Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Miami FC and the rest of the TOA confirm New League! Tampa would leave USL

Yesterday we found out that the new League was a go and today a number of sites confirm that the TOA will play the 2010 season in a new league.
Teams such as Miami FC, Atlanta Silverbacks, Minnesota Thunder, Montreal Impact, Carolina Railhawks and the Vancouver Whitecaps will soon be joined by a St. Louis team. Sources indicate Tampa will leave USL and become the 8th team.

All this coming only a week after USL announced business as usual with the addition of as many as 11 teams. Austin, Cleveland, New York, Puerto Rico, Portland, Rochester, Edmonton and Ottawa even Baltimore and Detroit had representatives. USL also announced Tampa Bay was part of the fold but as mentioned their days with USL seem to be numbered.

Other sources indicate further teams from the PDL may join the TOA, who offers a better structure allowing teams more say as to the direction the league will take. A Lower division would be created to accommodate the PDL teams.

It's my opinion as a soccer fan that though USL still retains the majority of it's teams and has new teams looking to join them that the loss of the stronger teams (Montreal and Vancouver) will be a hit that will give USL-1 more of a USL-2 look. When Nurock took over USL they made the mistake of ignoring the issues and did not look to make peace with the TOA. Look for MLS to form some allegiance with the new league that will eventually lead to further PDL and USL teams leaving their ranks. The battle lines are drawn. Sit back and enjoy the war of the Soccer Leagues.

Miami FC finally gave us the press release go to http://www.miamifc.com/

Miami Herald on Miami FC and the New League.

More sites with New Soccer League info:
The Kartik Report
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UPDATE 11/10/09 2:30PM

In a comment left below by Eric he points out some interesting information straight out of the Montreal Impact website where joey Saputo says Montreal is still in talks with USL. As Eric says as much as a blow the joining of Tampa would be if they leave USL the same if not bigger would happen if Montreal leaves the TOA. The drama never ceases!
I wish to reiterate that there are still ongoing talks between the Montreal Impact and the USL. We continue working on different options for the 2010 season, including the possibility that the Impact take part in the USL-1 or in a new league.

Check it out HERE

Match Fit USA has some valid questions for the TOA
1. Who's the eighth team? (or, What happened with the Rowdies?)
2. Will the league be broadcast?
3. Are the Impact sticking around?
4. What role does MLS/SUM play?
5. Are your clubs stable?
Read about it HERE


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the links.
Tampa joining the new league would be a big blow to USL.

Anonymous said...

http://www.miamifc.cMiami FC has yet to send out a press releaseom/article_info.php?articles_id=410

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Miami FC put up a great team and fans will support it.

Anonymous said...

Any change we will see Miami FC go to MLS?

Anonymous said...

What's the source of Tampa going to TOA?

ERic said...

It would also be a big blow to the new league for Montreal to stay with the USL:


(I'm also looking forward to some sourcing on the Tampa move.)

Uncle Ed said...

@ Eric
Unfortunately I can't say who my source is about Tampa. But the news should come out soon.

The link you posted on Montreal is interesting. The fact Saputo was named Chairman of the board of Governors for the New League makes it even more intriguing. I highly doubt Montreal would join USL again but Saputo has been known for his posturing.

Anonymous said...

I hope the TOA can get Tampa and hopefully more teams to join.
This is better then a soap opera!

thomask said...

This war is gonna be interesting.

The decisive battle could be over reform of the US Open Cup format, more specifically the play-in round which gives MLS teams an unfair advantage and negates the concept of an 'open' competition.

How the TOA teams integrate with the Open Cup will shape the relative status of the leagues and could mean this is a war which is won on the pitch.

That could mean some exciting match-ups and tasty encounters in the early rounds next summer!