Monday, September 21, 2009

Miami FC will be back next year! Burrito's list of players to keep and Cheerleader Pictures!

Saturday night was last Miami FC game of season and Burrito saw how Miami lose against the Islanders. But the good thing was watching the Miami Ultras. They were loud and they had one hombre with a cowbell who was great! The pinches Ultras also give Burrito's compadre Zach "Beowulf" Kirby the players of the seasons award. Funny thing is Beowulf get red carded out of game! Chingada madre! The referees a wanker!

Burrito try to talk to Aaron Davidson presidente of Miami FC to see if homeboy going to keep the team in USL, MLS or some other League pero he no want to talk to Burrito. Burrito did hear Aaron talk to reporter who ask him about the meetings in NY with MLS. El Senor Davidson only say that they were exploring every option. He did say Miami FC would be back next season but didn't know in what league. Ay Virgencita de Guadalupe, please bring MLS back if not MLS then MLS-2 or something better then USL. Burrito promise to be good and not sneak into games anymore!

Burrito think Miami FC need to start working on the next season today!
So Burrito going to tell you what players we need to keep for next season. Ok, Burrito love all players of Miami FC (in manly way vatos, Burrito no es puñal !) but Burrito ask players who read this blog to not cry if Burrito no mention you, sorry pero Caca pasa!
Here we go:
The Cheerleaders, ok they not players but Burrito like to look at them! Ay Chihuahua! They muy calientes! They need to come back, check out pictures!Join the Blue Angels on facebook HERE
Ok, back to players
Gale Agbossoumonde, is young player that have mucho potential! He did make bubu but we forgive him cause he young. See bubu HERE
Paulo Araujo Jr. the best player Burrito has seen since Pele! Ok, maybe not pero he is muy buen jugador de futbol!
Cristiano "Kaka" Dias like Paulo Jr he is from Brazil, many good things come from Brazil, like the tanga, las garotas (hot brazilian mamacitas) and good futbol players. So keep him cause he a good player!
Jarryd "The Hebrew Hammer" Goldberg, this vato is a work horse who play with hearts. He small like Burrito pero he is muy macho!
Pat "the Man" Hannigan, now what can Burrito say about the guy who keep Miami FC in playoff hopes? The best goalkeeper we have in a long time! Ok, ok they make 9 goles on him pero that was an off day. Burrito trust Pat as keeper so much that Burrito would trust him to guard Burritos sisters virginity, thats how much Burrito trust him!
Aaron "El Rey" King He new player who come to team and score like Burrito score with the hot mamacitas. He is opportunist and Burrito like that.
Zach "Beowulf" Kirby, Miami Ultras player of the year. Burrito no need to say more.
Tim Merrit, like Goldberg he one of those silent vatos who play with heart and no say much.
Brian Shriver another new player who in little time became fan favorite. Burrito want to see him play some more.
Zourab "Zee" Tsiskaridze,what Burrito like about Zee the most is that he is multifunctional players. He play defense, he play forward and he has cool name and no hair!

Burrito so-so favoritos:
These players make the so-so list cause sometimes they play good sometimes they make bubu pero they can stay on team cause Burrito nice dawg! Leo Inacio, Jack Traynor, Walter Ramirez and Alen Marcina

Burritos caca list includes all players not mentioned, sorry holmeses you guys go find other team.
Burrito hope the head honchos with ponchos at Miami FC and Traffic read this list and recognize Burritos abilities as talent finder. Maybe they give Burrito Fernando Clavijo's job! Burrito be much cheaper too! Burrito only ask for a few bones and quesadillas!
All Pictures by Robert Scorca
Want to see more pictures? Check out these pictures by Victor Palkaninec HERE
Do you agree with Burrito's list? What players would you keep next year and which would you give the ax?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Miami FC Challenge, last game of the season at Lockhart Stadium! Come see them shave their heads.

The final game of the year is here! ...and to show their level of commitment to South Florida, Miami FC players and staff are willing to shave their heads if fans fill Lockhart Stadium!

When: Saturday Sept 19th 2009 8:00pm
The game: Miami FC vs Puerto Rico Islanders

For every 500 ticket sold, one player will shave his head.

There are 22 players willing to do whatever it takes to make Miami FC your team.
And to show their dedication and passion for this soccer club.
If you come out to see Miami FC play against the Puerto Rico Islanders even coach " Zinho" and Club President Aaron Davidson are willing to shave their heads.

So let's do it South Florida come out and support your only professional Soccer team! Come out and paint your face, join the Miami Ultras at the Tailgate (starts at 5 pm) for free beers and If you want MLS then bring signs and tell Miami FC what you the fans want.
Vamos Miami! Let's go Blues!

UPDATE 9/18/09 2:45 PM
Tailgate Starts at 5 PM,FREE BEER while supplies last so get there early! There will be a parade and "El Presidente" Pieter Brown of the Miami Ultras will present the Ultras Player of the Year just prior to the game. Let's go to Lockhart people! We all want Aaron Davidson's hair!
Read more at the Ultras site CLICK HERE

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Red Bull Street Style comes to Miami

Yes folks! Red Bull Street Style is here! The event will be held at 5701 Sunset Drive tomorrow Friday September 18, 2009. Doors open at 6 pm and starts at 7 pm. There is no cost to register, participate or attend.
No idea what I'm talking about? Check the video out below.

Here is what it's all about from the Red Bull Street Style site:

Following the runaway success of 2008 culminating in the first ever World Finals in Sao Paulo, Red Bull Street Style returns for 2009/10 to keep the world freestyle elite on their toes and the tricks fresh. It’s time to get up, get back on it, and get practising: Red Bull Street Style is back! For all those backyard ballers out there blown away in Brazil by the skills of reigning world champion Séan, this is your chance to make a name for yourselves on the freestyle football scene.

In 2008, 45 countries from all four corners of the globe took on the challenge by sending the winners of their respective National Finals to the World Finals in Brazil, the spiritual home of the Beautiful Game. For 2009/10 Red Bull Street Style is set to step it up a level as the competition gets even bigger and better, with hundreds of national qualifying tournaments expected across the planet before the best of the best meet for the final showdown in South Africa in March 2010.

Stay up-to-date with all the interviews, stories, facts and dates for the national qualifying tournaments in your own country by visiting Red Bull Street Style.

Streetstylers looking for the ultimate kick will also have the chance to set up their own personal Baller Profile, where you can upload images and videos of yourself and show the other streetstylers who’s really got the skills to pay the bills.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

TOA meets with MLS? Could this be the beginning of MLS2?

A few sources have stated that the TOA (Team Owners Association) is meeting with MLS this week and both groups are trying to make some deal that might create every promotion/relegation lovers wet dream... MLS2. I must point out that no one has come forward and confirmed this news yet. I bring it to you only for the sake of argument and will leave the breaking story (if in fact this meeting took place) to the actual journalists.

That being said I find the prospect of a possible MLS2 intriguing. The fact that both parties are willing to talk is a good thing and in my opinion this would give better credibility to MLS and the TOA in the eyes of the soccer world. But for something like this to work the TOA has stated in the past that they want control of their new league. Would MLS want the teams to buy into the league? How much would they ask as an entry fee? Will the TOA be forced to work under a salary cap? So many questions.

It appears the TOA are aggressively looking at all the options. But I think starting a League from scratch would be very difficult and costly. They either talk to USL and make up or pursue an agreement with MLS.

I think the MLS option is a good one. MLS gets a second division for free, as opposed to buying all the USL (which included USL1, USL2, PDL, etc) All MLS would have to do is give the TOA the name (for which they pay a fee) and let them run themselves. The relegation/promotion idea though ideal for many wont happen anytime soon so forget about it people! MLS doesn't have to cherry pick teams off of USL anymore. They have many teams to pick from now. So if say San Jose or Kansas City can't continue in MLS anymore then they can pick a team from MLS2 that has a good ownership group, a SSS and a large fan base. I make it sound easy and it's not but this is my fantasy damn it!

Would South Florida fans support an MLS2 team? I've read on this blog all the comments and on other sites that fans want MLS in Miami and not a USL team. The Fact is Miami FC/Traffic has done a terrible job to get the word out that there is a team in Miami. I have spoken to many Soccer fans who have told me they never knew the team existed. Miami FC fans have done their part. I started this blog and I have done my part to get the word out. I have even given away my own season tickets to get some of these people to the stadiums and so have other Miami FC fans most notably the Miami Ultras, but fans can only do so much, it's not enough. Next year if we have a team, Traffic needs to prove they want Miami FC to exist and spend some money and put some signs out in front of the stadiums and out in the city. If Miami FC actually puts some effort, spends the money and still fails then I'll be the first to say "Ok, this market sucks!" But I'm convinced that if the product is good. If the effort is made and if the organization is there, that South Florida will succeed like the Strikers were successful back in the NASL days and like the Miami Fusion were becoming in their final year in MLS.

I can go on. But I'd like your take on all this. Do you think MLS2 is a good idea? Would you support a South Florida team in MLS2?

UPDATE 4:54 PM - 9/16/09:
As Burrito noted in a comment below. It's confirmed that Miami FC spoke to MLS!
Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald reports it is Aaron Davidson of Miami FC who is in NY but he is not sure if it is in representation of the TOA. Read more:

Other Links:
Kartik Report:

MLS Rumors:

Monday, September 14, 2009

Miami FC out of the playoffs.

The Blues season will end on a disappointing note as they are out of any playoff hopes. A loss and a tie is all they could come up with on their 2 game road trip. Miami Ultras and a few staff met at Fritz & Franz Bierhaus in Coral Gables on Friday night to watch the Charleston Battery vs our Miami FC Blues in a match that was a must win.
Unfortunately all the Ultras could do was sit back drink their beers and laugh at the goal that eliminated us from any playoff hopes. Miami FC defender Gale Agbossoumonde missed a clearance of the ball which in turn went between keeper Kenny Schoeni's legs. It was a moment that we all commented pretty much felt like the appropriate end to a season full of mistakes.
But you be the judge and let me know what you think. Also check out the goal by Aaron King on the same video right after:

Friday, September 11, 2009

Watch Party tonight at Fritz & Franz! 8pm

Attention Miami Soccer Fans! Watch Party time!

As stated on
"Miami FC will be featured on Fox Soccer Channel one last time this season, Friday at 8 pm. Charleston Battery will host the Blues in a must win for Miami.

Our playoff hopes may be over, but there is still pride to play for. “We also owe it to the fans, and the community to come home with a victory," said head coach Zinho.

In honor of our Blues getting the spotlight on national television, the Miami Ultras will host a Watch Party at Fritz and Franz Bierhaus. The game starts 8 pm Friday, the drinking starts as soon as the work bell rings.

The first ten fans that show up at F&F get a free Miami Ultras T-Shirt. We will also have a ticket give-a-way for the last Miami FC home game of the season.

“The locker room feels determined and we are going to bring our A game to Charleston for National TV," stated MFC midfielder Jarryd Goldberg.
Fritz and Franz Located at :
60 Merrick Way, Coral Gables Fl. 33134

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hasta los Huevos Diego Serna and the Greatest game Everwhever! With Video by Burrito

Burrito loves all the Futbol yesterdays especially wheres Burrito's Mexico lindo win! Ahuevo!
But Burrito bring you footage of the greatest game everwhever in the history of futbol! You no believe? Here is great game recaps of Greece vs Germany! It important to see how well thought of all the plays are made. Maybe Zinho can get some ideas for the next Miami FC game by watching this video.
So go get something from Taco Bell, Burrito recommend the Quesadillas! ...and then sit backs and watch. Check it out homies!

Burrito love Monties Pythons!

In other news has letter from Afusionado who writes about Burritos compadre Diego Serna. Burrito still sad Diego was released from team. Once upon a times Diego play for the Miami Fusion, the best team in MLS historys and Diego was the all time scoring leaderers making 52 goles in 100 games! Chingada madre! Thats a lot, pero Diego only score 4 goles with Miami FC. Anyways, wherever you are Diego, Burrito want you to know you were always better then Ezra (Hendrickson)! Get it? Ezra... never mind pinches culeros! Burrito going to miss the divings and goles he missed! Hasta los huevos Diego! Here is one last chant for you!
Di-e-go, Di-e-go, Di-e-go!
Read more HERE

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New League to start in 2010. Eight teams to break away from USL

We all know about the USL drama after the sale to NuRock by Nike. Now it seems 8 teams will be playing in 2010 under the new structure.

Jeff Rusnak of the Sun Sentinel writes:

The five USL-1 clubs and three other organizations, including 2010 expansion club Tampa Bay, are aligned with the Team Ownership Association (TOA), which wants the clubs to run the league, rather than a management entity such as NuRock.

"We will have an owner-controlled league by next year," Miami FC President Aaron Davidson said. "I'm not sure what it will be named and how it will be structured, but it will start with these eight teams."

Davidson said the club's "two-stadium solution" of playing in Broward and Miami-Dade will not continue in 2010
Here is my take, on the Stadium issue first and you can leave your opinions below:

1.-If they stay at Lockhart they need to re-brand to Strikers but call them Florida so to not alienate the Miami fans. I don't like the old Striker colors though... They need to put signs out front and make the fans park towards the front of the Stadium on Commercial Blvd so people know something is going on.

2.-They might go back to Tropical Park, it's cheap and if Miami FC and Traffic want to start from scratch and build, they can do it there but they need to do it right. I think it's the worst stadium, the field is just too far from the stands.

3.- If they go back to FIU they need to do things for the students. Make double headers with the FIU soccer team or something. Get the student population interested in the team. Put signs outside on 117th, 107th Ave and 8th Street.

Now about the New League:

Someone mentioned the TOA talked to MLS in the past. Maybe they'll do it again and seek to become MLS 2. This is the only option that I see will make them credible.
A brake off league might not be approved by FIFA. As it stands USL is the 2nd division, but with all these teams leaving who knows what will happen. Will they be able to get into Concacaf tournaments and the Open Cup? There are a lot of questions.

This could be good if all these teams bring quality players. No matter what I will support Soccer in South Florida.
Vamos Miami!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Miami FC plays Tuesday at Lockhart Stadium! More Pictures and Video from Saturdays game...

After their 3-1 victory on Saturday over the Aztex, Miami FC gets ready to take on The Rochester Rhinos at Lockhart Stadium this Tuesday September 8th at 8 pm.

Last time these teams met was back in April at Lockhart Stadium when the Blues were stunned by the Rhinos 2-1 in front of over 1500 people. This time we hope things will be different. Miami needs the points and some results to go their way in order to keep their playoff hopes alive.

We need everyone to come out and support soccer in South Florida as there are only 2 games left at home this season.Here are more fan videos this time from the Miami Ultras drum maestro Cesar and his father.

All pictures by Robert Scorca

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Blues snap losing streak, still might make playoffs plus Pictures and Video

It took 8 games for Miami FC to finally win one as they came from behind and scored an important victory over the Austin Aztex at FIU Stadium on Saturday. The fans led by the Miami Ultras came out on a wet night and were rewarded with a stellar performance by Midfielder Brian Shriver who was awarded man of the match.

Austin scored first but Leo Inacio Nunes tied the game for the Blues Alan Marcina put the team up 2-1 right before half time. The secon half saw King score the third goal and secured the 3 points. Zinho's new line up proved to be a good one. The additions of Shriver, Pizarro and Aaron King have made a difference. It seems King and Marcina up top is the right formula. Missing was Paulo Jr who in my opinion would mesh well with these new players.Miami lined up with Pat "The Man" Hannigan at goal, Tim Merritt, Junior Baiano, Jack Traynor and Zach "Beowulf" Kirby on Defense. Midfielders Jarryd Goldberg, Leo Inacio, Nelson Pizarro and Brian Shriver. Aaron King and Alen Marcina up top. For more on the game go to the Miami FC site.Miami FC still has a chance to make the playoffs but will need wins to make this happen.
The Blues will play at Lockhart Stadium this Tuesday, Sept. 8th at 8 p.m.

A special mention goes out to JRuiz and his crew who added that special flair with the 305 flag! They also added to the Ultras drum ensemble and were the winners of the Cow Bell tickets. Good job guys and we hope to see you at the rest of the games!

Let's go Miami we can do it! Check out these videos by Ultra Matt:

Pictures by Robert Scorca

Thursday, September 3, 2009

No Hulk, New Player, Cow Bells and Miami FC's last game at FIU stadium

Hulkamania will not be coming to FIU Stadium after all. Turns out the Hulkster canceled his South Florida dates. No further info was given.

While all the drama concerning USL's sale was going on, Miami FC signed a new player. He is Forward Aaron King who transferred last Friday. King, will be need up front as Miami's forwards have not been very efficient this year. Aaron was injured during the first half of the season, and comes by way of the Railhawks where he appeared in a total of six matches. As usual we never get much info out of the Miami FC site so I found this at the "Railhawks Report" Click Here announces the Miami Ultras Tailgate this Saturday September 5th at 6 pm followed by the Powerade Pre-Game Parade! All this just prior to the Miami FC vs Austin Aztex game which starts at 8 pm.
Here is an excerpt:

Come out to the Ultras Tailgate at 6pm and throw back a few cold ones near Gate 4. Then at 7pm we will get ready to parade into the stadium with flags waving and drums banging. Wear your Miami FC colors, bring signs & noisemakers, paint your face and make a lot of noise!

This is a party and a celebration of the beautiful game.Listen to 93 Rock for some new Miami FC commercials. The spots can be heard from 10-2 pm during Naughty Natalia’s Show. Listen Thursday and Friday for the Suite Ticket giveaway. Call in and support Miami FC and 93 Rock.
Read the rest HERE
or visit the Powerade Pre-Game Parade facebook page for the full schedule

Don't forget your Cow Bells as the Ultras will be giving away 4 tickets to the first person to show up with one in hand to the Tailgate. Just look for "El Presidente Pieter" and he'll hand them over!
Join Junior Baiano and the rest of your Miami FC Blues this Saturday at 8 pm!
Vamos Miami! Let's go Blues!
Junior Baiano picture by Robert Scorca

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Death of Soccer in Miami... Again?

There is a song by the Smiths that goes like this:
The death of a disco dancer
Well, it happens a lot 'round here
Well, it's not the death of a Disco Dancer but more like the Death of Soccer in Miami, and it does happen around here quite often! It appears Soccer does not live long and prosper in this town ...

Miami FC may become the latest victim in the endless saga of failed South Florida teams. Not only is the team on the brink of extinction thanks to a failed attempt to buy the United Soccer League by parent company Traffic Sports, but the team is in the midst of an eight game losing streak that included a 9-0 pounding by the Carolina Railhawks only a week ago.

As most of you know USL was recently bought by Nurock Soccer Holdings from Nike and in a press release that came out yesterday Click here, it appears that USL founder Francisco Marcos and Tim Holt remain on board. It was mentioned on other blogs and news sources that another group led by a group of current USL teams had out bid all potential buyers and was on the verge of securing the purchase of USL when suddenly there was a press release stating that Nurock was indeed the winner!

Speculation remains that there was an inside maneuver by USL personnel along with Nurock to secure their bid would succeed (even though it was not the highest bid) and as the press release suggests... well, you can come to your own conclusions.

Now USL team owners are not happy. The Team Owners Association (TOA) has announced that it has accelerated its pursuit of all league options for the 2010 season and beyond. It's no secret most USL teams were not fond of Marcos and Holt at the helm of the league, the two would most likely have been out of USL had the TOA led by the Atlanta Silverbacks, Carolina RailHawks, Miami FC, Minnesota Thunder, Montreal Impact, St. Louis Soccer United, Tampa Bay Rowdies and Vancouver Whitecaps been successful in their bid to take over USL.

If the TOA is looking for other options we can assume they might start a League of their own. But how strong a league could it be? Vancouver is on it's way to MLS in 2010 so after next season another team is out. How can they survive? I would think one option could be via MLS. There is no chance all these teams could be part of that league but the fabled MLS-2 could be an option the TOA might look at. Most of us Soccer fans dream of the relegation idea but that's not going to happen if ever for a very long time. An arrangement could be made however whereby MLS-2 teams could become affiliates of current MLS teams. Maybe rules could be less harsh on the MLS-2 teams where they will not have the restrictions of the single entity structure currently in place for MLS teams for the sake of making MLS-2 attractive to the cities they play in.

In this scenario NuRock would lose the majority of its USL-1 teams. Some may say USL can continue with the few teams remaining and by promoting the USL-2 teams possibly even eliminating USL-2 for now, but, it would nonetheless be a much weaker USL. Will USL survive if it loses so many teams next season?

What if all the teams decide to fold? The loser would be Nurock,which might opt to close the league down before they lose more money. But in reality we all lose. US Soccer would lose the structure that keeps feeding MLS and the U.S. national team. I find it remarkable that Nurock and USL management did not think ahead and try to secure an arrangement with the current USL-1 teams instead creating all this drama that might lead to the end of USL.

For the best up to date information on this situation visit Brian Quarstad at Inside Minnesota Soccer and Kartik Krishnaiyer of Major League Soccer Talk.

For now all I can say to South Florida Soccer Fans is to support Miami FC in these last 3 home games. Let's send a message that we want Soccer in Miami. Lets send a message to Traffic that they need to step up and give us Major League Soccer along with other investors out there such as everyone on the committee supporting the World Cup bid for Miami, like Emilio Estefan, Facundo Bacardi, Bacardi Limited; Peter Dolora, senior vice president of American Airlines; George Feldenkreis, chairman/CEO of Perry Ellis International among others.
Support Miami MLS by going to