Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Miami Fans send letters to Beckham plus more TOA vs USL info

South Florida Soccer Fans may be the ones that enticed a group of investors to discuss an MLS team in Miami with Beckham.

A recent conversation among South Florida Soccer fans revealed that some time ago a letter was sent to David Beckham urging him to bring a team to Miami. Letters were also sent to possible investors around the country.

I was able to speak to Julio Caballero VP of the Miami Ultras Soccer Fans who confirmed the existence of the letter. Julio went on to say that more information will be revealed shortly. Be sure to check out MiamiSoccerfan.com in the next few days to read more about the letter. Hopefully we can see an actual copy.

If South Florida Fans are determined to do something about bringing an MLS team to this part of the country then we need to do something about it! Support our efforts and make a promise that you will purchase a season ticket by going to http://www.miamisoccerfan.com/Soccer/Tickets.html all information will be given to any potential investor willing to bring an MLS team to South Florida.

If you want to do more as a fan then Please email the above site to your friends and family and tell them to write letters to:

David Beckham / 19 Entertainment: simon.oliveira@19.co.uk or simon@19.co.uk
Also email the following possible investors:
Marcelo Claure: marcelo.claure@BRIGHTSTARCORP.com
Traffic / Miami FC : adavidson@trafficsports.com

Voice your opinion. Tell them how you want an MLS team in South Florida and how you will support the team. Help spread the word Soccer Fans!

As most of you have read on this site, it seems USL has kicked our team (Miami FC) out of the league by eliminating all evidence of the teams existence from their site. The same was done to the Minnesota Thunder and the Carolina Railhawks. My calls to USL have not been successful but our friend Kartik Krishnayer of the Kartik Report wrote the following:

I can confirm Vancouver, the reigning USL First Division Champion, who knocked out Portland last night in quest of a second title will be joining the TOA in a potential breakaway league. Vancouver, I can confirm has not renewed for next season and will take their cue from the TOA as to the next step. Expect Whitecaps players to get the same email from Tim Holt that the Carolina, Miami and Minnesota players did, at the conclusion of the USL First Division Championship Series.

Montreal, the other finalist this year has yet to renew with USL for next season, but still may do so independently of the TOA per a well placed source. It is also possible that Montreal will stick with the TOA whether it is within USL or a “breakaway” league.

The way things are going it seems the new TOA league would have the following teams:

Miami Blues
Vancouver Whitecaps
Montreal Impact
Minnesota Thunder
Tampa Bay Rowdies
Carolina Railhawks
St. Louis United
Atlanta Silverbacks

It is believed that the Puerto Rico Islanders would join the TOA and possibly New York FC as well but its still up in the air.

USL would be left with the following teams:

Rochester Rhinos
Charleston Battery
Cleveland City Stars
Portland Timbers
Austin Aztex

There is still the rumor that the TOA league might be the fabled MLS-2. We have a number of sources with this information but none willing to place their name on it. Everyone is tight lipped about this. We will keep you informed if anything comes up.

The good news is that Miami FC is still operating and they are conducting business as usual! They have announced that in collaboration with the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce as well as nine other South Florida premiere sports teams have come together to offer the South Florida Sport Super Pass. What does that mean? Well, fans will have the option of choosing between 10 different sporting events spaced out through next year. It's pretty cool, read more HERE

TOA vs USL UPDATE 10/06/09 11:13 AM
Inside Minnesota Soccer has new info concerning a meeting between the USSF, TOA and USL taking place in NY.
It's about time USSF does something about this. IMS also informs that an MLS official will also be present. For more information go HERE
It's a good read!

My personal opinion is that nothing will come out of this meeting. USL/Nurock should have approached the TOA as soon as they took over in order to make peace and open dialogue. Instead they ignored the issues and made the situation worse.

TOA vs USL UPDATE 10/06/09 7:40 PM
Brian Quarstad of IMS has done it again, this time they have the actual letter sent by USL President Tim Holt to the players. If there are any lawyers out there we'd like your input. Check it out HERE


Chicago said...

I hope you guys down in Miami will finally get back MLS. MLS need to be in Florida.

Anonymous said...

Awesome!! Awesome!! Awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Lets not just sit around and do nothing, I just wrote to all of those emails and you should do the same!
I also sent an email to all my friends so that they can do the same. Time we do something about it Miami, lets bring MLS back to South Florida!

Hector said...


Anonymous said...

I sent an email to everyone I know. I hope people do the same. I love soccer but was never attracted to Miami FC or USL, I went to games when Romario was on the team the first year but lost intrest once he left.
If MLS comes I will be there.

Miguel said...

Let make it big Miami!! We want MLS.

FIUJoel said...

Things are looking up for soccer in Miami!! If Puerto Rico and the New York team join our breakaway league then we are definetly going to have something going here! Ten teams, strong Atlantic and Southeast presence with teams in Atlanta, Miami, Tampa Bay, New York, Puerto Rico, Carolina. Plus a team in St. Louis, which has been hungry for a professional team for a while... If we can have a ten-team league in 2010, with good promotion and a quality product on the field, this could be the beginning of great things for American Soccer and Miami FC!!

Uncle Ed said...

Agreed Joel.

I think remaining with USL would be a step back and not forward. In my book USL/Nurock messed up by not getting together with the TOA to start a dialogue.