Monday, May 31, 2010

Miami MLS futbolito and Miami Ultras seek South Florida MLS team

Last week the Miami Ultras, South Florida Soccer supporters began their MLS Miami Bid campaign with the launch of the official website To enhance the launch they also attended MLS futbolito in order to further the awareness of the MLS Miami Bid in South Florida. The Ultras passed out fliers and asked folks to sign up for Miami MLS Season Ticket Dedications. A “season ticket dedication” is basically a pledge that if South Florida does get a Major League Soccer team, that they will buy season tickets. (It's only a promise) We need as many season ticket dedications as possible to enhance support for our case of getting an MLS team in the near future. By doing this we send out a message to investors that South Florida is a good market for Major League Soccer. We believe that in order for MLS to have a true foothold in this country that they need to be in South Florida.

MLS Futbolito is the official 4 vs 4 tournament of Major League Soccer. It consists of a fun soccer tournament that involves 13 communities across the country. The event took place this past Sunday May 23, 2010 at Kendall Soccer Park. For more information on future futbolito city stops go HERE

The Fans that attended futbolito were very supportive and over 150 season ticket dedications were pledged. But our efforts will continue. For more information on future events please follow Miami MLS Bid on Twitter or Facebook and visit the official site.

Miami Ultras own Uncle Ed was invited to play in the celebrity game that was on live TV that same Sunday on Univision's Republica Deportiva. Uncle Ed played with current UNAM Pumas player Francisco "Paco" Palencia, ex Mexico goalie Felix "El Gato" Fernandez , Republica Deportiva's Presidente Fernando Fiore and of course the lovely Senadoras among other.
Here are a few pictures of the game and event:
All Pictures by Miami Ultra Derek Reese
Here is a video in Spanish during MLS futbolito:
Stay tuned as selected pubs and bars throughout South Florida have come on board to support Miami MLS bid and will cooperate by posting MLS Miami posters and fliers that will help gain awareness in South Florida. These same bars and pubs will host World Cup matches that we will announce shortly. Stay tuned for more MLS Miami events!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Miami FC news, behind the scene video and more by Burrito

Hola amigos! Everyones favorite dawg Burrito here wit mucho info on the Blues loss against those pinches Aztex! What can Miami FC do to make this team bettererer?
Burrito's amigos at Miami Soccer Fan have an idea. El Presidente of the Miami Ultras Pieter Brown break it down like this:
This year Miami FC spent some time and money to put a better team on the field. We have a plethora of MLS and international talent on this team. Players like Christian Gomez, Abe Thompson, Chris Gbandi, Kyle Veris and Mike Randolph have all shown well in MLS, yet few have shown up for the Blues...
Pieters pretty much calls everyone and their mami out for not playing with huevos! From the coach to the water boy! (ok maybe not water boy but the players si!) Read more about it HERE

Miami FC now have a turd supporters group! First came the Miami Ultras, then the Southern Legion and now the South Florida "Football Fanaticos". This is how they describes themselves:
South Florida "Football Fanaticos" (SF3s) are a Football Supporters Association in West Palm Beach Florida. The SF3s are supporters of Miami FC Blues who play at Lockhart Stadium in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. SF3s are also supporters of all soccer in South Florida along with the hopes of a future MLS team. Miami FC is part of the United States Soccer Federation Division 2 Pro-League (USSF D-2)in the North American Soccer League(NASL).
They set up a pretty cool blog you can read it whiles eating a rica quesadilla! Go HERE

In case you no no, Miami FC have something called Miami FC TV. Like many things Miami FC, sometimes people no hear about them cause Miami FC like to keeps things secrets or somethings. So Burrito here to tell all that it really, really exists and no longer secrets! Usually it half Miami FC's Annie interviewing players. Following is a behind the scenes look at a promo for the World Cup they do for Local TV 10

Picture by Robert Scorca
Want to know more about Burrito? Burrito is the only soccer blogging dawg in the known universe! Since 1998! Join Burrito's group on facebook "Burrito Loves Futbol" or he hit you on head with quesadilla! You can also join his twitter
Be sure to check out the Burrito CAM pictures! (Pictures from a Chihuahua's view)
Vamos Miami FC!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Miami FC singing the Blues after loss vs Austin Aztex

The end of their undefeated streak came at the hands of 1st place Austin Aztex last night at Lockhart Stadium. Miami FC fans were thinking positive as the game started but soon we saw how our defense started to fall apart thanks to Austin's fast forwards.

For a full report check out the South Florida "Football Fanaticos" Blog or head over to the Official Miami FC site

As usual here are the pictures from last night by Robert Scorca:

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Undefeated Miami FC vs First Place Austin Aztex. Fernando Clavijo on Sports Wrap

Unbeaten record versus the first place team. Blues vs Aztex will take place at Lockhart Stadium tonight Wednesday May 26, 2010 at 7:30 pm.

Sure, its during the week but soccer is about passion! Miami FC have given us a competitive team this year and a number of great Tailgates too. This tailgate is no exception! It kicks off at about 5:30 pm with live band A Beautiful Cage and you can sit back and listen to them while sipping a nice cold Holy Mackerel Beer! (For free!)
For a full preview of the game go HERE

SO what are you waiting for? Come out to Lockhart Stadium and support the Blues on their quest to remain undefeated! Vamos Miami!

In case you didn't see it. This past Sunday Miami FC Director of Soccer Fernando Clavijo came out on CBS 4 Sports Wrap. Hosted by Kim Bokamper and Jim Berry. Fernando spoke about the World Cup and Miami FC. Check out the video!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Miami FC remain undefeated! Will take on the Austin Aztex on Wednesday

After 6 games the Blues are the only undefeated team in the USSF Div2. It was Miami's first win in the season, product of a Paulo Jr goal! Christian Gomez sent a perfect pass to Paulo who buried the ball in the net with no mercy on Saturday night. Read more about it HERE
The Blues set their sights on the Austin Aztex this coming Wednesday at 7:30 PM at Lockhart Stadium.
Will Miami FC remain undefeated?
Following are pictures from this weekends win versus the NSC Minnesota Stars.
Pictures by Robert Scorca and Victor Palkaninec.

Want to see more Pictures? Check out Victor Palkaninec's

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

MLS Miami is not dead! Local Soccer Fans want the 20th MLS Expansion spot.

South Florida will not give up it's claim in obtaining the 20th spot for MLS expansion. Miami's Local Soccer Fan group the Miami Ultras have started a campaign to gain attention and find possible investors who believe in this market.

It begins with the launch of their very own website

The Ultras are also reaching out through twitter ( ) and facebook (
) So join these groups to be informed on the latest news concerning Miami's MLS bid.

But there is more... Selected pubs and bars throughout South Florida have come on board willing to support this cause and will cooperate by posting MLS Miami posters and fliers that will help gain awareness. These same bars and pubs will host World Cup matches and will be announced shortly.

MLS Futbolito
To further the awareness campaign for the MLS Miami Bid, the Ultras will be passing out fliers and reaching out to the community at the MLS Futbolito tournament by asking folks to sign up for Miami MLS Season Ticket Dedications. A “season ticket dedication” is basically a pledge that if Miami does get a Major League Soccer team, you will buy season tickets. (It's only a promise) We need as many season ticket dedications as possible to enhance support for our case of getting an MLS team in the near future.

MLS Futbolito is the official 4 vs 4 tournament of Major League Soccer. It consists of a fun soccer tournament that involves 13 communities across the country. It is a day-long event which offers food, music and fun activities for the whole family. Miami's version of this event will take place at Kendall Soccer Park located at 8011 SW 127th Ave Miami, FL 33183. The event takes place this Sunday May 23, 2010 at 9 AM. For more information and directions to this event go HERE

The Miami Ultras want you!

If you are a die hard soccer fan and you are hungry for Soccer then join the Ultras! So what are you waiting for? Get involved! Be a part of the soccer movement in South Florida. It's free, just show up to our events and we'll welcome you to the family. We want people who will STAND and SING for the DURATION of the game, show their colors, bring original flags, give our team the home field advantage, and ENERGIZE the rest of the crowd! JOIN HERE

Where do we start? At Miami FC games, our USSF Div 2 Soccer team.
The next game will be at Lockhart Stadium in Ft Lauderdale this Saturday May 22 at 7:30 PM against the NSC Minnesota Stars. The tailgate begins at 5 PM and as always come and join the Ultras.
The Ultras support all soccer in South Florida!

Coming up: We will explore why Miami? MLS needs to expand to South Florida in order to have a true foothold on this country. Miami over other expansion cities and why it makes sense...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Miami FC needs to play with Huevos! Watch party at America's Backyard By Burrito

Hola Amigos! Burrito been a patients dawg this season. Burrito no bite anyones, nor has Burrito done pee on anyones tires in parking lot this season and si, Burrito no hump no legs either... yet. Burrito has come to point where he is mad as a chingado! Why? Because Miami FC can't wins, thats why! Burrito really, really, really think it time for Miami FC to start playing with Huevos! Si, Burrito be first one to says it. If any of you Miami FC players read Burrito's blog, then time to look down an see if you got two down theres!
Why? How many time you homeboys going to tease Burrito with all these ties? Sure, we undefeated pero that still don't fly with Burrito when we only tie at home!

This year we finally have a great team on papers starting with one time MLS MVP Christian Gomez. We also have players with mucho experience in MLS like Abe Thompson, Chris Gbandi, Mike Randolph and Lance Parker. So why the slow start?
In defense we look strong starting with Caleb Patterson who has been solid in goal so fars. Burrito can't complain about the back cause they doing okey dokey.
From the midfield up it seems to be the problemo. Only 3 goles so far one by Mister Abe Thompson in the last game so we hope now that Abe score one we hope Abe score many more as he be our best hope up tops!
The rest of the goles come from Christian Gomez and Edward Santilez. Burrito believe Miami FC need to half more shots from the outside. Then we can score like crazys!

Ok so a word from Burrito to the players... "Time to grab your cojones before game and go out there and make those pinches NSC Stars your bitches!"

The Blues visit the NSC Stars this Saturday May 15, 2010 at Minnesota so the official watch party will be at America's Backyard in Downtown Ft Lauderdale. Be sure to say you are there for the Miami FC game at the entrance and you will get 1 FREE DRINK! Si, you hear it from Burrito first! The Watch Party will be in the upstairs bar as usual. Game starts at 8PM so be there or be squares!
Vamos Miami! Juguemos con huevos!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Landon Donovan on Jimmy Kimmel, Blues sign Tampa's back up keeper and more

Burrito's amigo Landon Donovan of the L.A. Galaxy and U.S. national team was on Jimmy Kimmel last night.
If you no remember recently Landon answered Burrito's question where Burrito axed him if the devil gave him the alternative to play for Mexico national team or burn in hell for eternity which would he pick? You can see the video HERE

Now check out Landon on Jimmy Kimmel peoples!

Part #2

In other news can you believe Miami FC stoop so low that they announce yesterday that Tampa Bay goalkeeper Phillip Lamarre will be on loan for one month. Ay chihuahua! Porque? Read about it HERE

Talk about Miami FC... Burrito find out they will have a new website up in the next few days! Be sure to check it out amigos!
Phil Lamarre picture by Kyle Kaly

Monday, May 10, 2010

Miami FC Remains Undefeated. Romario in the stands.

Only two teams in the USSF Div 2 can boast being undefeated so far this season. Portland and Miami FC. The Blues however have not won.
It was an eventful night which saw the surprise visit of Brazil World Cup Veteran Romario. (Click on picture at the right to enlarge)
The Blues scored first thanks to Abe Thompson but held on in the last minutes to a draw. Read more HERE

Following are pictures of the night:

If You want to see more pictures go to
Pictures by Robert Scorca