Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We will shave our heads to fill up the Stadium! Miami FC coach Zinho and players!

Yep it's come to this folks... Miami FC is going to extreme measures to get the Stadium packed Coach Zinho first volunteered his scalp if Miami FC made the playoffs.
I've got to say I called them out on this one, I thought they wouldn't take advantage of this idea but they went way beyond just the coach.
Now, for every 500 fans who go to the Miami FC vs Puerto Rico Islanders game Saturday September 19th at 8 pm there will be 1 player who will shave their head. Lockhart Stadium is said to hold 20,000 souls, give or take so if we fill it, then that's 40 people that will be bald! I think they only have 20 something players and some are already bald so staff members including the President Aaron Davidson are willing to do it! Let's go people lets fill the stadium!
For more info check out the Miami FC site!
Vamos Miami! Let's go Blues!

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