Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Miami FCB / Barca Miami. Why are there so many haters? Does Miami deserve a team?

No matter where I go it seems every blog, news article or discussion board has a large group of haters just waiting to comment with something negative about a Major League Soccer team being awarded to Miami... and I wonder why? Did someone from Miami treat them bad? Maybe their vacation in Miami was that terrible? Perhaps it was an ex-girlfriend from Miami? Whatever the case I'm here to Finally confront these mere pathetic mortals with a little reality!
Ladies and Gentlemen, Folks, I'm sorry you live in Cold places, I'm sorry our women are beautiful, I'm sorry that one of the two new teams that will be part of Major League Soccer will be a team out of Miami. Sucks to be you but thats just the way the cookie crumbles!
Sure, go ahead and comment about how the last team in Miami failed (It was actually in Ft Lauderdale), go ahead and cry about how the fans didn't show up (In the last year of the Miami Fusion; attendance went up almost 50%), complain about the weather (I got nothing on that except it doesn't snow here and thats still great!). No Stadium to play in? FIU's brand new stadium is there, regulation Fifa size and everything! Why all the complaining? Jealous people my friends, because when it gets down to it.... Where do most people want to go? Let me see some hands...who wants to go to Canada? anyone for St Louis? Portland? Ok, ok, Miami anyone?
So why will it be different this time? Deep pockets! Miami Fusions last owner didn't have them and wasn't willing to stick it out so it wasn't the fans that failed the team, the fans were there. If the MLS could take it back I'm sure they would have kept Miami because of Location, location, location. Thats why they always wanted to come back.
The difference today is that Barcelona of Spain is one of the investors. The diffrence today is that Soccer in this town is being played more then ever! In every park, empty lot, back yard, kids, adults, animals, you name it! They are all playing the game. We have a large support group in the Miami Ultras Fan Club, (Go and join!) We have Soccer academys from Homestead to the Palm Beaches! Things are better organized.
When the news comes in January; I'll be very surprised if Miami doesn't get a team. Shocked is the word. At the end of the day Miami is where its going to be. Because if you ask any player in the world, where would you want to play if given a choice in the USA? It would be Miami.
If you haven't already Go to the Miami FCB website and check it out!


Ted Cikowski said...

Some of the negative comments are valid but most of them aren't. You have to remember that most MLS fans are dumb. That's the first thing - they think that "Americans need playoffs" yet the English Premier League has more fans in America than MLS does and there are no playoffs...and college football has no playoffs yet millions watch it. Secondly they say Miami is a bad sports town. That is only partially true, the Dolphins get massive crowds at times. But the thing is: Miami has more soccer/futbol fans than most cities in America. The friendlies of South American teams at the orange bowl always drew massive crowds. Walk around south beach and you'll see all sorts of European and South American club jerseys. But here is the problem...how do you get those people to follow MLS? I remember a sizeable portion of the Latin soccer people down there ignored the Fusion. They were snobby towards them even when the Fusion brought in players from the English Premier League (Ian Bishop, Ian Woan)...even when they brought in a legend (Carlos Valderama)...even when played a few games in the orange bowl (the attendance was mediocre). You should be upset at the 'haters' but you should also be upset that a sizeable portion of the latin people down there would watch subpar central and south american leagues and ignore the team in their own backyard. We'll have to see what playing in Miami proper does for them.

Anonymous said...

Great Job! Vamos Miami Ultras!!