Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Why Bob Bradley's head needs to be chopped off by Burrito

Burrito get to it pronto pronto carnales! (Click over words you don't understand)
'Boob' Bradley's head needs to be chopped off! Why? Porque? How can a coach in a final of a championship let his pinche team lose a 2-0 lead? Especially knowing you play Brazil and their chingados players who are born with balls when they born! (Not those balls pendejos, soccer balls)
Burrito cant claim he could be a great coach, Burrito cant even say he is a good futbol player, hell Burrito can't even make a good quesadilla without burning fingers on pans pero Burrito can yell to players at half time "Damn it muchachos! This is for your country, play with some huevos chingada madre!" But no, Boob Bradley probably tell players to play defense and let the Brazilians attack... and thats what the players do they play defense which is the worst thing to do versus Brazil. Why not attack the weak Brazilian defense? Did they not watch the videos like Burrito watch porns?
No, Bradley have no excuse. If they not chop his head off they need to put him in firing squads and shoot him on his culo! USA needed to hold their balls and not give them away, they needed to put in players that can hold ball like Adu or Torres. Why not play Torres? Chingado Boob know about strategy less then Burrito know about making a chimichanga!
The only thing that will make USA better is to get rid of Bradley ASAP! They need a coach who has vision and make the USA be a dominatings force in the world. Now dont get Burrito wrong, when it come to Mexico vs USA Burrito take a good taquito over a Hamburger any day! Pero, when Burrito see how close USA was to winning Confederations Cup and realize this culero Bradley make bad prosti... substitutions then thats when Burrito get mad.
So wake up USSF time to get another coach cause if you think about it USA lost 3 of the 5 games they play and were lucky to play the final. Burrito has spoken!


Julio said...

Fire Bob Bradley!!

Uncle Ed said...

Time for a change. USA will remain stagnant with Bradley at the helm. Time for a more experienced coach.

Jim Willis said...

Well said. You made the point so much better than I ever could.

Anonymous said...

Come out to FIU Stadium on Saturday night and support pro soccer in South Florida.

Pieter Brown said...

I'm done with the Bradley's. Bob loves to play way too defensive. Look at what USA can do when they attack. I'm tired of seeing Adu on the bench. He needs his chance, as does Torres. Unfortunately the morons at USSF will think Bradley did a great job getting to the final, instead of realizes they fell into the final bass ackwards. I'm afraid nothing will change until after the World Cup, after it's too late. Act now USSF, there is still time.

Anonymous said...

I think you guys are way too hard on Bradley (at least for the Brazil game). It was obvious the better side was losing and the USA did well to get to halftime wothout conceding. Once the first Brazilian goal went in it was all over bar the shouting. You guys did well to get to the final. An observation from Down Under.