Monday, March 23, 2009

Help Bring Miami FC to FIU Stadium!

I'd like to echo the plea made by the Ultras site concerning the new possible stadium for Miami FC.
Miami FC is going to have some games played up in Lockhart Stadium (Broward County) and though I have no objections to this move I do believe the team should play most of the games in the Miami area.

From what we know Miami FC was close to signing a deal to play at FIU’s stadium until the now failed MLS Barcelona Miami bid stepped in and ruined that chance. Now it seems FIU doesn't want Miami FC to play in their stadium...
This move really doesn't make sense as FIU would benefit in many ways, let me explain.
Miami FC is owned by Traffic Sports, organizers of Copa America, Libertadores, among other tournaments. Traffic organizes many sports events in Miami and this means they will need a stadium for these games, which means more money will be going into the University who as it stands will have an empty stadium otherwise.

We need to knock some sense into FIU officials, let them know how we feel. We want Miami FC in FIU Stadium!

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Anonymous said...

Vamos FIU let Miami FC play at the stadium. We should boycott any FIU event if they don't let Miami FC play.

Anonymous said...

Pete Pelegrin
Herald Sportswriter

To answer your question about Miami FC playing at FIU Stadium. Speaking to people very close to the situation, been told that FIU would love to have Miami FC play soccer at FIU, but Miami FC does not have enough money for the rent payment at FIU Stadium so FIU would rather rent out the stadium to other parties that have the $$ to play there.

Uncle Ed said...

Thank you Pete for your comments!
I'm thinking Miami FC (Traffic) and FIU need to come up with a compromise.
I wonder if FIU raised the rent for the stadium after the Barcelona Deal fell.
I would imagine securing a large number of games is better then waiting for someone to knock on your door and having an empty stadium. On top of that Traffic offers international games... it just doesn't make sense to me that FIU isn't willing to make a deal.