2-1.
Though not of great quality they are entertaining. Check them out:

USL Miami FC vs. Vancouver White Caps 2 - 1 Victory

When the Blues come marching in...

M-I-A Song

Miami Fans, the Blues will play two consecutive games against the second place Timbers on Friday 8PM and Sunday 6PM at FIU Stadium. For more information visit
Be sure to check out the FIU Cheerleaders as they make their debut on Friday!
Let's support the Blues! Vamos Miami!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Miami fans where are you? Ticket give away and more drama 4 yr momma by Burrito

Hola Futbol fans! Today Burrito come to you very enojado with Miami Fans. On Friday Burrito go to Gold Cup and see almost 18,000 vatos fill up FIU stadium and Burrito was happy eating Arepas, talking in espanish to all the ladies (Burrito get mucho telefono numbers!). So Burrito think to self, this good time for Miami FC to put flyers on cars! Pero Burrito no see any...
Sunday come and Burrito do usual jump over the fence to get in Stadium and was mad there were only 400 peoples at game! Porque? One thing Burrito always get mad about is how those pinches Miami FC peoples no put sign out in front of stadium entrances saying there is game today!

The good thing is that while eating arepa on Sunday at half time as Miami FC was winning game 2-0, Burrito see on ground 2 tickets! Ah Chihuahua! So Burrito look around, no one there and pick them up! Then burrito see el Presidente of los Ultras, Mr. Pieter Brown and tell him Burrito donate so we can get some peoples to stadium! So if you want FREE tickets go to Ultras site!

Talk about Ultras, el presidente Brown also put up latest podcast "Mindless Thoughts of a Miami Soccer fan". With interviews of Marc Miceli coach/owner of hot mamacitas futbol team Miami Kickers! He also have some words with Miami FC General Manager Luis Muzzi and he also talk to Burritos compadre Kartik Krishnaiyer and Burrito's homeboy Adam Beasley of Miami Heralds. So go HERE and check it out!

Also, come back to this blog to read about the FIU Cheerleaders! Uncle Ed will have info about them as they team up with Miami FC. Burrito tried to see if Uncle Ed let Burrito talk to the ladies pero Ed say Burrito is a pervertido and no let him! He afraid girls fall in love with Burrito! It's ok, Burrito will meet them at game Friday!
Miami Fans, the Blues will play two consecutive games against the second place Timbers on Friday 8PM and Sunday 6PM at FIU Stadium. For more information visit
Let's support the Blues! Vamos Miami!
Pictures by Jonathan Brownfield

Monday, July 13, 2009

Miami FC beats the Vancouver Whitecaps will now face the Portland Timbers

"With key players such as Diego Serna out, Miami FC continued its recent strong play and defeated Vancouver 2-1 at FIU Stadium." Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald

Things are looking good for the Blues on the field as they remain unbeaten at FIU Stadium. Miami looked strong in the first half and could have increased the score if their players had better aim. Numerous opportunities were wasted. Miami took a 1-0 lead in the 5th minute on a goal by Alan Marcina. Leo Inacio made it 2-0 on a penalty kick awarded after defender Jeff Parke grabbed the ball in the area with his hands.

The Second half saw the Whitecaps come on strong in search of some goals but it wasn't until a red card given to Alen Marcina towards the end of the match that the Whitecaps were able to score with only two minutes left in the game. Dever Orgill gave Vancouver some hope but the game was sealed, final 2-1 for the Blues.

With the win, Miami FC is in sixth place and is only four points behind the Rochester Rhinos. The Blues will now play two consecutive games against the second place Timbers on Friday 8PM and Sunday 6PM at FIU Stadium. For more information visit
Let's support the Blues! Vamos Miami!
All pictures by Victor Palkaninec for more go here HERE
You can also see videos at the Miami Ultras site check it out HERE

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Weekend of Soccer in South Florida: Gold Cup, Miami Kickers and Miami FC

Who said Miami was not a soccer town? You see games being played all over South Florida, but fans are known to be fickle and demanding when it comes to watching a game live. Well, this weekend they get a little of everything! Friday, Saturday and Sunday will have what I call "A little Soccer Heaven"!
Word has it the Miami Ultras will have a presence in all three events. Be sure to look for the guys in the scarves and say hello!

Gold Cup is coming to South Florida this Friday July 10 at Florida International University Stadium. It will be a double header that will see Costa Rica go against Canada at 7 p.m. and El Salvador vs. Jamaica at 9 p.m. For ticket information go to The Gold Cup site but hurry, the stadium can only fit about 20,000 people so tickets will go fast! For full coverage check out the Kartik Report.

The Miami Kickers FC continue to top the WPSL Sunshine Division. The Kickers traveled to West Palm Beach to take on Palm Beach United this past Friday, July 3rd. but lost their first game of the season, falling to United 3-2. Read more at the Miami Ultras site.
Come out and support the Kickers at their next home game this Saturday July 11th 7 pm at American Heritage High School in Plantation. Miami will take on the Clearwater Galactics as they look to remain leaders of their group.

Last but not least; lets get out there this Sunday July 12th as the Miami FC Blues will take on the MLS bound Vancouver Whitecaps at FIU Stadium. The game is set to start at 6 pm with an Ultras tailgate starting at 4 pm. The Beer at the tailgate is FREE! Yes, I said FREE! So get out there and support Soccer in South Florida!
Vamos Miami! Let's go Blues! Ultras picture by Victor Palkaninec

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Miami FC Jersey, History of South Florida Soccer and more

This Season it seems everything that has to do with Miami FC is late. The team almost folded due to MLS and we didn't know until the last minute it would survive. Therefore the team was organized at the last minute and so to continue with that trend this season the new Miami FC jersey finally came out in time for the July 4th game against the Puerto Rico Islanders.
To get a better view click on the picture to the right. What do you think? You can get the new jersey at Miami FC games or at Soccer Locker for a mere $40.00. Get your jersey and support our professional team.

It seems Miami FC will lose Facundo Erpen and Richard Perdomo. This according to the Miami Herald. Both seem to be ready to make moves Perdomo to Platense of Honduras and Erpen to a yet unknown team. Perdomo was recently on Republica Deportiva where incidentally the Miami Ultras also appeared (You can see the video in a post below). For more thoughts and the direction this is taking the team read this Miami Ultra piece called "Traffic Sports 2 Miami FC 0"

Also on the Ultras site you can check out more History of Pro Soccer in South Florida as Robert Scorca takes us back to the Miami Gatos days. Click here

Folks lets get out there this Sunday July 12th as the Blues will take on the MLS bound Vancouver Whitecaps at FIU Stadium. The game is set to start at 6 pm with an Ultras tailgate starting at 4 pm. The Beer is FREE! So get out there and support Soccer in South Florida!
Vamos Miami! Let's go Blues!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Soccer Roof Top in Miami, with pictures and video...

This past Friday our good friend at Miami FC, Ignacio Rodriguez invited us over to Soccer Roof Top for a game of 6 on 6 and I must say it was a great experience! To think we only played one hour. But it was enough for me to realize I need to go again.
Surrounded by high rises and just off Brickell, the view is spectacular and though playing on a synthetic field it only takes a few minutes before you get a hang of how to play on this surface. The field is 56 feet by 110 feet and you play caged in so you don't lose the ball. There are 2 fields but you'll need to call in to reserve just in case. But enough with the writing, let the pictures speak for themselves.

Located at Rivergate Plaza, 444 Brickell Ave. Miami FL, 33131 Phone: 786-493-7167
For rates and more information you can also go to their website

Monday, July 6, 2009

Miami FC tie with Puerto Rico. Pictures of Tailgate and more

Miami FC played to a 0-0 tie with the Puerto Rico Islanders on the 4th of July. The Blues dominated most of the match but was unable to capitalize their many chances and had to settle for the draw. Miami saw what seemed to be a legitimate goal called back after a clean header by Leo Inacio. For more on the game go to the Miami Herald or the Miami Ultras site.

Check out more pictures from that night:

Want to see more? Check out the pictures taken by Victor Palkaninec