Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hasta los Huevos Diego Serna and the Greatest game Everwhever! With Video by Burrito

Burrito loves all the Futbol yesterdays especially wheres Burrito's Mexico lindo win! Ahuevo!
But Burrito bring you footage of the greatest game everwhever in the history of futbol! You no believe? Here is great game recaps of Greece vs Germany! It important to see how well thought of all the plays are made. Maybe Zinho can get some ideas for the next Miami FC game by watching this video.
So go get something from Taco Bell, Burrito recommend the Quesadillas! ...and then sit backs and watch. Check it out homies!

Burrito love Monties Pythons!

In other news has letter from Afusionado who writes about Burritos compadre Diego Serna. Burrito still sad Diego was released from team. Once upon a times Diego play for the Miami Fusion, the best team in MLS historys and Diego was the all time scoring leaderers making 52 goles in 100 games! Chingada madre! Thats a lot, pero Diego only score 4 goles with Miami FC. Anyways, wherever you are Diego, Burrito want you to know you were always better then Ezra (Hendrickson)! Get it? Ezra... never mind pinches culeros! Burrito going to miss the divings and goles he missed! Hasta los huevos Diego! Here is one last chant for you!
Di-e-go, Di-e-go, Di-e-go!
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Mike said...

you guys down in Miami just don't know how to get load about MLS. If you don't turn it up 100% you will not see MLS in Miami. you need to get to work. you have the guy Claure that showed he want MLS in Miami have you e mail him and show that South Florida wants MLS. Let the big money investors know you all want MLS. Get to work Miami..

Uncle Ed said...

We have started a campaign to bring MLS to Miami.
Eventually we will make it bigger but for now all Miami Fans need to go here:

Support Soccer in Miami and join our cause!

Mike said...

Good to hear thwat Ed. It would be nice to see MLS back in Miami. I hope you guys get in before Garber closes the expansion door.

Anonymous said...

Why not ask Miami FC to go to MLS?

MLS fan said...

Miami will never get the large crowd with USL or and other semi-pro soccer. YOU NEED MLS TO BRING IN THE SOCCER FANS IN SOUTH FLORIDA. FIU would be the ideal site for a Miami MLS to call home. I see read all the comments on this site and the Ultras site and what fans want is MLS. Miami get out and get the support of the big soccer community that lives in Miami.

aFUSIONado said...

BRING BACK the MLS...says the die hard aFUSIONado...I DO BELIEVE...I DO BELIEVE!!!

LOVE the Monty Python video...too funny.

Thanks for the chant for DI - E - GO...MUCHAS GRACIAS...GRAZIE MILLE...for your love of our beloved #17...says the Italian Colombian fan!!!

ITALIA said...

VAMOS...VAAAAMMMMOOOOSSS MIAMI FUSION...Esta Noche tenemos que GANAR!!!...BRING BACK MLS AGAIN TO MIAMI...and our beloved #17 DIEGO SERNA LOPERA will rise to the ocassion with the GOLASOS that he is known for...and many hat tricks, as well!!!

Uncle Ed said...

@ Anonymous 1:17 PM
We have asked Miami FC if they would go for MLS but the high cost of setting up a team is an obstacle for now.
The TOA has apparently spoken to MLS in the past so maybe MLS-2 might happen, we don't know.
I would love it if Traffic,Claure or any other group of investors could make MLS in Miami happen.
If anyone can attract investors and a team to Miami it would be Beckham.

MLS said...

OK Uncle Ed, Miami wants MLS do something to get notice by big pockets investors like Claure even Beckham. I really like the idea that i heard on the your and the Ultras site about a Miami MLS rally. IF Miami FC/Traffic don't want what Miami is asking then go and find investors that will do it. You get load like Philadelphia did and you will be notice. Even Montreal is making some news, WAKE UP MIAMI OR YOU WILL BE PASS BY GARBER.

Anonymous said...

Miami FC/Traffic will never bring you the best in soccer. They are to cheep. MLS is the best and they have the best players. Miami will support MLS, but not USL or and other new league.

NW Soccer said...

Miami Ultras if you want MLS get untied and go for it.Its time to get to work. Is Claure going to try again? If yes what are you doing to let him know that fans in Miami want MLS. You show him numbers and he will try again.

Anonymous said...

New league please what Miami needs is MLS I wont support USL or any Minor league.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Ed get to work on MLS for Miami. Miami FC is bad real bad. MLS will bring Fans to FIU.