Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Burrito Report: Miami FC lose, Southern Legion missing and more Brought to you by Star Trek... not really

Hola Miami Fans, and especially all the hot mamacitas out there! Burrito here reportings all things Miami FC to the worlds. (Click on highlighted words if you don't know the meaning of the word)

Today Burritos report is brought to you by Star Trek ! (Not really) But the new movie is coming out this Fridays so go see it with your carnales or a hot chula con chasis aerodynamico!
Burrito sad to say Miami FC lose to los pinches Charleston dancing Batterys or somethings like that by 1-0. The thing that make us lose is that Burritos homeboy Walter Ramirez was given red card in minuto 18 for pushing a Carolina puto to ground. At time Burrito was buying beer so he no see pero people say it no fair so Burrito believe Miami fans and will write to USL to complains about it. If you got huevos like Burrito then you write to USL and tell them Referee is Wancker! Write here to Presidente of USL: francisco.marcos@uslsoccer.com
Please write email as follows:

Dear USL peoples,
The Referees a Wancker, The Referees a Wancker, The Referees a Wancker, The
Referees a Wancker, etc.
Thank you and regards,
Miami FC Blues Fan!
Report on USL site say over 1500 peoples go to game at Lockhearts on SaTURDay. We need more peoples! One thing that make Burrito sad is that this game there were no Southern Legion homeboys out there... porque? Not one! If you love Miami FC then some Legion members need to represents their group. Pero Burrito happy to see Ultras were there singing more spanish songs and that crazy Erics Cartma... Burrito mean Eric Corey was jumping like mexican jumping bean and telling fans to sing! Vamos Miami!

Burrito think Miami FC need to make more advertizings on outside of stadium and with billboards close to FIU and Lockhearts Stadiums. The other day Burrito walk around Homey-stead and ax all his carnales if they want to go see Miami FC with him and most people no know much about team! Some vato say to Burrito, "I think I see sign on Mexico game, pero I thought it was for MLS team that is coming to Miami" Burrito imediatleys tells that poor vato he stupid and hit him on head with quesadilla! No, just kitten, Burrito tell him he need to read more about USL on internets and go to Miami FC site and Miami Ultras site and join them!

So Burrito think as much as Miami FC need to advertize Blues fans also need to take more people with them. Let's go peoples! It come down to everyone to make this team successful so that when one day Burrito find the right womens he will have little Burritos who can one day go and see Miami FC like his father the big Burrito!
Here is video of Burritos old team the Miami Fusion, they make this commercial but it no come out much on TV. Miami FC need to make somethings like this!

Next game is Saturday May 16th, 8 pm @ Lockhearts Stadium vs the Chicken farmers from Carolina, Burrito think they called Railhawks but the Carolina Chickens sound better! For tickets go to Miami FC site or call 305-728-2606.
As always the Miami Ultras will be having their Tailgates at 6pm so come by and have drink and if you see Burrito he give you a quesadilla and a beers!
Vamos! Vamos Miami! Que esta noche tenemos que ganar!


Lucho said...

Sorry Burrito, but the southern legion couldnt make it out there on saturday. The economy isn't good right and to make two game at lockhart is not easy, but we are definitely coming to the game on the 16th to bid fare well to the Miami FC before their road trip. Plus we have to be there, everybody does!! because we are playing, what i believe the best team in the USL!! so everybody has to come out to that game.. We have to represent 305's team the FC!!

Anonymous said...

Dade County and Broward soccer fans need to come out and support our only pro soccer team in South Florida.

Anonymous said...

Lucho that is sorry excuse.

Burrito said...

Vamos Legion del Sur, we need you putos to show up to games! Jump fence like Burrito do asi you no pay... ummm, Burrito mean buy tickets at la Vaquita and tell them Burrito sent you!

Fuerza Mérida UD said...

In Mérida (Spain) have a soccer ultras group founded in 1992 called Legiones Sur.

Wii Mod Chip said...

Burrito think Miami FC need to make more advertizings on outside of stadium and with billboards close to FIU and Lockhearts Stadiums.