Thursday, November 19, 2009

South Africa's World Cup has its 32 teams

On Friday December 4th we will find out how the group stages will look for the XIX World Cup to take place in South Africa next Summer.

We now know the 32 countries that qualified for the world Cup:

For CONCACAF it was The United States, Mexico and Honduras.

For CONMEBOL it was Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.

For Africa it was Algeria, Camerun, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria and the host South Africa.

For Asia it was Australia, North Korea, South Korea and Japan.

For UEFA: England, Denmark, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Italy, Greece Serbia, Portugal, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands,

Oh and Last but not least New Zealand.

There are really no "Virgins" that will participate in the South African World Cup though some might argue Slovakia and Serbia are first timers. The Slovaks were part of Checoslovakia and the Serbs have a long tradition with Yugoslavia and the last WC played as Serbia and Montenegro.

Who will win? My bet is with Spain and Brazil!


paulsepp said...

Spain will choke, as it has in every world cup they are favored in. The I will be rooting for the US and Holland.

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