Wednesday, May 19, 2010

MLS Miami is not dead! Local Soccer Fans want the 20th MLS Expansion spot.

South Florida will not give up it's claim in obtaining the 20th spot for MLS expansion. Miami's Local Soccer Fan group the Miami Ultras have started a campaign to gain attention and find possible investors who believe in this market.

It begins with the launch of their very own website

The Ultras are also reaching out through twitter ( ) and facebook (
) So join these groups to be informed on the latest news concerning Miami's MLS bid.

But there is more... Selected pubs and bars throughout South Florida have come on board willing to support this cause and will cooperate by posting MLS Miami posters and fliers that will help gain awareness. These same bars and pubs will host World Cup matches and will be announced shortly.

MLS Futbolito
To further the awareness campaign for the MLS Miami Bid, the Ultras will be passing out fliers and reaching out to the community at the MLS Futbolito tournament by asking folks to sign up for Miami MLS Season Ticket Dedications. A “season ticket dedication” is basically a pledge that if Miami does get a Major League Soccer team, you will buy season tickets. (It's only a promise) We need as many season ticket dedications as possible to enhance support for our case of getting an MLS team in the near future.

MLS Futbolito is the official 4 vs 4 tournament of Major League Soccer. It consists of a fun soccer tournament that involves 13 communities across the country. It is a day-long event which offers food, music and fun activities for the whole family. Miami's version of this event will take place at Kendall Soccer Park located at 8011 SW 127th Ave Miami, FL 33183. The event takes place this Sunday May 23, 2010 at 9 AM. For more information and directions to this event go HERE

The Miami Ultras want you!

If you are a die hard soccer fan and you are hungry for Soccer then join the Ultras! So what are you waiting for? Get involved! Be a part of the soccer movement in South Florida. It's free, just show up to our events and we'll welcome you to the family. We want people who will STAND and SING for the DURATION of the game, show their colors, bring original flags, give our team the home field advantage, and ENERGIZE the rest of the crowd! JOIN HERE

Where do we start? At Miami FC games, our USSF Div 2 Soccer team.
The next game will be at Lockhart Stadium in Ft Lauderdale this Saturday May 22 at 7:30 PM against the NSC Minnesota Stars. The tailgate begins at 5 PM and as always come and join the Ultras.
The Ultras support all soccer in South Florida!

Coming up: We will explore why Miami? MLS needs to expand to South Florida in order to have a true foothold on this country. Miami over other expansion cities and why it makes sense...


Anonymous said...

Miami needs MLS! Bring it!

Paul said...

Yes To Miami MLS.

Henry said...

Love to see MLS back in Miami.

Allen said...

We need MLS in Miami. You guys are doing a great job.

Anonymous said...

We need to spread the word about MLS to Miami.

Ted said...

MLS Miami is not dead! We need MLS in Miami. Do it Miami fans!!

Anonymous said...

Support D2

Fuck MLS

Anonymous said...

No to D2 yes to MLS.

Anonymous said...

MLS is not half the league I think they are if they bring Miami, the worst soccer market back. Teams in places like Omaha or Birmingham would even be more logical and that is saying a great deal.