Friday, May 28, 2010

Miami FC news, behind the scene video and more by Burrito

Hola amigos! Everyones favorite dawg Burrito here wit mucho info on the Blues loss against those pinches Aztex! What can Miami FC do to make this team bettererer?
Burrito's amigos at Miami Soccer Fan have an idea. El Presidente of the Miami Ultras Pieter Brown break it down like this:
This year Miami FC spent some time and money to put a better team on the field. We have a plethora of MLS and international talent on this team. Players like Christian Gomez, Abe Thompson, Chris Gbandi, Kyle Veris and Mike Randolph have all shown well in MLS, yet few have shown up for the Blues...
Pieters pretty much calls everyone and their mami out for not playing with huevos! From the coach to the water boy! (ok maybe not water boy but the players si!) Read more about it HERE

Miami FC now have a turd supporters group! First came the Miami Ultras, then the Southern Legion and now the South Florida "Football Fanaticos". This is how they describes themselves:
South Florida "Football Fanaticos" (SF3s) are a Football Supporters Association in West Palm Beach Florida. The SF3s are supporters of Miami FC Blues who play at Lockhart Stadium in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. SF3s are also supporters of all soccer in South Florida along with the hopes of a future MLS team. Miami FC is part of the United States Soccer Federation Division 2 Pro-League (USSF D-2)in the North American Soccer League(NASL).
They set up a pretty cool blog you can read it whiles eating a rica quesadilla! Go HERE

In case you no no, Miami FC have something called Miami FC TV. Like many things Miami FC, sometimes people no hear about them cause Miami FC like to keeps things secrets or somethings. So Burrito here to tell all that it really, really exists and no longer secrets! Usually it half Miami FC's Annie interviewing players. Following is a behind the scenes look at a promo for the World Cup they do for Local TV 10

Picture by Robert Scorca
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Vamos Miami FC!

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