Monday, September 21, 2009

Miami FC will be back next year! Burrito's list of players to keep and Cheerleader Pictures!

Saturday night was last Miami FC game of season and Burrito saw how Miami lose against the Islanders. But the good thing was watching the Miami Ultras. They were loud and they had one hombre with a cowbell who was great! The pinches Ultras also give Burrito's compadre Zach "Beowulf" Kirby the players of the seasons award. Funny thing is Beowulf get red carded out of game! Chingada madre! The referees a wanker!

Burrito try to talk to Aaron Davidson presidente of Miami FC to see if homeboy going to keep the team in USL, MLS or some other League pero he no want to talk to Burrito. Burrito did hear Aaron talk to reporter who ask him about the meetings in NY with MLS. El Senor Davidson only say that they were exploring every option. He did say Miami FC would be back next season but didn't know in what league. Ay Virgencita de Guadalupe, please bring MLS back if not MLS then MLS-2 or something better then USL. Burrito promise to be good and not sneak into games anymore!

Burrito think Miami FC need to start working on the next season today!
So Burrito going to tell you what players we need to keep for next season. Ok, Burrito love all players of Miami FC (in manly way vatos, Burrito no es puñal !) but Burrito ask players who read this blog to not cry if Burrito no mention you, sorry pero Caca pasa!
Here we go:
The Cheerleaders, ok they not players but Burrito like to look at them! Ay Chihuahua! They muy calientes! They need to come back, check out pictures!Join the Blue Angels on facebook HERE
Ok, back to players
Gale Agbossoumonde, is young player that have mucho potential! He did make bubu but we forgive him cause he young. See bubu HERE
Paulo Araujo Jr. the best player Burrito has seen since Pele! Ok, maybe not pero he is muy buen jugador de futbol!
Cristiano "Kaka" Dias like Paulo Jr he is from Brazil, many good things come from Brazil, like the tanga, las garotas (hot brazilian mamacitas) and good futbol players. So keep him cause he a good player!
Jarryd "The Hebrew Hammer" Goldberg, this vato is a work horse who play with hearts. He small like Burrito pero he is muy macho!
Pat "the Man" Hannigan, now what can Burrito say about the guy who keep Miami FC in playoff hopes? The best goalkeeper we have in a long time! Ok, ok they make 9 goles on him pero that was an off day. Burrito trust Pat as keeper so much that Burrito would trust him to guard Burritos sisters virginity, thats how much Burrito trust him!
Aaron "El Rey" King He new player who come to team and score like Burrito score with the hot mamacitas. He is opportunist and Burrito like that.
Zach "Beowulf" Kirby, Miami Ultras player of the year. Burrito no need to say more.
Tim Merrit, like Goldberg he one of those silent vatos who play with heart and no say much.
Brian Shriver another new player who in little time became fan favorite. Burrito want to see him play some more.
Zourab "Zee" Tsiskaridze,what Burrito like about Zee the most is that he is multifunctional players. He play defense, he play forward and he has cool name and no hair!

Burrito so-so favoritos:
These players make the so-so list cause sometimes they play good sometimes they make bubu pero they can stay on team cause Burrito nice dawg! Leo Inacio, Jack Traynor, Walter Ramirez and Alen Marcina

Burritos caca list includes all players not mentioned, sorry holmeses you guys go find other team.
Burrito hope the head honchos with ponchos at Miami FC and Traffic read this list and recognize Burritos abilities as talent finder. Maybe they give Burrito Fernando Clavijo's job! Burrito be much cheaper too! Burrito only ask for a few bones and quesadillas!
All Pictures by Robert Scorca
Want to see more pictures? Check out these pictures by Victor Palkaninec HERE
Do you agree with Burrito's list? What players would you keep next year and which would you give the ax?


Anonymous said...

Queremos MLS!!

Anonymous said...

I would take Zee off the list. i'm glad you didn't keep Miranda and Pulido I don't know why Zinho kept them as starters.
Leo Ignacio should be on the people to keep he was better then so-so hahaha

Anonymous said...

I still think Goldberg deserved the award!

Anonymous said...

Seattle Sounders fan really has to give huge props to both the ownership and the marketing departments/firms they've hired. The ownership because ads in the front page of the sports can't come cheap. Not only that, I've seen Sounders ads on the front page of the Times website, billboard ads, bus-side ads, you name it, they've done it. Joe Roth and co. are willing to spend big bucks to get big recognition, sacrificing short-term revenue for long-term popularity. And that's on top of the thousand or so scarves that have been distributed across the city for free. Which is where marketing comes in. Whoever thought up the 'scarf Seattle' campaign needs a raise. I've heard many people, not soccer fans, talk about the free scarves, and that's contributed to the overall interest in the Sounders. Guerilla marketing works and the Sounders are going about it wonderfully.
And hanging a giant scarf from a downtown building, from a bridge over Aurora Avenue, to catch the eyes of thousands as they drive by? It's just incredible stuff, especially for a soccer team in America, to be doing.

Anonymous said...

I think Shriver and King made an immediate impact when they came in but it was a little late.
Paulo Jr, Goldberg, Kirby and Hannigan are must signs for next season.
I wonder if Traffic will big a big name player? We need a superstar!

C. Alberto said...

Hey Uncle Ed what are fans doing about getting MLS to Miami. I read a Beckham interview and he said that they are talking to a US city. If Miami really wants it you need to come out and say it.

Gilbert said...

Uncle Ed what is the news on MLS to Miami? What are doing to bring MLS to Miami?

Uncle Ed said...

Hey Gilbert, I decided to take a week off since the season ended and will soon give you an update on MLS to Miami, etc, etc.

Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

EXCLUSIVE He plans to set up his own club in Miami

David Beckham plans to create his own football club in America when his playing career is over.

The former England skipper has been looking at establishing a team in Miami, Florida - an area still untapped by soccer bosses.

Becks has an option to buy a US club as part of his £127m contract to join LA Galaxy, which ends in 2011.

Becks, 34, and his manager, music mogul Simon Fuller, 48, have been researching various opportunities - including setting up a new team in New York, where there is now just one.

But the pair are now concentrating their efforts on Miami - one of the few big American cities not to have a Major League team.

Anonymous said...