Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Barcelona Miami hints Henry or Puyol will be marquee player

Things are looking positive as the days go by for Miami's hopes for an MLS team.
In an Article printed for Diario de Las Americas Marcelo Claure, owner of Brightstar Communications and Bolivian Soccer club Bolivar, stated that with Barcelona's help he intends to bring a quality team to Miami and Major League Soccer. Claure said: "History has taught us that when the Marlins, the Heat and the Dolphins exhibit results the fans respond. This is our philosophy, to offer a show that will captivate the heart of the community and fill the stadium". Marcelo went on to add that he has never been one to conform himself with mediocrity and has pledged to develop an aggressive program that will put the best 11 players on the field. Claure, in association with Barcelona are looking forward to starting the team in 2010. "In reality our passion does not permit us from waiting any longer then 2010, The 14 owners of the other teams are enthusiastic about us joining and we have everything ready".
The agreement with Florida International University begins next year and confidence is high that the 21,000 seat stadium will be enough to satisfy the initial demand the team will bring.

As far as who the marquee players might be Claure added, "We don't want to raise false expectations, as of this moment we can't bring Lionel Messi nor Samuel Eto, but we can say that Carles Puyol or Thierry Henry could be the marquee player".

Barcelona would also have a major part concerning the direction of the team and Claure went on to say that current Barcelona FC coach Joseph Guardiola could assume responsibility over the Miami team in one way or another.

It's hard to deny that Miami looks to be the favorite among the candidate cities to be awarded an MLS franchise. The clock is ticking and everyone waits for the announcement.


Anonymous said...

We want to hear the news!!!!


Well I am still opposed to artificial turf but I want MLS in Miami very badly so I am conflicted. Any news on FCB building a new stadium for the Miami club? Thierry Henry would be awesome, he was the best player in the world only a few short years ago and could do well in 2010 I assume. They then need to bring in 3 or 4 of their young prospects if they want to compete because in LA they have Beckham, Donovan and a load of crap and it isn't working.

Uncle Ed said...

I drive by FIU all the time and it still needs some work but its so close!
No word on a new stadium, I think they first need to be awarded the team. I'm not too happy about the turf either but as long as we get a team it's all good!

Anonymous said...

News coming in the next two weeks.