Monday, January 12, 2009

Miami Fusion is one of the 10 Best MLS teams by Burrito

Miami Fusion is one of the best Teams that Major League Soccer has ever had! Burrito say so! Soccerticketsonline writes on their site that they will go over the 10 best teams in MLS history in the next days and Burrito think these vatos better put something about the Miami Fusion or Burrito hurt them with quesadillas!
It has been many years since MLS killed Burrito with ending a team that could half been champions in 2001! Burrito used to take bus from Homestead to Lockhart Stadium every time there was a game and yell for his team with the Afusionados! All Afusionados remembers Burrito for taking quesadillas for all! They were muy ricos!
Why is Miami Fusion one of the best teams in MLS History? The last year Miami Fusion have the best coach ever! Ray Hudson! Fusion had players like Pablo Mastroeni , Diego Serna who everyone hate because he was a good actor! We half Alex Pineda Chacon a guerrero on the field, Tyrone Marshall, Ian Bishop and many more who played their hearts out for it's fans!
So if these pinches vatos don't says something about MIami Fusion then Burrito will hurt with quesadillas these people!
But now Burrito happy because Miami is going to have a new team! But if MLS don't give Miami new Team then Burrito will go on hunger strike! No more Mexican food hunger strike! ... an you no that will kill Burrito! Viva Barcelona Miami! Viva Mexico! Viva Miami! Viva los chingados Ultras! Viva las Quesadillas!


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