Friday, July 3, 2009

Miami FC vs PR Islanders July 4th, Tailgate, Fireworks, plus WQAM 560 radio podcast n more

This Saturday 4th of July ***Free beer at the Ultras Tailgate 6 pm, free parking, Fireworks, naked women! (OK, no naked women) But it will be Miami FC vs Puerto Rico Islanders at FIU stadium 8 pm***

Miami FC returns home to play the now traditional Fourth of July game against the first place Puerto Rico Islanders. This game will be played at FIU Stadium and will include fireworks immediately after the game. For more info go to the Miami FC website and get your tickets! Vamos Miami! Let's go Blues!

Miami FC was on WQAM 56o's DA show Thursday night to promote the July 4th game. Miami FC's Ignacio and the the lovely Jessica were there representing the Blues. On the left you can see Russ the intern with Jessica at the studio (lucky sucker). DA brought up a good point. Why are there no cheerleaders this year? The Miami FC budget was mentioned but something is in the works on this subject folks and Uncle Ed will let you know as things develop.
Below you can hear in on the Miami FC segment on the DA show at about the 60 minute mark on Thursday called "Heat on AI". Unfortunately the segment was short and no phone calls? Let's go South Florida Soccer fans we need to call in every day. Call DA at 305-567-0560 or #560 from AT & T cell phones every weeknight 8-11 pm. You can also email questions to But lets call in at anytime, let them know we want Soccer in Miami!

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