Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Miami fans where are you? Ticket give away and more drama 4 yr momma by Burrito

Hola Futbol fans! Today Burrito come to you very enojado with Miami Fans. On Friday Burrito go to Gold Cup and see almost 18,000 vatos fill up FIU stadium and Burrito was happy eating Arepas, talking in espanish to all the ladies (Burrito get mucho telefono numbers!). So Burrito think to self, this good time for Miami FC to put flyers on cars! Pero Burrito no see any...
Sunday come and Burrito do usual jump over the fence to get in Stadium and was mad there were only 400 peoples at game! Porque? One thing Burrito always get mad about is how those pinches Miami FC peoples no put sign out in front of stadium entrances saying there is game today!

The good thing is that while eating arepa on Sunday at half time as Miami FC was winning game 2-0, Burrito see on ground 2 tickets! Ah Chihuahua! So Burrito look around, no one there and pick them up! Then burrito see el Presidente of los Ultras, Mr. Pieter Brown and tell him Burrito donate so we can get some peoples to stadium! So if you want FREE tickets go to Ultras site!

Talk about Ultras, el presidente Brown also put up latest podcast "Mindless Thoughts of a Miami Soccer fan". With interviews of Marc Miceli coach/owner of hot mamacitas futbol team Miami Kickers! He also have some words with Miami FC General Manager Luis Muzzi and he also talk to Burritos compadre Kartik Krishnaiyer and Burrito's homeboy Adam Beasley of Miami Heralds. So go HERE and check it out!

Also, come back to this blog to read about the FIU Cheerleaders! Uncle Ed will have info about them as they team up with Miami FC. Burrito tried to see if Uncle Ed let Burrito talk to the ladies pero Ed say Burrito is a pervertido and no let him! He afraid girls fall in love with Burrito! It's ok, Burrito will meet them at game Friday!
Miami Fans, the Blues will play two consecutive games against the second place Timbers on Friday 8PM and Sunday 6PM at FIU Stadium. For more information visit www.miamifc.com
Let's support the Blues! Vamos Miami!
Pictures by Jonathan Brownfield


Julio said...

Vamos Miami!!! Come out to FIU Stadium on Friday and Sunday night and support your Miami FC.

Anonymous said...

I want some free tickets!