Friday, January 16, 2009

Atlanta Out! St Louis weak? Philly behind schedule = Barcelona Miami 2010

The list of potential MLS teams has been reduced today. Atlanta's bid according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution was withdrawn by Arthur Blank Atlanta Falcons owner and the lead investor who pulled out of the running for an MLS team in 2011 due to the harsh economic times. Blank however, has not ruled out the possibility of biding for a space for 2013.

This withdrawl is the second after Montreal pulled out recently. Montreal was widely considered one of the favorites.
If we add the recent reports of St Louis falling short of expectations, then thing would get interesting. But, if having the Draft in St Louis is any indication then we can't really count them out just yet as reported on the St Louis Dispatch.

Unfortunetly for Florida the recent news of an Orlando MLS team this week turned out to be a bust. Orlando will have a team, but in the USL (U.S. 2nd Division).

So whats the picture now? 5 teams remain St Louis, Miami, Portland, Ottawa and Vancouver.

It's difficult to predict which teams will finally be picked. If we go by which cities deserve to be in I'd say St Louis and Portland. But if we look at the best investors It would be Vancouver and Miami. I think Ottawa has future potential and their bid was thought to have been the best presentation by MLS officials. But, in the big picture they have a remote chance of making it.

My heart is with Miami, as a disgruntled Miami Fusion fan who saw MLS give up on us due to a weak investor. But aside from my being biased, I think Miami is in because they have the most to give then all the other candidates and because they are ready to start in 2010. With the possibility of Philadelphia not being ready on time, this is another plus for Miami. Philly could wait another year and the problem is solved.

Who else would go? Portland and St Louis need the stadium if not they would be in and though Vancouver is in the same situation they have the money and a potential cross border rivalry with Seattle that would make this move work.

MLS in my opinion should announce Miami and Vancouver as 2011 candidates and St Louis and Portland for 2013.

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Vamos MiamiFCB!!!!!!!!!!