Monday, March 16, 2009

Miami Fans need to wake up and smell the coffee, it's a fools paradise...

Miami Fans, wake up and smell the coffee, it's a fools paradise they’re just leading you down the primrose path... Who remembers that quote out of Ferris Beuller? Miami Soccer fans remind me of when Ben Stein’s character, the boring teacher, was taking roll in the classroom... Beuller? Beuller? --Silence---

One example of Miami's apathy is Fridays interview of MLS Commissioner Don Garber on the The New York Times Blog.
NYTB asked:"You had questions concerning the level of potential fan support in Miami. Does the success in Seattle and Toronto create unrealistic expectations about the interest new teams can realistically hope to receive?
Garber: "In this environment, to go into a new market that hadn’t really shown the same energy that we’re seeing in Vancouver and Portland, for example, wasn’t worth the risk. I think I got one e-mail from a fan after we announced we weren’t going forward in Miami. One e-mail! I’m not saying we won’t look at Miami at some point in the future, but when you have to narrow it down to two cities, you go with the ones you think will be most successful."

----One email folks----
Granted, most fans like me wrote their emails to Marcelo Claure and Barcelona since they are the ones that were going to give us the team but Garber basically called us out! We've been served Miami Fans!
So do me a favor and bombard Don Garber with emails and tell him how you feel about what they did to the Miami Fusion. Tell them how you feel about being teased with the whole Barcelona Miami drama.

What will it take to get this city back on the MLS Soccer map again?
Miami Ultra Eric Corey wrote a piece over at the Ultras site Called "All Miami needs is a few more Hooligans"
Here is an excerpt:
"Miami sports fans are a very fickle and an unpredictable crowd. One thing that will always get their attention is controversy in the news. In England approximately 35 years ago, English soccer was on the brink of closing multiple clubs due to low fan base and low-ticket sales. It took a rag tag group of true football fans to gain attention and awareness of this dilemma. They had unorthodox methods of accomplishing this goal regardless they did accomplish their goal even if it was not their intention." (Click here to read the rest)
We don't need to resort to Hooligan ways but we do need to show the support these other cities have shown. How can it be that The Copa Latina, a group of mercenaries and amateurs that play in Hialeah every year attracts thousands of fans? International Soccer matches attract thousands too. Yet our own Miami FC only averaged 2,000 a game? We need to change this folks!
This taken from the Ultra's Site:
Do you want to save Miami FC? Then write emails to MFC President Aaron Davidson and tell him how you feel. Aaron wants to hear from you, he wants to share these letters with his boss at Traffic headquarters. Everybody involved with Miami FC wants to save this team, but they need a loud voice from us. Email Aaron Davidson at:
Buy season tickets go to:


Anonymous said...

I agree Ed Miami has so many soccer fans that only complains when we don't get a team but they sit on there hands and to nothing. I don't care what team you pull for back in your country. You now live in Miami and you should also pull for Miami. It's a shame to be called the worse sport town. If we want to be consider for MLS expansion we all need to get off our ass and do our part. The Miami Ultras are a group of passionate fans that are looking for more true fans to join and help spread the word. If we show that we really want it MLS will come. Let's go Miami. Let's get to work and bring MLS to Miami. Hopefully we will have Miami FC to support will find out probably today.Cross your fingers.


MLS en español said...

I posted that on my site, too. And I feel bad because I believe Miami was a great place to have a team. Great city, awesome weather, lots of fans (in theory)...

However, I see where Garber is coming from...

Eric J. Corey said...

Thanks for posting my quote. I hope to meet you someday and share a beer and a good match. Keep on keeping on. I will. I'm not as good with words as you are. I guess some of us need to be on the Milk box shouting at the crowd and some of us need to be rushing the front lines. Feel free to join me.

Uncle Ed said...

Thanks to Anonymous for the positive words. I do hope Miami FC stays, we need to build a soccer tradition and that takes time.

Uncle Ed said...

We appreciate all the help MLS en Español has done for Miami by spreading the word.
As you say, Miami is a great place for a team, it's too bad MLS gave up on the Miami Fusion. By now the tradition I spoke about earlier would have been set as our children would have been exposed to football (soccer).

Uncle Ed said...

Eric, I loved your Hooligan's piece! Don't know if you noticed but MLS Rumors picked it up too. But a few fans are tearing it up. I guess they just don't get what you are trying to say or they just can't read. The fools... check it out:
You keep expressing your views. Screw those idiots!

Eric J. Corey said...

Oy Uncle Ed,

That is hilarious stuff they wrote. I relied in kind. Thanks for the heads up. I hope Miami FC sticks around and we get to share a beer at one of the tailgates.

Vamos Miami FC.