Thursday, July 30, 2009

Miami wants in on MLS! New grassroots effort has begun...

South Florida Soccer Fans have been kicked around by critics, Major League Soccer and timid investors, So has decided to let their voices be heard.
They have launched a campaign to acquire as many “season ticket dedications” as possible for a potential Major League Soccer team in Miami. A “season ticket dedication” is basically a pledge that if Miami does get a Major League Soccer team, you will buy season tickets. Miamisoccerfan continues:
We need as many season ticket dedications as possible to enhance support for our case of getting an MLS team in the near future. If you want to do more than just sign up for a season ticket dedication, send an e-mail to all your friends to get them to sign up or join the Ultras at our events as we will be canvassing the local soccer community trying to get dedications.
South Florida is being called out. After half ass attempts to bring an MLS team to Miami it is the fans who will determine if we ever have an MLS team in South Florida. Time to step up people, time to tell the world the last great season of the Miami Fusion (2001) was not a fluke. Time to tell the world the Ft Lauderdale Strikers of the old NASL was not a fluke, that South Florida can and will support a professional Soccer team if the owners and investors do the right marketing and are willing to give this market the chance it needs to succeed.
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Join the Miami Ultras be part of the South Florida Soccer Revolution!


Julio said...

Vamos South Florida Soccer fans you want MLS in Miami well sign up and lets make a statement to Garber that we want MLS in South Florida.

Anonymous said...

Time to step up Miami! It's now or never.

Anonymous said...

Fans spread the word to all big money people and Companies in Miami.You make it big it could bring you MLS.