Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Years from Burrito to the Worlds!

Orale Miami and the Worlds!

Burrito here makin first blogs ever and wants to wishy all you Futbol lovers a Happy New Years!

Starting next years you pinches vatos get the 1st evers spanglish futbol blogs about MLS, Latin America and the Worlds, pero mostly about MLS and Latin Americas cause thats what Burrito no about the most!

Burrito want to tell all carnales in Miami, Broward, Palm Bitch and even my homies in Homestead to Support the New Miami Barcelona team by going to el website of the MiamiFCB and becomings fans and season ticket holders like Burrito who just like when the Fusion was heres was part of la Barra Brava de los Afusionados and now invites you peoples, amigos, enemys an especially all the hot mamacitas to join los Ultras so go here an see Miami Ultras.
Los chingados Ultras are now 300 peoples strong and growing so join us and Burrito give you quesadilla!!!



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Anonymous said...

Vamos Miami. MLS in 2010.