Friday, September 18, 2009

Miami FC Challenge, last game of the season at Lockhart Stadium! Come see them shave their heads.

The final game of the year is here! ...and to show their level of commitment to South Florida, Miami FC players and staff are willing to shave their heads if fans fill Lockhart Stadium!

When: Saturday Sept 19th 2009 8:00pm
The game: Miami FC vs Puerto Rico Islanders

For every 500 ticket sold, one player will shave his head.

There are 22 players willing to do whatever it takes to make Miami FC your team.
And to show their dedication and passion for this soccer club.
If you come out to see Miami FC play against the Puerto Rico Islanders even coach " Zinho" and Club President Aaron Davidson are willing to shave their heads.

So let's do it South Florida come out and support your only professional Soccer team! Come out and paint your face, join the Miami Ultras at the Tailgate (starts at 5 pm) for free beers and If you want MLS then bring signs and tell Miami FC what you the fans want.
Vamos Miami! Let's go Blues!

UPDATE 9/18/09 2:45 PM
Tailgate Starts at 5 PM,FREE BEER while supplies last so get there early! There will be a parade and "El Presidente" Pieter Brown of the Miami Ultras will present the Ultras Player of the Year just prior to the game. Let's go to Lockhart people! We all want Aaron Davidson's hair!
Read more at the Ultras site CLICK HERE


Hector said...

Uncle Ed Miami MLS signs is a great idea. Do it!!

Uncle Ed said...

More then anything we need to Support Miami FC. They are the only Professional Soccer team we have and we don't want to lose them.
Everyone bring a friend lets go to Lockhart stadium this Saturday! Tailgate Starts at 5PM!!! Free beer, look for the Ultras!

Not happy soccer fan said...

Sorry Uncle Ed. but Miami FC sucks! It bad Miami needs a better soccer team. Fans will not support a sorry team. MLS would be the real deal. If Miami fans just stay quite it will not happen.

Uncle Ed said...

@ Not happy fan

Then show up with signs and tell Miami FC/Traffic what you feel. Don't sit at home and do nothing.

Stay tuned for future events. We will not sit quietly. We are going to do things to bring MLS to Miami!

Not happy soccer fan said...

Now you are talking Uncle Ed. I do support Miami FC,it just so frustrating to see how bad they are. and they way they run the team. MLS would be so much fun at FIU. We need to find a way to get Miami MLS.