Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Greatest Miami Fusion fan of all time... to become Barca Miami / Miami FCB fan!

Throughout Sports history there are fans who have become an insignia or symbol of a team. The Lakers have Jack Nicholson, The Knicks have Spike Lee... The Miami Fusion had Burrito.

Very little is know about this mysterious and solitary soul. According to Burrito he was Born Mardoqueo de la Torre y Chancleta one cold night on the year of our lord July 4, 1980 in the city of Toluca, Mexico. A Toluca Fan since birth he came to this country by ways unknown and now resides in Homestead, Florida. I was able to get a hold of him by chance, while making a reservation at a restaurant in Homestead called El Toro. He worked there, we talked about Futbol and here is what happened: (I tried my best to capture Burritos accent. My nickname is Chichi on...)

Chichi (Uncle Ed): Just like many of us, your heart must have been broken when our team The Miami Fusion was taken from us.
Burrito: Pinches Putos nos chingaron! All Burrito have was that team ese. If it wasn't for the Mexican League and my mami back in Mexico I would have died vato.
C: Why the name Burrito?
B: Why the name Chichi ese?
C: ChiChi is a nickname.
B: In Mexico they call boobies chichis vato, you should change the name. Burrito call himself Burrito after favorite food and because when Burrito play Futbol people say Burrito looked like Ariel "Burrito" Ortega from Argentina.
C: Is it true you used to take the bus to Lockhart Stadium from Homestead? That's got to be like 50 miles at least.
B: Si, it was very far but when you love Futbol like Burrito love Futbol then you no think of it. Burrito take a walkman and some music by Vicente Fernandez and time go by fast. But now Burrito Have his own car.
C: Have you tried doing something about your accent and writing skills?
B: No
C: You should
B: .....(Silence)
C: Did I offend you?
B: Que? Burrito drop tortilla...
C: Oh... never mind.
On that note, It was nice talking to you. You should come back to Bigsoccer where you used to be a hit or I invite you to write on my blog
B: Burrito have too many enemies in Bigsoccer, people no like him there an give him Red Card! Beside, Burrito too Macho man for them, maybe when Miami FCB or Barca Miami whatever them chingados call themselves come then Burrito make return but this time not with the Afusionados, but with the Miami Ultras! Burrito take cow bell and hot mamacitas with him to game. Burrito also make quesadillas for all Ultras!

Burrito will be one of the contributors on this blog so stay tuned!!!
Portions taken from My Bigsoccer interview of Burrito 25 Jul 2003, 02:12 PM and updated

For more on Burrito see his profile and become his friend on myspace:

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Hans Wvolner Fluerbach said...

Ich bin an burrito so verrückt! I was homeless und I was living my underwear outside under the orange bowl after miami fusion. Und dann this jerm named Burrito tells me his mamacita and him too live in the orange bowl und I have to depart my ankle fish else place. Not since Bayern Munchen lose to Kaiserslauten have Hans be so upangry. I take his jalepeno and throw it at him and he say to Hans that he get revenge and he is going to arepa my mother. With extra cheese. Hans hass this jerm named Burrito!