Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Claure willing to team up with Beckham and Traffic to bring MLS to Miami

Once again MiamiSoccerFan.com seems to be the site that gets all the exclusives concerning Soccer in Miami. The site lead by "El Presidente" Pieter Brown of the Miami Ultras has scored yet another interview with Brightstar owner Marcelo Claure who lead the failed Barcelona Miami MLS bid.

Claure graciously answers questions and gives South Florida hope as to its future with MLS and soccer in general. Claure states that he is willing to team up with Beckham, Traffic (owners of Miami FC) or both. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

MiamiSoccerFan: If David Beckham calls you would you consider starting an MLS Miami team with him?

Marcelo Claure: Absolutely. David Beckham would bring immediate credibility to a bid and I think Miami would be a perfect match for David to own a MLS franchise. Also, and as I have said repeatedly, I’d be open to pursuing another franchise bid in Miami with the right partners.

MSF: What do you think of Miami FC? why don't you join forces with MFC?

Claure: Miami FC has done amazing things for soccer in South Florida, and I think very highly of the Traffic organization. I have a good relationship with the guys at Miami FC and Traffic so there could be an opportunity where we do something together in Miami.
For more go to MiamiSoccerFan.com

In a perfect world this dream team up would have taken place already. But it is up to the fans to make this happen. We urge Soccer fans in South Florida who want an MLS team back in Miami to write to the following emails and send it out to friends.
David Beckham / 19 Entertainment: oliveira@19.co.uk or simon@19.co.uk
Also email the following possible investors:
Marcelo Claure: marcelo.claure@BRIGHTSTARCORP.com
Traffic / Miami FC : adavidson@trafficsports.com
For those people out there who can't think of anything to write... following please find a sample letter you can copy and paste to your email. Now you have no excuses! Let's do it Miami!

Dear Marcelo Claure, David Beckham and Traffic

I am a Soccer fan who is ready to support a new MLS team.

I believe that with the right ownership group willing to invest in this area, with a competitive team and playing at either FIU or Lockhart Stadiums that our soccer team would be successful. I want Professional Soccer in South Florida!
I ask you to do whatever it takes to make our dream come alive.

Yours Truly,
South Florida Soccer Fan

Lets do something about it Soccer fans!

***I need to voice my concern with local media for not even mentioning the Beckham story nor this interview with Claure. Many criticize South Florida fans for being fickle, demanding and soccer snobs. But this attitude also comes from those that bring us the news. If soccer is to be embraced then the media needs to pick these things up. Not even a mention on the Miami Herald Blog! I invite soccer fans to reach out to our local media and voice your opinions. Please write to the following:

Adam Beasley
Michelle Kaufman

Jeff Rusnak of the Sun Sentinel


Anonymous said...

Make it happen Miami.

Afusionado said...

Good stuff Uncle Ed! I'll send an email out!
Where is Burrito?

Anonymous said...

Burrito is working hard sending e mail to Claure and Beckham.

Seattle said...

Great that Claure is willing to try again. I did not see or hear anything on any South Florida media. Great job Uncle ED and the Ultras.

Anonymous said...

Love the Ultras Claure Q&A. Very positive news. Miami will be back in MLS soon.

Anonymous said...

Don Garber will take calls on Fox Football Fone-In show on Mon Oct 26 from 6-8pm Central

Anonymous said...

Uncle ED we need MLS in Miami!!